Breaking the Narrative Episode 19: Something Spooky This Way Comes! Anita, You’re The Creeper!


Well, for once I’m starting to get ahead of some of the commentators. Sadly this means I have to watch a Feminist Frequency video straight up… Ok, UBlock is on…. my references are on my second monitor. Let’s get going and Hammer this in!

Fortunately today’s episode is only 11 minutes, so this will take me approximately 2 and a half hours to watch through, pull up the respective references and debunk.

I’ll be doing this by each individual representation. She begins by jumping right onto the Vagary from Doom 3. Well, this being is actually based on a story from Greek lore named Arachne. In the original story Arachne started out as a weaver whose skills were so brilliant the pride went to her head in the form of hubris and made her arrogant. This arrogance eventually led to her downfall, namely by dueling looms with the Goddess Athena who praised her siblings in her work while Arachne mocked them in hers. As a punishment Athena turned the weaver into a small spider. In most fantasy media Arachne is depicted as a half woman-half spider beast who lures men in, mates with them and then proceeds to go black widow on them. (Source: )

She then proceeds to talk about how all myths and folklore are misogynistic and hate women. How did the story I just tell come off as misogyny? Its an allegory on humility and the punishment was meted out by a goddess on a female worshiper who had committed blasphemy. In those times blasphemy laws were a thing and carried hefty punishments. What better way to show it than this? Also, there are several religions in which the prime deity is in fact, a female. Amaterasu of Shinto is a prime example. In fact there are plenty of polytheistic religions in which the amount of  male and female deities are fairly even. However if I were to go in and make a full list we’d be here all day. My suggestion is to go play some Shin Megami Tensei games and research the ‘demons’ as most of them tend to be gods of other religions or check out they are pretty accurate and easy to use at times. Of course, it’s never a bad idea to check more than once source on the same thing. This is actually something I do quite often with these articles. I simply post the simplest source to help with expediency.  If I posted every source I used it would be in an actual book format. Keep in mind that I do these weekly while working a 40 hour job and helping raise my two year old child. This is one of the reasons I ask for people to add to my articles in the comments. So please, if something seems off to you let me know and I’ll look into it and we can have that corrected by the comments.

Alright, moving on now, she does state how these stories show women as ‘deceptive, manipulative or evil.’ In her case if the shoe fits…do you think she was Arachne in a past life? All joking aside she completely misrepresents the story of Pandora’s Box. Sure, she tells the first half, but not the reasoning why Pandora was given the ‘pithos,’ the titular ‘box’ of the story. This is because Pandora’s nature was to not be malicious or evil, merely curious to a fault. If anything, this story shows Zeus’s misanthropy towards humanity, as he prepared her as a punishment to humanity for Prometheus’ act of helping give humanity the flame of knowledge. This was to show humanity why they should always be subservient to the Olympus and therefore the priests of the day. In addition its a ward against being too curious with one’s environment, to teach in caution. (Source:

I’m not going to repeat her bit on Cydea from Diablo III because we have already talked at length about the Arachne here. I did find her comparison of Pandora and Eve rather cringe inducing. But her mentioning of how Clotho is in God of War II and Cleopatra in Dante’s Inferno are especially cringe inducing due to the fact that neither of those games were meant to be true to form. Her pronunciation of Cailleach from my own faith is atrocious. The proper pronunciation is [Kall-egh] and the definition is… a hag, as in an old woman, a crone, a representation of winter. In particular, Bloodforge is referring to the Cailleach Bearra who is transformed back to her youthful beauty as a maiden if a hero sleeps with her. This is made as a reference to nature growing younger between Samhain (pronounced Sah-win) and Beltaine (pronounced Bell-tein), October 31st and May 1st respectively.  Watching footage from the actual game since I don’t have a working XBOX 360 at this point, I’m seeing that the game in question is a God of War clone for Microsoft’s system, even down to the fact that they ignored the idea of Lugh the sun god as her husband. If I’m missing that aspect of the playthrough please let me know if you played the game. (Source: )

After this, she starts showing male monstrosities such as Resident Evil’s Nemesis, claiming that their gender isn’t what is demonized about them. The irony on this is astonishing considering what Nemesis is in mythology is the Goddess of Retribution of Greece, and was primarily aimed towards unfaithful men… just a little bit of fun history to go along with her mistaken idea of tying their gender to their grotesque nature there. By the way Anita, look up Incubi and the Jewish demonization of the phallic symbol. That might shock you a bit.  Then again, Anita is a fairly sex negative feminist, or perhaps this whole video is actually about Anita realizing that she is the real monster here.(Source:

Once she is done cringing about how her breasts have started to sag she brings up the Sirens of Greek Mythology. Funny how narrow of a mythos she is going after here as she then proceeds to go onto the idea of the Succubus, a demon who mates with a human to produce more demons. What she neglects to find is that incubi and succubi are the same race of demon. However, demons can not procreate with each other. They can only procreate with humans. It just switches between male and female depending on what it needs for procreation. That’s right. They are a hermaphroditic demon race. How do they get into our world to do these things? Well, the same way your computer gets a virus. You don’t protect yourself when delving into the spiritual realm. You typically need to ward yourself and make sure you do proper preparations when going into divination. A ward could be considered a spiritual firewall in that respect. The most common culprit of such breaches? Ouija boards! This is why I tell anyone who asks me about insights into the future to NEVER use one of those. You risk something stupid happening. Go to someone who is trained in divination if you really want to see it.  (Source:

Then as she lists Randi Harper she calls witches a myth. Now THAT is where I take personal umbrage, as a Gaelic Pagan who has several personal experiences with real life witchcraft. I can tell you that the only falsehood is of witches as evil. Now if you want to learn more about the real life religious aspects of witchcraft I’m going to suggest you talk to @arcadiaoccult or my real life soul sister @GenevaRoseMoon on twitter, although Geneva isn’t on twitter as much as Autumn is. Autumn is really great about the historical aspects and as proof of this here is a list of  wonderful book sources on the history of the religious practices.

As Anita’s finishing argument she proceeds to describe the trope of the femme fatale. It seems she doesn’t wish to admit that the most successful assassins have typically been women. Some say that the reason the list is so thin is due to their lack of success. My hypothesis is more that they were so successful that to this day no one knows of their true work. However, as she keeps going down the thread of thought she goes once again to the Arachne myth and then to mention Lilith in DMC, based on the Christian mythos of the prime ‘Eve’ as opposed to the ‘Eve’ that actually bore  Cain and Abel.  I always found that kind of confusing myself before figuring out my own faith. Then again, the original texts of the Torah and Talmud aren’t the most consistent works from my comprehension. (Source:

She then rails on about how the deaths of these female antagonists seem to be very gender specific. Like a stake in the mouth of a vampire, calling them a bitch while running them through the chest and the like. This whole argument, which is ridiculous in the first place, is then made completely and utterly moot when she mentions the final boss fight of Knights of the Old Republic II with Darth Traya ,and finally mentions GlaDOS as a non-sexualized but feminine villain. This is kind of odd, considering the fetishistic concept art that has been put out there of the final imagery of the famous female HAL-9000 archetype. This goes to show overall that Anita not only has no comprehension of human cultures, but has a very perverted sense of sexuality. She primarily presumes most of these concepts to be sexual in nature simply due to the fact they are female. If you ask me, I never viewed any of the multiple Arachne archetypes as sexually appealing. The same could be said of concepts she never touched upon such as Lamia and mermaids. Then again, this is oddly appropriate since through her cherry picking and stretching of facts she has shown herself to be a weaver of a web of lies and conspiracy, much like the consistently mentioned Arachne.

The bow on her shitty tapestry is once again the constant victim narrative of feminism based around the idea that women are constantly denigrated and abused. But when you have legitimate examples of vile women throughout history such as Elizabeth Bathory, Mary Stuart (Queen of Scots), and Marie Antoinette its absurd to try to think of women as all pure, loving and matronly or maidenly. This is the absolute danger of radicalized gynocentrism which is what feminism truly is as a supremacist movement. Its for this reason The Red Pill documentary is an absolute need at this point, because we are seeing now that if left to its own devices any longer that, gynocentrism will devour the whole of our society in the worst forms of hedonism such as self-loathing and abuses of who really need help.

This was a irritating but it had to be done.  I know that at this point debunking Anita Sarkeesian has become a joke but much like the wage gap, the rape statistics, and other feminist abuses if we back down even once it will be brutal trying to get that ground back. We know they do this because they hate diversity of thought, of culture, and objective reasoning. The more these are protected the more their base crumbles, this is why for their movement to survive much longer they need to demolish freedom of speech. Video games by their very nature bolster skill and objective reasoning, as such they need to destroy it. However they won’t win in the long run, we can’t back down even for a second.  Next time around I’ll have something fun for blessed Samhain…or as most of you know it Halloween.  Until then please remember to Game Freely!

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Alex Tinsley

A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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  • We see a lot of what feminists want from the media in what they complain about. Today I’m not much younger than Sarkeesian but I’ve absorbed enough material about humanity’s motivation for telling stories, enough about metaphor and analogy, to say I ‘get’ fiction and myths.

    I couldn’t say one way or another if it does any good, I’ve definitely heard some convincing arguments, but I know pretty sure it’s hard for it to do any real damage unless the author distinctly claims that their work of fiction is truth. Which would be better described as “lying,” more generously labeled as “didactic,” or more relevant to feminism “propaganda.”
    The characters she’s whining about in this video are excellent examples of equal representation with their unconventional beauty, their grotesque designs are fascinating and elaborate and at times very intelligent. They’re exaggerated, anthropomorphised parts of the human condition, they’re super-human. Unfortunately for Anita’s cause, they put forth the radical notion that women are people too.

    Equal representation isn’t what her group is after though, they want propaganda showing women as some special divine creation separate from the lesser man-animals that could never understand ‘femininity,’ like a dog can’t understand where it is and isn’t allowed to piss. They want fallacious justifications for hating people provided by a propaganda mill. Thus when Fem Freq need to analyze ancient folklore they overlay this propaganda mill blueprint over the mythology and redline the bits that don’t line up with the victim narratives.

By Alex Tinsley

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