Censorship is Discussion, The Law is Misogyny, and Other Absurdities – HBR News 145



Join us on HBR News as we tackle the insanity of the week! Including how “Carceral Feminism” is bad for women, the plight of the Nymphs, blood for the Slenderman, and much more! Tune in @6pm Eastern!

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Brian Martinez

Part time student, part time concierge and full time illustrator all wrapped up in one creative package. Looking for opportunities to use my aptitudes, talents and competence to serve a worthy company, or start my own. Dude. Roots in Chicago. Thinker and go-getter.

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  • I spoke some with a feminist friend about the Hylas and the Nymphs thing… before telling them about the picture being removed. The story is basically that the nymphs lust after a handsome mortal hero Hylas(who is at least implied to be gay) and when they manage to get their hands on him, they end up drowning him. The lesson I was told I should learn from this story is “don’t mess with women, women will destroy your life”.

    Given that the article about this I read said that the painting was taken “Due to the #MeToo movement making the message of this painting one that goes against our current social norms” and therefore must be removed I found it quite ironic. MGTOW for life.

    … my feminist friend isn’t speaking to me by the way. When I showed them the article and they realized the irony I went back on their ignore list. This’ll probably last a few days. Or not. We’ll see. Can always dream the dream of converting a believer out of the faith.

By Brian Martinez

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