Breaking the Narratve Episode 52: EXTREME MISOGYNY BRO!


So today, we are going after the UK rag The Independent, primarily because they just can’t help but be so blatantly ironic in the writing of this article. From my comprehension their position is like most contemporary ‘news’ media of being extreme to the left. I will also warn that due to the nature of The Independent much like parts of what VICE is now doing the archiving is not going to be the same. I’m going to screenshot the actual site for the sake of ease though I’m going to recommend you check via the archive because of obvious reasons. So what is this all about? Well the title says it all, they want ‘misogyny’ to be considered a form of extremism.

Now anyone with a lick of reason will tell you that legitimate misogyny, much like legitimate misandry can, and should already be considered extreme mindsets. Game developer and another critic of Anita Sarkeesian, Troy Leavitt caught a glimmer of this using what could be a criticism of our end as well. Honestly I don’t think any of us here deny the existence of the “damsel in distress” trope when we make reference to what he decided to coin the “dude is disposable” trope. What we put forward in this dynamic is often a reflection of reality in various ways. Still, like most of the rest The Independent has lost the plot, so Lets Hammer This In!!!
EXTMYSBRO1Wow, jumping right on in I can’t help but be like ‘Are you seriously asking this?’ Is hating another human being based on the circumstances of their birth ‘extremism’? Of course it fucking is you daft one named git! Yes, the author of this article only uses a single name of ‘Glosswitch‘. As you can see, all of her articles come off as expectant third wave TERF ideological trash meant specifically to insult any and all men because “muh uterus.” Supposedly she is on her third kid, to boot. It pisses me off that she decides a term from my religion should make up half of her name as well.

As can be seen she is attaching the unfortunate murder of a young girl at a park to the concept of hating all women, that it should be absolutely considered part of the motive that “MEN HATE WIMMIN!”  I hope for the sake of the populace that the Greater Manchester Police Department isn’t that ideologically insane.
EXTMYSBRO2Now, reading these next paragraphs I’ve got to say, this woman must have some really odd and perverse fetishes to even consider this a possibility. I’m talking ‘guro’ type shit here (very NSFW concept – look up at the risk of your own sanity), also very assuming of the reasoning there, and we all know what happens when you assume. You make an ass of yourself and me too. Couldn’t it perhaps be that it was a crime of passion, or while unlikely it possibly be self defense? Also, last I checked police are supposed to get the facts of the case before determining anything. Motive always comes after physical evidence. Even the highly inaccurate forensic drama shows get this aspect right!

Perhaps the reason that no politician is politicizing the death of this particular victim is they DON’T know if they have a murderer or not. All the article about the case cites is “neck injuries”  This tells me (barring any updates released) that the police might have actually found an accident. Even if this was an attack, considering that this incident isn’t being attached to a series of murders. its likely our victim in this case knew their assailant.  What? I enjoy detective stories, I know this shit.
EXTMYSBRO3Alright now, presuming that the standard of society is “GENDER WAR NAO!” is a sign of absolutist bigoted insanity. If this were the case there would be no human race in the first place. To think irrational hatred of other people is the norm rather than the exception makes for a very bleak view of the world. I actually pity this person for being stuck in such a paranoid view of life as to say that it’s mainstream, and use a citation from the “He for She” feminist think tank home base that is UN Women. That is delusional, especially when PEW research proves otherwise. In short, this person has gone to the Brianna Wu school of victimhood.
With this paragraph we see the source of their insanity. She is admittedly of the school of Dworkin, de Beauvoir and Firestone, to my understanding, the biggest misandrists the feminist movement has ever known! At least she admits that it is a narrow world-view. Then she whines and cries crocodile tears when reasonable human beings start calling people like her cultists. Even some feminists Honey Badger Brigade has had less than favorable run-ins with such as Liana Kerzner admit that these writers are from the darkest end of their ideology. Also a “Right” to pay to penetrate them’? This may be the married man in me talking but that sounds  ridiculous as fuck of a thought process.
EXTMYSBRO5Yes, the reason is obvious – you are a delusional basketcase who has been indoctrinated into one of the world’s most toxic ideologies outside of pure Islam. The only current differences I’ve seen are the body counts. I’ll let you have the fun of figuring that one out.
EXTMYSBRO6After cutting out a completely unnecessary ad photo for an unrelated article, we are stuck with assumptions about the headlines from an article linked in from The New Statesman (Whose site looks like a big print kid’s book,) along with more showing of a lack of comprehension of what a tabloid looks like (Can’t look in the mirror). And MORE accusations of liking the hard wood of mahogany, oh wait – talking about ‘misogyny’….right. But there is more of feminism’s blatant dehumanization of men by depicting them as dens of hatred, and its dehumanization of women by denying agency, responsibility, along with denying the sexual nature of the entire species through the same puritanical bullshit that the evangelicals preached in the late 80’s and early 90’s. In short, I fear for this woman’s children and her mental state because at this point its all but bye bye.
EXTMYSBRO7You don’t believe this? THEN WHY ARE YOU PUSHING THIS? Why in the name of Daghda’s fuzzy beard are you pushing forth this hysteria that women are somehow ‘oppressed’ in contemporary Western society? My wife can easily get about any job she wants where I live without question – yet you and the people who push this grit your damn teeth with spite when she wants to spend every moment she can with our beautiful son, a boy who loves his mother and Nana as much as he loves me and his PopPop. I bet, though, if you were to see him live a happy life and achieve greatness, you’d treat him like absolute garbage wouldn’t you Glosswitch?

This is why you feel you have to gender domestic violence, because otherwise VAWA would return to the more gender neutral standard and you’d be shown as the frauds you are! The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has the following as their crowning statistics:

  • On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men.1
  • 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been victims of [some form of] physical violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime.1

Now this could perhaps even be more to parity of 50/50 because its likely some men fell through the cracks due to either unwillingness to admit they are hit by their female partners or have even been killed. That would mean approximately 5 million men are abused in this country alone per year. I’m not denying the 5 million women but this shouldn’t discount the 5 million men. This isn’t even beginning to break down between adult and child even so it might be even more horrifying than that. I am pretty confident to bet that more boys get abused than girls do, especially in single mother households where the father is demonized as a ‘deadbeat’ for whatever reason. In such situations I’ve heard stories that the son is abused for the sins of the father. This might explain the actions of some male feminist ‘allies’ to boot, but that’s merely a hypothesis I have – a speculation.

Not all hope is lost. The comments section for this article was very refreshing. Let me show this example:
EXTMYSBRO8This is the whole first comment thread of the piece and many of the remaining 96 total as of this writing is more of the same. I went through and read them all. Society is starting to wake up. This is why we have to keep strong – to keep going not just online but in the real world too. Sanity is starting to reclaim prominence and its a beautiful thing to see. I’m glad to be able to show these things off and Break the Narratives left and right.

As such next week I’m going to be putting together something inactivist-related because that’s not only a fight I’ve won for my own son but its being pulled to the forefront by an apparent drop in circumcision rates in the States, and the American medical establishment is in damage control over it. So until then Please Remember to Game Freely!

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Alex Tinsley

A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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  • Ya know, there is an awful lot of bashing of the left in the men’s rights movement, even as an awful lot of men’s rights activists try to say that they are not on either side of United States politics. I think that this is a problem, and I think that it can be misleading, as well. Here is a video of people on the left complaining about the same sort of thing that many men’s rights activists complain about – fake outrage used to try to stifle discussion:

    • Well thats because the Far Left is where the core of feminism which has caused a staggering amount of men’s rights issues take hold. Now there are a number of us that do fall on the center left, I see myself as an example of that. I admit that I’m fairly friendly with conservative people as long as they don’t go too far to the extremes. Thats something to keep in mind. At the same time I will say quite plainly that if you don’t mock your own side and by that extension yourself – then you get some of the problems we have come to be dealing with today. Our society has been mocking the right exclusively for the past two decades without as much mocking of the left in return. Not to say there has been none during this time but its not as prominent in most of the culture because ideologues don’t wish to mock themselves. It destroys their arguments. So when I mock the left its in the sense of an intervention to bring back some sanity.

      In short we need some balance and right now the scales are too heavy in the left’s favor.

      • I don’t really agree with that, though I will agree with the part about feminism having allied with the left. Still, I think that it is important to not criticize the left, generally, because of feminism. I think that we should criticize feminism, more specifically. I think that some other ideas that the left puts out are good, like a universal basic income system. That could fix the problem of male homelessness and poverty, but, with all of the bashing of the left, and the libertarian way of thinking that most men’s rights advocates have taken up – well, good luck getting most men’s rights activists to even seriously consider something like a universal basic income system.

        • Thats because with my experiences in the MRM meritocracy is paramount. Also there are innate reasons why universal basic income just does not work. They enacted that in Venezuela and it went to bread lines (where bread ended up running out anyway) and the form of currency collapsing.When everyone gets a base amount of something without working the system does typically collapse. Now I do think our current minimum wage is a little low. However I’d say hoping for $15 an hour is a bit much currently. $10 an hour is more feasible, sustainable, and won’t make certain corporations jump into automated cashiers like say Wendy’s and McDonalds did in Seattle. If you don’t criticize your own ideals then you end up becoming an ideologue and get more of the trouble we keep seeing ourselves in here. This goes back to the aforementioned balance.

          Do you believe a building will keep standing if you remove all the pillars from the right side of the structure?

          • Your resistance to a universal basic income system is telling me two things:

            1) You have an awfully odd definition of “center leftist.” A center leftist, as I would think of one, would NOT trot out right-wing arguing tactics like saying that a socialistic system failed at some other part of the world under different circumstances, (that might not have even had anything to do with the socialist aspect of the system) therefore we can’t make it work here. A center leftist, to me, WOULD be a lot more open to a universal basic income system than you are showing, even if he has a few reservations about some aspects of it.

            2) Your attitude is providing evidence that what I’m saying is right. The men’s rights movement has become too much of a right-wing thing. They want to attack almost everything about the left, rather than only attacking the parts of the left that are harmful to men. A universal basic income system would knock out male poverty, entirely, which is something that men’s rights advocates highlight as a problem with how our society treats men. As I posted earlier, though, good luck getting people like yourself to consider it – it is a leftist idea, after all.

          • 3 things.

            Why is the idea of a right wing even existing horrible in your opinion?

            Why do you think there are only two ends of the political spectrum?

            What amount of actual history and economics have you studied?

            I am coming at this from being read in both economic treatises and historical references of the past 500 years at a collegiate level. I may not have been a straight A student but as many people have proven – straight A’s are overrated.

          • On the first one, I have hatred for the right on most economic issues because I think that they are selfish and they don’t care if people who are not useful to this society (like me) die. I agree with the right, however, on a lot of the so-called “social issues,” like feminism being evil.

            On the second one, I do NOT think that there are only two ends of the political spectrum. I am not a leftist or a rightist. I agree and disagree with parts of each. I consider myself to be a totalitarian.

            You got me on the third one. I probably haven’t studied economics as much as you. I guess I should just give up, say that capitalism is wonderful, and allow myself to starve and die on the streets of the richest nation on the planet, because I am not useful.

          • You are probably not going to like this fact but soon after I got married back in 2009 I lost my job and eventually lost my home. My wife and I stayed together as homeless for a bit of the first two years of our marriage until I found myself a job and so did she despite her physical problems. She couldn’t keep going with her job due to her damaged back and knee. So I have been the primary breadwinner of my home while she cares for our son and finds what work she can do online online. I pulled my family out of squalor not on the merits of my race, my gender, or my sexuality but because I refused to believe in totalitarian, fatalistic, and nihilistic bullshit that I saw first hand did NOT work!

            You may not like this but the only way one gets anywhere in the world is through free will, hard work, and a sense of self-respect with dignity. I’m not a true hero of any sort. Thats only a joke I pull with my twitter handle usually. If you think the only way you can survive is at the behest of others then you have nothing of value to live for. I fight for my friends, my family and those who show their worth by going against the grain. You don’t change a damn thing by thinking in an obviously absolutist manner.

            Totalitarianism does not change, things that do not change are dead or dying, the only way things change is through freedom and liberty. With that we are done for you have shown not only your political ignorance but your complete inadequacy at understanding how even basic distribution of resources works.

            The reason people starve and die on the streets is not because of the rich existing. Its a naive and arrogant idea that everything has to be centered around overgrown sprawling metropolitan cities. If more people would think to maybe see what is needed to start farms in parts of this country that never had any and try to more adequately maximize our food production that would make jobs, make homes, AND ensure everyone in our country had food on their plates. It would also give us a way to not depend on other countries for our food supply at all. But no one thinks of that they merely think about how they can get rich themselves and fuck the rest. Even self ascribed champagne socialists who don’t even realize the only reason they have their wealth in the first place is through their own hard work and ingenuity as well as talents.

            Finally, do you want to know why my family and I aren’t rich? Because we don’t need it. One virtue I strive for is humility.

          • “If you think the only way you can survive is at the behest of others then you have nothing of value to live for.”

            Thank you for being honest and telling me that you think that I should die because I have nothing of value to live for. I don’t think that you really care about men’s well being, unless the men are the way that you want them to be. I think that this is a problem with too many men in the men’s rights movement. You say that we’re done? Fair enough. I won’t keep responding.

          • Look, I don’t know what disability you have and frankly its not my business to ask, but if my wife who has a fused L1- L5 (with a bent pin by the way) and a missing kneecap can help bring in a living WITHOUT resorting to disability and still care for our son then you have the ability to under your own will make something of yourself. You made yourself out as if you don’t value your own life enough to make something of it so what can I do to help you?

            Quick answer is nothing. I have Tourettes Syndrome but I don’t see myself as someone limited by a dysfunction. I push forward freely I live freely as a man because I’m not beholden by debts to others. Live freely under your flag!

By Alex Tinsley

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