Why should I “man up”…


The greatest irony of female empowerment, is that most of them have no fucking clue on how easy they had it or how powerful they really are.

Don’t believe me?

Think about it. A woman has one and only one biological advantage over men (and it’s an awesome advantage). Men, in general, desire them and will do absolutely any batshit crazy things in order to be with them. If you take the time to really look at this unbelievable female advantage, you can see how this allows their gender to land a lifetime of support, if they know how to play their cards right. Support they will need in order to bear offspring and successfully raise them. But even without offspring, it’s an incredible deal. They have the power to make a bid for a lifetime of support even without kids.

And yet “female empowerment” has led many women to abandon this insanely powerful biological “free pass” and instead opt for competing head-to-head with men in the “hard work” department. Where, in most cases they have no real advantage and very often have a severe disadvantage. While at the same time, they hope to land their “lifetime of support” at some later stage in life when men no longer want to fuck them.

Whoever came up with this strategy was both logically and mathematically impaired.

If you look at the tale of the tape, you can clearly see that the western females took the greatest hand of a lifetime and traded it in for a dangerous world of “no guarantees” competition with a gender that has higher confidence, higher drive, (in some cases) higher IQ, better logical ability and less fear for their own well being.

Did these women stop and think. Did they forget that they are going head to head with a gender whose sexual market value and reproductive capacity lasts longer? A gender which isn’t burdened by the desire to “marry up” and is usually pretty thrilled to marry a woman with a sweet smile, a basic education level and next to no income value, rather than some angry workplace combatant shaped like a football?

So, over time many contemporary women realize that they not only used the wrong cards but that they played them terribly. They decided that they needed to toss in their wild card, the joker. They needed the levering power of “DADDY” government to save their respective asses. They play the victim card.

Not only have they invented a conspiracy theories about “rape culture”, but they have also demand a repeal of fundamental rights in order to make their losing play less of a burden. They pretend careers in science and technology are gender biased and that every workplaces that are in is “hostile to women”. They have managed to flip the script on ‘males being more successful’, into ‘males being “unfairly” more successful’. Somehow all of the cards are unfairly stacked against them and daddy government must be brought to intervene.

In their minds, males must be brought to their knees. The support they can’t get via marriage they now seek through legislation. Men pay more in taxes, women take more in social services. But that’s not enough. They want more. They want every man to “Man Up” and take it for the team.

A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.

Why should I “man up” when all these women have proven they have no intention to “woman up?”

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The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.
Thomas Paine

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  • Brief, and a great summary of the dynamic of the day. Some great prose in there too.

  • Yes – woman do have a power over men and many women know it and some will use it for good. When I was in the Navy at a new years party in Antarctica. A chief grabbed this young seaman by the hair and started beating his head into a pole. He didn’t think this seaman was respectful enough. Two young female seaman spotting this quickly went over and convinced the chief to leave the young male seaman alone. They could do that, they knew they could do that, they had no doubts, because women have power over men and some women just know it.

  • “Men, in general, desire them and will do absolutely any batshit crazy things in order to be with them. If you take the time to really look at this unbelievable female advantage,”
    This is what I call gynerasty. The answer is to find alternatives. How many vaginas have you ever fund that were any competition to a pig’s anus? And don’t think women haven’t figured this out for themselves. Why do you think so many of them keep a dog at home?

  • Personally I think this article involves quite a bit of wishful thinking. The refusal to “Man up” will have to be maintained by a large number of men for at least 25 years for it to become a major force in shaping the future. The “Herbivore” men of Japan have developed over a 30 year period, and are only now being considered a major “problem” for wider Japanese Society. The Herbivore men also do not have a single pronged campaign against the “entitlement” of Japanese women, they also oppose the resurgence of Japanese Militarism that Abo hopes to induce, and they also refuse to work for Japanese companies in the traditional manner.

  • The plantation burns my friends. Let’s walk away while the progressive liberal social scientists and feminist armies scramble for fire extinguishers. It’s not our problem. We didn’t make it, and we most certainly don’t have to fix it. Man up? Saddle up – let’s go. We don’t NEED socialist governments to wipe our noses for us. We’re men, and we’re already independent. They need us more than we need them, and the deal they now offer us (the modern sh1t sandwich) is a joke.


By Rogue Star 13

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