Once a member of the Honey Badgers, he left due to real life issues going on that required more of his focus. He is doing all that he can to make a career out of writing, but still is in the movement to give voice to men that so rarely get their voice heard. On YouTube, he is known as the Angry Egalitarian. He's an easy going guy who loves deep analytical thought, enjoys gaming, and being goofy.

The Worst Crime


I’ve been reading a new book, “Sex Difference Explained: From DNA to Society – Purging Gene Copy Errors” by Steve Moxon. It’s a book from New Men’s Studies, which is an independent research company out of Australia that focused on issues (and studies) that affect men and boys, that is not tainted by conclusion driven research of Feminism, but rather looking at the...

Is there Racism While Driving?


A few months ago, a study came out trying to measure Racial Discrimination among Police Searches of Motor Vehicles. In this study, they  not only measure traffic stops, but also how often vehicles were searched and how often contraband was found.…

Do We Need #HeterosexualPrideDay?


In a word: No. We don’t need it.
No straight person asked for this day. Our lives are not enhanced by this day, and we see it for what it truly was meant to do: Piss off the Progressive Left. And yet, perhaps there is some value to this day as to why we should keep it.…

A Poor Lob For Gender Pay Equality


A lob is a tennis term for a ball hit high in the air, often done as a defensive maneuver, to allow the player to move to a better position while forcing the opposing player into a weak position. Recent issues in the Tennis world erupted when Raymond Moore, the tournament director of the BNP Paribas Open, stated that he felt that female tennis players were lucky and owed their status as players...

Check Your YouTube Privilege


Fairly recently, BriaAndChrissy, Jaclyn Glenn, and Olga Kay, put a video up talking about how they feel disrespected online because they are sexualized by commenters. They dislike how some people online treat them as sexual objects and don’t discuss their points.…

Feminists Wrong About Porn Users.


Last month, I did an article on the claim that watching porn makes you a feminist. This led to a research paper that actually tested the assumption “If watching porn makes you a misogynist” as supported by most feminist researchers. The studied showed that those who watch porn are more likely to have favorable viewpoints towards feminist topics, and in some cases more so than non-porn...

Does Watching Porn Make You Feminist?


In the news lately, there have been many reports on a study that states that those who watch porn hold feminist views. This is rather controversial, as many feminist studies in the past have stated that watching porn makes you misogynist. The prevailing feminist narrative is that if you watch porn, you hate women and can only see them as things to own and objectify, having no respect for them in...

Who Stole the Hugos?


On August 21st, the Hugo Awards were voted on and given out. This year was a bit controversial, as a group known as the Sad Puppies appeared to influence the nomination with a slate. This upset a great many within the Hugo Award community, and thus they decided to get even.…

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