Valar morghulis: Investigations into violence and nudity in the HBO television adaptation of G.R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, Seasons 1-6 (Spoilers, duh..)


By SirSkeptic

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  • I didn’t read the above because I’m only up to Book 5, but the topic of feminist hypocrisy on violence reminds me of something I saw years ago in _Ms._ while visiting my mother, who had a subscription.

    A bunch of readers had submitted outraged letters about an ad in the previous issue, depicting a woman saying, “Hit me with a Club!” The editors responded very apologetically with the explanation that all the sample ads they’d been shown for this beverage product (“the Club”) had featured *men* saying this line, and that, by the time they saw the ad they’d actually be running, it was too late to cancel the contract, despite their policy about violence against women.

    You can probably guess what ran through my head at this point… “Hm, if they had a consistent policy of opposing *all* violence in their ads, instead of only violence against women, they wouldn’t have gotten themselves in this spot. Their own hypocrisy brought this on them.”

By Reader Submission

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