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The following article is an English translation of an original article by El Tivípata, a Spanish blogger specialized in antifeminism. Originally published on April 1st. 2015. Published with his explicit permission. Link to the original in Spanish:


Are they groups united by the love of women or by the hate of men? There’s not a stronger element of cohesion for a radicalized group than the feeling of having a common enemy. For the Nazis there’s the Jew, for the far-right there’s the immigrant, for the jihadists there’s the infidel… You can say, therefore, that the feminazism is a group united by hate. The hate, paradoxically, shares many similarities with its antagonistic feeling, the love. Both need to be fed for its proper “performance” How do you fed hate? Basically, it has two foundations: deformation and victimhood.

The deformation: The enemy must be always present, his actions analyzed with magnified glass, deformed and cartoonishly exaggerated. If we were to ask to one of these radical feminist how she sees men, she’ll portrait him as a villain of a bad B series movie. A grotesque deformation of a more complex reality, where there are all kinds of men, and not a ridiculously stereotyped figure. When they talk of the omnipresent “patriarchy” I ask myself how do they think about me (I’m male). Do they ask themselves if I belong to a secret macho society whose vital purpose is to subjugate the female gender? Do they think that we gather clandestinely, to intrigue in new forms of sexual control? Would you believe that, with my ID and my Carrefour (a department store in Spain) card points I keep a membership card of the Patriarchy? A sort of “Associate number 50,371 of the masonic lodge of misogyny?

Though many women find it hard to believe, I don’t have any Patriarchy membership. I don’t wake up every morning asking myself how can I screw women. I don’t get organize with other cruel and mean men to avoid women to access professional training or promotion in the company where she works. It might sound weird to you, I don’t open a champagne bottle when a woman dies in hands of her husband, nor I course the destiny when I see a woman receiving a Nobel prize in physics on TV.

The victimhood: It’s also important to keep that essential hate as a cohesive element of the group. In fact, victimhood is a necessary consequence of deformation. When the enemy is really really bad, the others must be victims of their malice. Selling the idea that the woman is a victim for the fact of being born (of course, Spain is a country so cruel and misogynistic) is really useful because reinforces the idea that the enemy is a merciless being, so that the two things feedback.

Isn’t precisely, a macho concept to see the woman as a victim? As a defenseless being in needs of constant protection? A gender is unable to cope with the difficulties without laws to positively discriminate it? A “husk” of the life?

Ana Bella Estévez, a woman who suffered mistreatment, says: I’m not a victim, I’m a survivor. Isn’t paradoxical that those who really have suffered gender violence feel uncomfortable with the “victim” label while others appropriate it and repeat it like a mantra? Isn’t incomprehensible that most of radical feminists are young women who, unlike our mothers and grandmothers, have not lived in the times where a crime of passion was a way of murder exempting, in which a woman with a black eye couldn’t denounce her husband because the police did not get into “couple stuff”, in which the women couldn’t be violated by her husband because the concept of rape in the matrimony was unthinkable…? Definitively, isn’t it curious that these radicals were born, largely, beyond 1975 and haven’t suffered true inequality?

In future posts I’ll discuss more concretely how the hate industry is fed and, above all, the economic benefits that this brings them.



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E.V. InMorales

Enthusiastic comic-book and geek culture analyst, student of visual arts and graphic design and 21st. century taco-druid. After the advent of the PC culture detached from Anglo-Saxon countries she has closely seen the phenomenon and the impact the ideology has had not only in her country, but throughout all Latin America. Mainly forged between nerd-men, she has seen how PC ideology has taken hostage the good faith of her community and has decided to use the best tools that her perverted and traumatic imagination can provide to defend the fellowship that welcomed her with arms wide open.

Entusiasta analista del comic y de la cultura geek, estudiante de artes visuales y diseño gráfico y druida taquera del siglo 21. Tras el advenimiento de la cultura de lo políticamente correcto desprendida de los países anglosajones ha seguido de cerca el fenómeno y visto las repercusiones que ésta ideología ha tenido no solo en su país, sino en toda Latinoamérica. Principalmente forjada entre hombres nerds ha visto cómo el progresismo ideológico ha tomado como rehén la buena fe de su comunidad y ha decidido usar las mejores herramientas que su pervertida y traumática imaginación le puedan proporcionar para defender a la hermandad que la recibió con brazos abiertos.

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  • “In future posts I’ll discuss more

    concretely how the hate industry is fed and, above all, the economic benefits that this brings them.”

    I look forward to it, the fact the Feminism has mutated into a profitable fear and hate based industry of exploitation of vulnerible people, deserves to be exposed.

By E.V. InMorales

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