Breaking the Narrative Episode 62: No Jimmy! We Don’t Need To Give Up Our Guns!


Most everyone out there is familiar now with the teary eyed acting of Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show with that stint likely written by leftist writers looking to use the imbecile as a mouthpiece for gun control. The only times I seriously liked Jimmy Kimmel was on Win Ben Stein’s Money when he played being semi gay with the host Ben Stein in a jovial manner and then on The Man Show with Adam Carolla, basically playing off his more conservative co-hosts which could be something to show a need for balance from a time where we were considerably more united and balanced as a country.  Say what you will about President George W Bush, at least while he was POTUS we weren’t all gunning for the other’s jugular.

If you can’t tell by now we are going to depict from the facts why gun control doesn’t work anywhere in the world. I could just go to the usual bits with Chicago and be done, but I said it doesn’t work world wide. As such we will use appropriate study filled sources that lead to this. Even if you look at the immediate chart you can see that the United States by far is the most saturated with firearms compared to any other country on the face of the planet while at the same time having 3 homicides by gun per 100,000 people per year. Consider that the approximate population of the US is about 325 million and that adds up to approximately to less than 1000 per year normally. Take into consideration the uptick in Chicago deaths combined with the tragedy in Vegas and I would wager that for 2017 the death toll by fire arm in the US civilian population will range about 2,400 deaths by the end of t3he year at this rate.  With that baseline in mind Let’s Hammer This In!

As we begin the same chart depicts that the highest homicide rate by fire arms in the world happens to be in Honduras. This is so bad that our government has instated travel restrictions TO the country. To the point where 70% of out of country civilian homicides occur in Honduras. According to world statistics Honduras’s population is 8.3 million, about the same size as the population of New York City. Their rate being 85 per 100,000 make a much starker picture, at 7055 per year. That’s with just about 66 million guns which seems like a lot until you see that the entire US has nearly 29 billion guns if my math is right. Really makes you think huh? Now that’s with a country that has no discernible gun control laws, but a lot fewer guns. Add in that its the same continent as us being just south of Mexico and you understand why Mexico is so jealous of their southern border and why we should  be as such with ours as well. See, it’s more than just drugs and human trafficking. It’s to keep already illegal or illegally modified weapons out too, ones like what were used in the Las Vegas shooting. By the way Honduras has several of their own gun control measures in place at the civilian level.

Ok, so what about off continent? Lets say Australia? According to the Library of Congress on this issue their National Firearms Agreement led to them being only able to hold firearms when licensed to for job related provisions. This includes commercial hunting, law enforcement, or private security firms. Personal protection is forfeit in the country. Before going on I am going to state here that I’m no lawyer or legal adviser, I’m merely linking to publicly available information. So where does that leave us? With its 24.6 million population they have a ratio of 1 per 100,000 at this point (which was already dropping from before the 1996 buyback program) which means 246 deaths within the past year by firearm related homicide. A lot less sure but far from 0.

“Ok, but Alex, there is something that says Sweden has absolutely no guns within its borders at the civilian level! Hah, take that! Occupy Democrats represent!” I can’t believe that argument was made, but I’ve encountered it. Then again, it justifies bringing up two fun facts in one fell swoop. If you look at Sweden’s own site that law is far from absolute, is based on similar licensing laws that do exist in the US and spans to collectors. At the same time there is also another inconvenient statistic that Sweden has, the Rape Capital of the West denotation! Sounds like a definite need for self-defense, then. Put that together with the 1.5 deaths per 100,000 people at 9.9 million people and you get 148.5 per year.

“Well doesn’t that still show that less people are dying outside of  the US because of gun control?” Well that’s an inconsistent argument. How does that relate compared to the overall death toll per country? This is one thing that I don’t mind the United Nations doing if they’ve done it right. For the US we get 2.6 million deaths in 2015 alone regardless of cause of death.  Turns that 2,400 statistic from earlier seem rather minuscule doesn’t it? For Honduras that’s 41,500 deaths with the 7,055 stat from earlier making every sixth person killed a gun related homicide. Australia is at 172,200 for the year which if you consider the ratio of deaths to overall population should say something about how viable life is there and how strong Aussie folks are overall despite the feminist bullshit dealt with. Sweden now rounds this out with 89,100.

So what can we pull from this information now? That regardless of whether or not a country has strict gun laws or not civilian deaths at the hand of a discharging weapon are a drop in the bucket compared to else can kill you. To finalize this I wish to ask you what the overall homicide statistics are for the United States. According to the FBI, that stat is 1,160,664 killed in violent crimes, even if we put in accidental gun deaths and add a zero or two to our earlier statistic that makes a LOT more non gun related violent deaths that occur due to gang violence (primarily done in more melee fights currently) and different forms of heat of the moment killings.

So why doesn’t the Legacy Media report on such occurrences? That’s simple, most of these events aren’t exciting or glamorous. “Glamorous? Are you glorifying violence Tinsley?” Of course not! Though we can enjoy dramatized violence in the forms of versions of entertainment written as pure fiction but I am not glorifying real world kill you dead violence. No one should, or as my faith says, “Harm Ye None.” However, the mainstream does glamorize these events, using blood shed by psychopaths and ideologues as a reason to fulfill their urges for puritanism, moral grandstanding and virtue signaling.  Also as a way to try to control both the government and the people into giving in to their demands. Through figureheads such as the aforementioned Kimmel.

This makes you really think about how the media and various organizations skew information for their own purposes. If you find inconsistencies with the statistics I gave present your evidence in the comments below and also explain this. Why exactly do you believe your statistics over mine? Where does the authority of those statistics comes from? Perhaps next time I’ll address something unusual for me. Until then Please Remember to Game Freely

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