Breaking the Narrative Episode 22: #Gamers4Her? Are you Daft?


So the fate of the United States has been decided. Donald J. Trump is now President-Elect until Obama passes the reins this January, when Trump will assume the role of president. So where do we go from here? Well, I feel we should finish things with Clinton up in a little bow, preferably a chained one. To preface this I wish to make mention of another failed SJW hashtag of 326 self-professed game developers as of this writing (presumably out of Silicon Valley) #Gamers4Her. I had to do a little digging through atypical means because the originator of this tag, @mikeselinker, has me blocked… probably because I’m an overt #GamerGate supporter and therefore full of mahogany. Before you say it I know they mean misogyny but I love mocking their misuse of the term in this way. Besides, it means I’m full of fine hard wood and you can take that joke to the bank. Anyway what is this? Well I might as well show you the full ‘letter’ here.
What do we see as to the parts of this cancer? A lot of Wizards of the Coast personnel and a guy who works for Microsoft and Amazon. Gee Amazon… first Izzy Galvez now this guy? You are really dropping the ball here. Regardless, this is about 20 people. I’m not going to list all the devs here because that will detract from the rest of the article but I will leave a link to an archive of the latest tweet so you can find the list for yourselves. I’m sure you’ll recognize a few. So why is this relevant or hilarious towards our subject of the day? Well I’m going to go into how the ESRB and Clinton’s devout hatred of gaming is inexorably tied to the Violence Against Women Act! You may think this is a stretch and it could very well be. However it could give a sense of understanding to what damage Clinton represents. Lets Hammer This In!

Lets begin by going all the way back to a 1993 senate hearing on violence in video games. Opening up who do we see? An old friend of Clinton’s, Senator Joeseph Lieberman. Lieberman also voted for VAWA, and has been seen to show many sentiments that Clinton shares, but that’s just one person. It doesn’t prove wholeheartedly that Clinton was involved at all with this. Listen to about three and a half minutes into the hearing and Lieberman says specifically “Violence Against Women.” If that isn’t a huge gynocentric, period-red flag I don’t know what is. I could stop with that but that’s too simple. I have to now question the entire motivation for the proposed laws and sentiments.

So how did they depict said ‘violence’. By showing by far one of the cheesiest and most bloodless FMV games ever – Night Trap! I wouldn’t even rate that as PG. It was effectively as horrifying as “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” the 25 year old campfire story show from Nickelodeon. Of course they also showed games like Mortal Kombat that had their fair share of gore. In fact, most of that was more based on Nintendo of America’s president at the time, Howard Lincoln, throwing Sega’s representative Bill White under the bus because capitalist competition.

Then we see Senator Herbert Kohl (D-WI) discuss a light gun game. Which at the time weren’t so much violent romps as much as they were animated shooting galleries. If you thought that oversized bright blue joke gun was violent looking you should look at the FamiCom’s light gun, simply dubbed “The Gun.”


Now correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that highly resemble a Colt Single Action Army?

We lucked out with The Zapper in the states. Kohl, by the way is on at least one of VAWA’s reauthorizations, just so his focus is potentially made clear as well.

After a shoddy attempt at claiming that such media would have perverse effects on the mind, spoilers – it doesn’t, he is followed by a flunky of Lieberman’s named Senator Byron Dorgan showing perhaps some early instances of gaming related virtue signaling. His connection to VAWA? Why, he helped Senator John McCain expand it to include Indian tribes and nations still active within our country in 2005. How thoughtful of him huh?

From here, we listen to various ‘academics’ they collected claim findings on studies that weren’t even complete at the time, along with the head of the National Coalition on Television Violence and confirmed ‘bitchy mom’ Marilyn Droz. I do encourage everyone to sit through the entire 3 hours worth just to see what I mean with her. Namely because she cleanly and clearly states the fallacy of “video games are clearly meant for boys.” Now we know who to blame for that meme huh? She cleanly and concisely states her view that if video games were not feminized that women would be ‘lost’ due to a loss of ‘important skills’. Of course once you look into essays on dramatized violence she took part in, her feminist views are all but obvious. This alone shows that feminists have always had it out for video games.

Now what about Clinton? If you point out she isn’t seen anywhere in this hearing, you would be right. She jumps in over a decade later in person. Just ask the ESRB themselves. Now while there is no specific law enforcing these ratings and the sales of such content currently, you’d better believe they wanted to enforce a puritanical doctrine on games simply by listening to what they said in the hearing. So how is Clinton related to the original formation? All the Senators were Democrats in her husband’s rare instance of a Democrat Triple Crown. Not to mention that along with Lieberman, she attempted to create the “Family Entertainment Protection Act” meant to destroy any and all ‘pornographic’ and ‘violent’ games. This of course failed because of Justice Scalia determining it to be unconstitutional via the Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants Association case where California tried passing a similar law first, setting the precedent of video games as free speech.

So what did we find with this dive into the abyss that is anti-video game legislative practices? Not only were a lot of these attempts to restrain video games pushed by authoritarian democrats, but that their ‘protection of children’ is specified to cover daughters specifically. Not only that, but most of those intent on restraining video games are directly connected to the Violence Against Women Act and its re-authorizations in some form or fashion. This false ‘liberalism’ and ‘progressiveness’ just goes to show how skewed the media has kept things until the full maturity of the internet has come to pass.  That’s why they are trying to clamp down on the net now. As Dave Cullen of Computing Forever has said, it has grown old enough to move out from its parent’s house, spread its wings, and truly fly. Thing is it flies to the wide open unknown and not to their dogma, till all can simply live free under their own flag.

Now that we know President-Elect Trump has this in the bag we can’t simply rest on our laurels. We have to make sure that we keep a momentum to overturn the Church of Wimminworsting. I’ve awakened person after person in the real world to this already. That’s part of my activism. With “The Red Pill” and a stunned establishment, now is perhaps the best time to mobilize and get the message that not only do men matter but that balance between men and women is a necessity!

I, however, do need a small breather, but will do so in a way that still boosts the MRM. Next week, I’m going to do something different and break… a review of a game. namely because I feel we all need a pleasant breather from all this seriousness and doom and gloom. The game I’m reviewing is the hot-blooded manly beat-em up of River City: Tokyo Rumble! Until then Game Freely!

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A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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