Letter to the badgers: Thanks for everything


Dear Honeybadger Brigade,

Thank you for everything you’ve done. I’ve been trying to donate for the longest, but now that I’ve got some extra income, from tax returns and a bonus (which you bets believe Uncle Sam took his cut ¬_¬), I’ve decided to put a hand fill of shillings in the hat. I do this because I love listening to your content at work and I want you to grow and spread. You guys should definitely have more followers and a bigger platform. Too many men have been hurt in my life, and I can’t really do that much to help them. So I want to support someone who will speak out on these issues. Here are just some of the things I’m talking about:

  • My co-worker’s friend who got fired for getting in his wife’s face after work. She said something that set him off. They were at home. He didn’t touch her and he didn’t get arrested. The police took him down to the station and let him go, but since he (and his wife) works at a hospital that doesn’t allow you to be in trouble with the law he got fired. (FYI his wife was the person who called)My co-worker who has 2 children from different women and gets 50% of his paycheck taken away. Even though one of the women was his best friend for years, and he didn’t think she would turn psycho after the kid and leave him.
  • My friend who, when he was feeling depressed and alone, came to me for advice because I’m kind of a loner. All I could tell him is to man up or conform because since he is a White Male no one is going to feel sorry for him.
  • My friend who can’t go to Virginia because his jealousy-filled ex-girlfriend said he hit her to the cops, when all he did was leave her and went to live with me for a while so he could get his life together. When she felt regret for what she did, she went to drop the charges, but the state picked the charges up.
  • My friend who gets abused by his wife, and joined the Military to just get away from her for a while. Even though he is the only one who works, and even though he does most of the housework. He gets abused and stays because he believes he can’t get anyone better.
  • My cousin whose stay at home wife decided to leave him with 4 children just because she wasn’t happy.And last but not least my brother whose last 6 years, including his last year of high school, was robbed from him because of an assault with a weapon charge that never went to trial (no evidence and no one to testify), and his accomplice, a white middle-class girl, got off with 3 months in JV and her parents moved her to Florida. My Brother (we’re a black working-class family BTW) who during this ordeal started to suffer from depression because if he wasn’t in jail he was on house arrest.

My brother’s ordeal really opened my eyes to how men get treated by the government. He was in jail for about 2 years (where he had to earn his GED) before we got enough money for his bail. You have a right to a speedy trial on the State’s clock. His public defense attorney was telling him to plead out and do 6 years, and he would do this every time he would visit.

Needless to say we hired an outside attorney. After that, we got enough money for bail, but what we didn’t know is that the bondsmen needs to be paid monthly, the tracking bracelet need to be paid monthly, and the attorney needs to be paid monthly. Then he tried to get a job and go to school with an ankle bracelet on, but no one would hire him or let him into their school. So the depression came.

My brother started to take prescription pills and drinking which brought about another charge. After a while, my brother cleaned himself up, but he was forced to go back to prison because he missed a court summons. The only reason he missed that court summons is because he had 2 court summons on the same day, and he thought it was a typo or something. To clarify: He went to the first court summons, but missed the second that was later in the evening. The State said, “Go directly to jail don’t pass GO don’t collect $200.” The police also wanted to stick him with a Breaking and Entering charge as well. Luckily the B&E charge was dropped because low and behold no evidence, and he is getting out in a few months. He pleaded guilty and the judge is giving him time served on all counts. He can finally put this behind him, but he has another monster to slay.

The facility he is in puts them on constant lockdown because they are low staffed. My mother got worried because he didn’t phone home in 3 weeks. The prison laundry staff lost his clothes and refused to replace it, and when my mother sent him a care box it took them a month to give it to him. FYI the prison is in the same state, so shipping didn’t take that long. My brother told me most of the men in there are not violent at all. They are there for skipping child support or having drugs (mostly weed), and when my brother went to bed hungry because they barely feed them and the money we sent wasn’t processed yet so he could buy food from the store. His cellmate, an older gentleman, shared his food with him.

I would just get frustrated to the point of tears sometimes when I was alone. I would just say fuck everything and everyone. I wouldn’t even know why. I’m a pretty mellow guy. Since Gamergate opened up The Gates (for me anyway) and I started going down this rabbit hole. I don’t cry or get frustrated anymore. Gamergate led to Christina Hoff Summers, Christina led to Karen, and Karen’s twitter feed led me to everyone else. I found out about MGTOW and said, “I’ve been doing this shit for years.” Thanks to my mom telling me to watch out because women will lie and trap me, and friends who have been broken far too much. Also, my slack-ass sister who has 2 kids from different fathers, blames everyone else for her problems, and still can’t keep a nice place that is only charging her $25 a month. My Mom and Dad raised us all fairly equally. We have no idea why she turned out so different. Hopefully, someday she gets it together, but I digress.

I focused on improving myself and advancing in my job, but not enough for it to be a burden. So while SVU (I loved that show), news channels, and politicians tell me that I’m a loser neck beard, I look at my Computer Science Degree. I look at the 60lbs I lost. I look at the car I brought, and I remember that doctors are some of the biggest and entitled idiots I’ve met. (FYI: I do IT work at several hospitals and out-patient centers. Everything from fixing telephones and computers to maintaining the network) I ask myself. What part of me is a loser? The fact that I play games, watch anime, and read comics, or because I spend my free time and resources on my friends, immediate family, and mostly myself? Then I shake my head and realize it doesn’t matter.

In closing, I will probably never find that light-skinned elven waifu with a slender body who is a little yandere, very protective, and can duel wield great swords, but I’ll settle for the next best thing: a doge, a panda, and a brigade of honeybadgers. BADGER ON!

Overlord in training,

Blave Kaiser

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  • “What part of me is a loser? ”
    None. No part.
    That was very moving. It was calm and reasoned and forceful. Thank you.

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