Breaking The Narrative Episode 36: College Humor? These Comics Are Shit!


I was trolling around on my facebook and came across this from a site called Bored Panda, promoting a shit feminist narrative from College Humor. It’s ten images of what it would look like if the government representation situation was reversed. Well, I guess its now time for me to tackle the bullshit with this lame concept then.

To open up, the whole style they are going with is so bad that a randomer from 2003 would be ashamed of the quality of art. Now that’s saying something, if you’ve been around that long.  Second, its quite ironic because some of these things have actually been pushed in the past in relation to men out of gynocentrism. Finally, the writer jumps back and forth inconsistently between the piece being a government argument and a social argument that it defeats its own intended point.
Without further ado, Let’s Hammer This In!


Gee, where have I seen this sort of thing before, Dr. Kellogg? They’re even trying to hide their puritanism with this one. Not only is this a false equivalency trying to equate ejaculation with abortion, but it shows that their odd obsession with killing. By the time an abortion is performed, gestation of an organism, a human life, has begun because of the union of sperm and egg. Sperm and eggs are not, on their own, entire organisms. They are merely contained genetic material waiting to combine to form an organism. This is basic biology people… are we even teaching biology in schools anymore?

Seriously though, this is obviously showing their lack of comprehension of responsibility and consequences. They also don’t seem to realize the value of reproduction. Semen is just as disposable as men are seen in our society due to the very nature and production rates by the testicles being in the millions! The ovaries only make a set amount of a few hundred eggs per lifetime. If it wasn’t like this the population problems we are starting to see now would be infinitely worse because we would end up having 700 billion instead of just 7 billion people on this rock.

This seems quite familiar but not quite in the way these people think. This sounds like typical feminist apologia when it comes to their excusing of their hatred of men. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t some of them pull this shit at TEDx talks? Oh Yeah, now I remember! This kind of sounds like how Julie Bindel might hope men think about her idea to put us into concentration camps and enslave us purely as work and breeding stock. Given, in some areas that seems like the case already.


Hold  up here, I thought this was supposed to be things that aren’t real? It’s pretty standard to share information like this with a patient before treatment. Last I heard they are also heavily push having people ‘donating’ to sperm banks before vasectomies, anyhow. Gotta push that expensive invitro fertilization industry am I right? Because its not like a particular woman hasn’t used a sperm bank to get some bank in the past by pushing paternity for child support. Yeah, this TOTALLY doesn’t already happen. Next!

Ok, now we all know this is referencing the Janet Jackson nip slip from 2004. I remember because I was finishing up high school at the time. Last I checked Jackson wasn’t fined that money. It was the NFL that had to pay up, and the offense was not just cleavage as indicated by the above image. Also this has already happened.

Justin Beiber


This doesn’t happen already? Wait, its going more sequential now, let me finish up the strip.

Let’s ignore the false equivalency between a drug and a non-drug item for a moment. Ok, seriously, save for getting a script for fucking rubbers how the fuck is this not how it is right now? Oh right we have to deal with potential embarrassment from having to go buy the damn things. So much so that we are given brown bag programs in various places for really shitty condoms that tend to break anyway or many really poor men and desperate teens either having to go without them or having to steal them out of Walmarts and similar stores. Don’t believe me? Google it yourself. You’ll get half a million hits in less than a second.


Am I saying condoms should be free? No way. That’s idiotic! What I am saying is that options for male birth control are already shit and women practically already get a lot of birth control options for cheap prices or for free through government programs, even if the cost of the control itself isn’t so cheap, despite the claim that certain organizations are providing it.

Looking at these prices it now starts to make sense why any concerned taxpayer might not enjoy the idea of being taxed to cover these services. Multiply those singular costs by the millions of women using birth control supplied by state programs and we see why rampant weaponized gynocentrism isn’t so popular. Now I can’t speak for all men, (No Shit) but if my wife and I didn’t want our son, I would have put down the money to prevent it from my end and so would she. In fact, right now, the only reason my family doesn’t have to put forth for birth control is because for my wife that is covered under insurance in the form of the shot.

“Alex, are you suggesting that we should stick with abstinence? That women shouldn’t feel pleasure? THAT I CAN’T SHOOT MY LOAD ALL OVER THAT SLUT’S FACE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”
Calm down, don’t go borderline on me now! From my research and understanding MGTOW is for all intents and purposes weaponized self control. I’m not saying everyone has to go that far. If we did we wouldn’t have a species left. That’s part of the hysteria going on with herbivore men in Japan right now anyway. There are some ‘3-D girls ‘ that are ok. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life with hentai and LovePlus translation hacks. All I’m asking from both men and women is this: Be responsible. Don’t jump the gun but don’t be skittish either. If I was skittish I wouldn’t have ended up with the lovely, smart-assed woman that I did. I mean how often do you find a woman who would do roof work, take a tumble that would have paralyzed anyone else, and when the doctor told her she would never walk again, bolt right out of the room on her own two feet? The answer is, you don’t. I did though. Love ya Lacy!

Well, looking through that real quick I sounded almost like how my father did at some points when I was getting married back in 2009. This isn’t a bad thing. My father overall is a good man, even though we hadn’t always agreed in the past. Chances are most of you out there have good fathers as well. Keep in contact with them, because even when you disagree it will help you immensely. I know it has me.

After this week I’ll have two weeks away from my other job which I typically keep silent about not out of shame but because it usually has nothing to do with any of what we talk about here. I’ll also be spending a lot of that time playing the Nintendo Switch as well because I missed most of the Wii U and couldn’t be bothered with PS4 and XBOXONE because PC Master Race. I’m not missing this system. Now before all sorts of fanboys flood the comments for this tangent I’ll say this, if anyone wants me to do a review for either the Switch or for Zelda Breath of the Wild leave a message on my minds account and follow me there. I’ll do it just like I did for River City Tokyo Rumble and Tokyo Godfathers. Next week though, I’m afraid I’m going to have to debunk something related to one of my least favorite anime series. You are back up Anime Feminist, now lets see what LOLs I can milk! Until then Please Remember to Game Freely!

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