Jihadist terrorism: a gender issue


The following article is an English translation of an original article by el Tivípata, a Spanish blogger specialized in antifeminism. Originally published on November 15 2015. Published with his explicit permission. Link to the original in Spanish:



Last Friday night, more than a hundred and twenty people died at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists. A new piece of evidence of the failure of the Alliance of Civilizations, the unfruitful initiative of a mediocre president – Rodríguez Zapatero- eager for international recognition. Besides being an obvious plagiarism of an earlier proposal, the Jatami’s “Dialogue” of 1998, the Alliance of Civilizations incurred in a base error; there is no (or should not be) dialogue with countries that violate Human Rights.

If it’s understood that these rights are inalienable of the human condition (that is, that they come along with the birth of the human being for the simple fact of being one) and do not depend on the culture in which someone is born, how to even establish the possibility of talking with countries where there is no sexual or religious freedom, or equal rights?

Just a few months before the proposal, shrapnel bombs had taken the lives of almost two hundred people at Madrid’s Atocha station. Shortly after that, fifty more would die in the London attacks, and now fundamentalism preys upon the French people, with examples like the attack to the Charlie Hebdó weekly magazine and the recent attacks occurred on the night of N13.

While France is still weeping the deaths of so many, and still keeps identifying corpses, and the doctors still struggle to keep the numbers in “just” a hundred and twenty murdered, and surpassing the democratic limit of idiocy, Laura Freixas (Spanish writer), tested our stupefaction ability with the next tweet:


TRANSLATION: I’m horrified by this new example of masculine violence #JeSuisParis

Meanwhile, Barbijaputa (feminist columnist and writer) also contributed with her wisdom:


TRANSLATION: Apparently it’s disturbing to remind people of the sex of the executioners, but it is normal to remind them of their religion.

Since Barbijaputa loves childish metaphors (her analogy about sexual aggressions and waiters who distribute poisoned drinks in a party still cracks a tender smile from me), I’ll explain to her how unfortunate her tweet is with another childish but illustrative comparison.

Imagine that three black guys walk into a mall armed with Kalashnikovs and they massacre anyone they stumble upon. Let’s assume that the investigation determines that there is no racial or political ideology, nor any other kind. That is, it’s killing for killing. Would it make any sense to mention that they are black? Is it an essential information to understand what happened? If all the headlines made special emphasis in the fact that they’re black, would it be an ethical way to inform about the slaughter? Obviously not, because the race has not been relevant in that attack.

However, to Barbijaputa, the sex of the attackers has as much importance as the religious motives that prompted the fanatics to blow themselves up after perpetrating the worst slaughter in Europe since the M11. Or maybe even more important.

This is another example of the incomprehensible and hypocritical concept of multiculturalism of the Commies of slogan and pamphlets, where mentioning the religion of a religious terrorist is islamophobia, while they attack Catholicism with unusual virulence. Just like when Sánchez or Iglesias say that crucifixes must be removed from classrooms -which I agree- but defend, at the same time, that meat of animals slaughtered under the rite of Halal should be served in school cafeterias to Muslim children -a frivolity that the taxpayer ends up paying, by the way.

It’s a kind of vindictive socialism whose priority is not to build a better society based in its principles, but to take revenge from a war they lost eighty years ago. Without bragging about patriotic love – I’ve said countless times that to be Spanish doesn’t inspire in me, precisely, any special satisfaction- I couldn’t avoid feeling envy at watching the Parisians, when the bombs and the gunshots where worse, chanting the Marseillaise with a single voice. The Spanish socialism, with Sánchez and Iglesias in the front ranks, followed by the self-conscious crowd that idolize them in social networks, wouldn’t have missed an opportunity to brand that moment as stale, cheesy and -the magical word- fascist.

But regardless of that new and immoral attempt of “masculinizing” the violence – which results in so many benefits for these neofeminists- they have forgotten the fact that there was a woman in the attack on N13, as there was another woman -Hayat Boumeddiene- in the attack against the weekly magazines, like many others who have been arrested in the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and other places on the Spanish geography for working as recruiters of girls and young women into sexual slavery.

But yes, Jihadist terrorism is also a matter of gender…

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