Letter to the Badgers: A suggestion


Hi Badgers,

With American Campusses,the UK and probaly New Zealand turning due processĀ upside down with regards to rape cases.
Men is guilty untill proven innocent

UK –

New Zealand –

American Universities – numerous examples all over the internet, just ask
Laci Green.

Someone should start a petition urging the countries which singed the
Univeral Declaration of Human Rights that they are kinda of forgetting this

Now this is probably not going to work, the feminists along with Muslims
has perverted “Human Rights” to such an extend, it has turned into a monter
for censorship and the UN is very useless.

So the is a BRIGHT IDEA which is not going to work but if the petition goes
viral (which I doubt), at best it might prompt one future case to go so
high up the courts that someone has to listen and at the very least it
would remind people to hold their governments accountable for the
Declaration which they signed.

Kind Regards

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