Breaking the Narrative Episode 21: Praise Unto the Golden LOLCow


Well this is gonna be fun, a piece on Clinton. How can I touch upon this specifically?  Do I do the recent issues with her emails? Nah- too easy. Do I attack her shit work as Secretary of State or Senator to New York? Mmmmm, tempting but no. I’m gonna dig into something that is a set up for a future article I have planned. This is just brilliant timing considering the coming election tomorrow as of the posting of this article. I’m gonna jump on how she contributed to the creation of the Violence Against Women Act. I may source some work already done by Hannah Wallen on the subject but I’m gonna go even more in depth than that. But with this approach in mind lets hammer this in!

To start how about we get the obvious out of the way. Her husband was the one who signed the thing into law as part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. On top of that she co-sponsored the reauthorization of the act in 2005. She has connections to people who reauthorized it in 2015 such as Elizabeth Warren. Even her former opponent Bernie Sanders has been integral in the signing and reauthorization of this horribly written and highly sexist act for the past 20 years. This is all of course public knowledge and glaringly obvious to anyone who has been watching politics over the span of the law’s existence. One thing people might not know and that she decided to reveal on her own campaign website which I’ll link an archive of here is that she was integral into the formation of the branch of the Department of Justice that deals in the enforcement of that specific law. I’ve joked in the past about there being a ‘feministasi’ but it seems to me here that I’ve actually found the name for it in our own government – The Office on Violence Against Women (OVAW). Sounds suspiciously like ovum. I’m sure that’s unintentional.

So how do we go in deeper on this? Well she actually made a speech in Beijing celebrating the creation of this branch along with the 75th anniversary of universal suffrage. In this speech she flat out lied about the fight for women’s suffrage being a ‘bloodless’ one, claiming that it was won without a single shot fired. Tell that to the people who were fire-bombed by the suffragettes. Sure, it may not have been a gun shot but lives were taken by the suffragettes, so it’s a lie of semantics. These three factors on their own are enough to show Clinton’s dedication to the glorification of violence in our society. Not surprising, since her actions as Secretary of State cleanly and clearly paint her as a warmonger. To think she has gotten THIS close to being the ultimate feminist figurehead.

To many though, these may seem like tertiary and very loose connections to this deplorable law that violates men’s rights wholesale. How can we prove deeper connections? Why by looking at her connections to those who brought it forth in the first place. For one, she has connections to then Senator Joe Biden who has since decided to distance himself with the falling star of a candidate, claiming he would rather fight cancer than to be her Secretary of State. I could make a fighting feminism joke there but that’s too obvious. Also, she has a long running friendship with Democrat turned Republican Joe Lieberman who also pushed for the bill, so much so that to this very day he is supporting her bid for the Presidential office. There is also the aforementioned Sanders connection to boot.

However that’s primarily the politician connections. What about the lobbyist connections? To start off its no secret that the National Organization of Women is currently one of Clinton’s backers, but did they support her and her husband back then? Of course, she has basically despite her ‘transgressions‘ developed herself as a ‘self made feminist success’ since their founding in 1966! Then again its not uncommon for feminism to take credit for things they didn’t do. Not to mention, Ms. Magazine and Gloria Steinem have also always been close to Clinton, and it could be evidenced that she was using Koss’s flawed and false statistics in reference to the law. In fact she is still using her research standards in her campaign today. So not only is she directly connected in both business and pleasure to the political establishment that put VAWA through but she is directly tied to all the lobby groups as well. If that isn’t a massive conflict of interests I have no clue what is! It seems that all of this time, nearly 50 years worth of work has been done to build up Hillary Rodham Clinton as the world’s first Feminist President of the United States.  This is what makes her as has been stated before, the High Priestess Golden LOLCow of Feminism!

Now for one last wrinkle for some thought processes, corporate connections, well she was part of Walmart’s Board of Directors back in 1990 according to that Bloomberg piece I linked earlier. Walmart has so many connections to other corporations its not even funny. This means she has always had a connection to corporate types as well. This would be another reason she supports Citizens United, since its another wrinkle to add to the bankers arguments for her corruption.

So in closing, (this seems short compared to my other articles I know) we seem to have found that Clinton has such ingrained connections to political, corporate, and feminist lobby establishment and their like that it would be naive to think she had no influence on how the law was worded, how it was passed, or even its enforcement. I think I’ve proved by now that she has direct involvement at each juncture of the building of the law. She more than likely talked Bill into signing it into law as well. Personally I don’t care if you vote Trump, Johnson, or even Stein. Just as long as you vote against this harpy being given the keys to the kingdom so she can pull an Emperor Palpatine! Now next week I’ll concentrate on how she helped influence the creation of the ESRB and how the law that made that a thing is connected to VAWA at multiple levels and codify how feminism has always been an enemy of video games, free speech, and independent thought! Until then as always Game Freely!

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