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I’ve been reading a new book, “Sex Difference Explained: From DNA to Society – Purging Gene Copy Errors” by Steve Moxon. It’s a book from New Men’s Studies, which is an independent research company out of Australia that focused on issues (and studies) that affect men and boys, that is not tainted by conclusion driven research of Feminism, but rather looking at the data and properly arriving at its conclusion.

As I’ve read this, I’ve been posting screenshots of it online. Mostly a small paragraph here and there. The book’s goal is to understand the differences in men and women on the genetic level, to ask tough questions about what it means to be both, rather than make assumptions that Feminism often does. This book has revealed some interesting truths.

Chapter 5, titled: BOTH SEXES INVEST IN REPRODUCTION: FEMALES AFTER SEX, MALES BEFORE, proved to be quite interesting. It’s mostly about the value of sex on a genetic level and its importance for the propagation of our species (and other mammal species). Below is my response in what I found.

We used to believe that when it came to what makes up our genetic material, it was equal parts male and female, or our mother and father. While it is true during the procreation process we receive (about) equal genes from both parents, that really doesn’t define who we are.

What does?

It’s been found that Males and Females derive most of their traits from their father, that 80% of our active genes come from our father. This actually explains much of male disposability, from a genetic point of view.

Society tends to average out when it comes to males and females (generally), but history finds that on average, about 80% of women have at least one child, but only 40% men become fathers. This is important to understand, as most of what makes us who we are is the majority of our active genes, came from our father. We do have genes from our mother, but they tend to be dormant.

This means, entirely from a genetic evolution, that females must be selective of which males to breed with, as their children will inherent their more important genes from their father, and that include both girls and boys. If there is an unfavorable genetic mutation in the gene pool, the female selection process will weed it out (known as the ‘(male) genetic filter’).

Feminists will no doubt cite this as being sexist and proof of patriarchy, because it demonstrates that women are not anything more than being sex objects for men to compete over for the purpose of having children and nothing else. That’s actually not true, and while men do compete with each other for the right to procreate, it is not so cut and dried that men only want one thing.

Women have perhaps the greatest role in our society, and that is being a mother. Especially the first 10 years of a child’s life is very important to have a parent raise them. But studies have shown that a father’s involvement in a child’s life benefits them, versus not having a father in their life at all.

Putting all of this together, I believe because a child is more like their father genetically than their mother, the relationship to their father may be even more paramount than the relationship to their mothers. A fathers is known to give a child strength, whereas a mother is known to pass on empathy. Not to say a mother can’t pass on strength, but from a genetic point of view, a father shows what a child is capable of with their genetic makeup, something a mother would be disadvantage when trying to teach the same thing.

Psychologist tries to tell us that boys need a father to know how to be a man, and girls need a mother to know how to be a girl. These recent findings would suggest that is wrong. Children don’t need a surrogate for their own gender, but rather active participation from both parents to be a complete individual.

The worst thing that can be done for a child is to grow up in a single parent home. Study after study has shown that. It’s never so cut and dried, but there are many women who do seek to keep the father out of a child’s life, believing that they alone can be both parents, despite having no true understand of the role a father plays, often undervaluing a father’s role. A child growing up in a single mother home is more likely to become poor, abuse drugs and alcohol, do poorly in school, commit suicide, get pregnant, or be criminals, than compared to a two-parent home.

But let’s talk about the issue of genetics and male suicide. We are evolving, as a species, that we no longer need to concern ourselves with hunting an animal and using a cave as shelter, and creating children to expand our tribe. Unfortunately, we are products of that lifestyle, requiring us to hunt for our food, or work long hours on a farm, or even a factory as a way of life. And on occasion, we were to fight for King and Country.

Only within the last 100 years have we moved away from that, as we no longer work in the fields, we no longer require all men to fight in wars. There are some out there that do both, but they are the minority of all men. No longer is it our genetics that makes us desirable to women, but rather what we can give them socially and financially. Genetics can play a part in that, if say we are a sports star, but even dumb luck can put you up above the herd by inventing a product.

Gary Dahl became a millionaire by selling 1.4 million rocks, titled “Pet Rock” in 1975. If that’s not the definition of dumb luck.

Because of this, there is even less place for men in this world. For the last 10,000 years, our ability to work and protect using our bodies, our strength and endurance has allowed us to have a children and a family. It’s what most of us want. It is what we are built for, but with in the last 100 years, that has drastically changed, and we no longer have even the ability to compete with each other genetically in a large scale.

Time has changed, and we need to change with it, but would you use a katana to chop lettuce in your kitchen? It’s a sharp blade, and it can cut the produce. But it is not ideal for that purpose, even though it could do it. So you put it up on the wall, and let it sit there, not even doing the thing it was designed to do.

As men, we were designed to do so many things, and we’ve tried to evolve into something more. We have our sports, video games, and even board games, to channel our competitive spirit. Yet these are things in which Feminism has invaded, and told us that they are misogynistic on the basis that women aren’t allowed to be a part of it. They actually are allowed to be a part of it, but they need to accept that it is primarily designed for men, and men want to be men.

Being a man is the worst crime of the 21st century.

This is further exemplified in that Feminism has told women that all men are rapists, and that we shouldn’t be trusted. Despite our genetic and societal disposability, women are told that men hold all the power in the world, and women are just victims of male rule. So women no longer favor men for the traits that allowed their ancestors to thrive in the turbulent world.

Men are running out of avenues in which they can be men. How are we supposed to be Men when we are told that Masculinity is the worst thing we can be, despite it being the very thing that has allowed mankind to thrive? OK, we don’t need to work in the farm anymore. Doesn’t mean we still don’t need to go outside as children and play. Doesn’t mean we don’t need some activity that we can have that is just for us as men.

The world is requiring us to change, but the world (specifically Feminism) is not giving us the means to adapt to the change. Every time we try, we are laughed at and told that we must make up for some imaginary slight that actually affected both men and women, but because women always had the control of sexuality and procreation, women’s needs were always put on a pedestal.

This is why men’s rights is more important than ever, because we don’t want to go to the way things once were, but we need to be given the chance to evolve to have our place within the world. But more than that, children need to be given access to their fathers, they need more today than every before. If we acknowledge these two truths, and understand that we need to guide men to deal with their standing in the world and help them make their own mark on the world, and stop giving into this lie that fathers are not important, then the world can start being a better place.

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