Breaking An Opinion Episode 3: It Was Never About Succeeding.


In the 2 1/2 years since I’ve been writing for this site and the nearly 4 years since the advent of #GamerGate, I’ve been starting to notice something very specific. Nothing the SJWs have attempted to overtake has ever been ‘successful.’ I’m starting to think that succeeding with these outlets were never the goal. It was never about doing the right thing or pleasing fans. It was all about one solitary thing – getting rid of escapes from their belief system, especially escapes for men and boys. Can’t make born boys into soy manginas if they have an escape that teaches them that good old “toxic” masculinity anyway right?

They take over Marvel? Goodbye every single Man’s man….they took out Wolverine, Tony Stark, and Thor, all three strong positive and sanely flawed superheroes to model one’s mentality after. They go after sci-fi? Gone is the playful banter and camaraderie of the Ghostbusters and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. They go after video games and they try – and fail – to kill off most of the strong male role models that many franchises have been formed around. Why? Why don’t we find out? Let’s Hammer This In!

So where does this realization of mine come from? It comes from me re-examining the tactics used by our opposition time and time again in every form of media they’ve co-opted. We have always attacked this from a position of merit and logic, forgetting that they refuse to use either. So I looked at it from another angle:

What do they gain from destroying a platform? What do they get from making it nonviable for the foreseeable future and removing a choice from the free and open market? People have less choices of entertainment overall. I’ve stated before that the mainstream media can’t stand the competition because they can’t control it. So what if you don’t have the talent to join the competition but still want to have their eyes on your product? Well, you take it over by buying them out, then slowly either corrupt it to where they are going to be watching YOUR product, or you make it so unenjoyable that it dies and they come ultimately back to your product because there is no other choice.

This is what makes Japanese properties ultimately safe, at least in the shorter term, because due to the isolationist aspects of Japanese culture it keeps their conglomerates from being bought out by foreign entities. That keeps anime and Japanese video games for the most part free from interference on those levels. Of course, there are exceptions such as Nintendo’s Treehouse and those developers who foolishly listen to Western games press but those are usually few and far between. As for the anime, that usually happens at localizers such as Funimation. This is also why they go for the monetization of several of these alternate media platforms, because that again is an alternative and escape from their attempted monopolization of thought. FLCL isn’t my most preferred anime, but the allegory it presents with the idea of the irons ironing out the wrinkles in the brain does persist here.

I would have to come back on the weekend of GenCon, where Jeremy Hambley of Unsleeved Media got physically attacked at a nearby bar before the event started. I want it to be said here and now that I hope he recovers from all the damage taken, gets home safe to his family, and does generally well. Though I shouldn’t even have to be saying this because this should have NEVER gotten to the point of violence. Bashing the back of someone’s skull with your fist is not activism, not even close. However, sadly, this does tie in somewhat to my argument, as well, because what better way to sabotage an escape from the day to day struggles of life than to make it unsafe to enjoy these escapes? I am simply thankful that Jeremy survived this ordeal.

They are trying their damnedest to rewrite our history as well, so how best to do that than to ignore or erase every inconvenient truth that cancels their broken narratives outright? That means getting rid of older media that shows these windows into the past and make the future into their interpretation. If they can’t do that then they will try to kill any and all interest in a property and hope it stays wistfully faded away as something “Time forgot.”  There is only one problem with that: There will always be preservationists, those such as the Video Game Museum or various people who have been within the movie industry for decades that have worked tirelessly to preserve their past. Social Justice ideologues will even do their damnedest to discredit and erase these original creators and their colleagues from history as they still live, to get rid of their positive influences upon society.

History is written by the winners. At least that’s how its been in the past, but that too is also changing whether we like it or not. Soon, there will be several ‘histories’ compiled together with mixtures of falsehood and truth, all to be discerned and decided upon by the eye of the beholder.  As such, its my opinion that we do what we can to make sure that what we present is incontrovertible – unedited film evidence, and observable facts. Now it’s true that we are on the cusp of the Uncanny Valley when it comes to CGI, and that we can soon create computer facsimiles of people and make them say whatever we wish, and make it indistinguishable from the real deal. This will be something we can’t let happen without making defamation laws concerning it, because otherwise if you had the money and technology you could easily defame anyone… say… President Trump… and no one else be the wiser.

That’s why they’ve been going after geek culture, to squash it completely so that no one can resist their iron clad High-School-popularity-styled rule over the hearts and minds of their peers. At this point we need to enact a real world equivalent of Revenge of the Nerds on an international scale. As the song goes…

We’re not going to take it. NO! We ain’t gonna take it! We’re not gonna take it… ANYMORE!!!!! We have the right to choose and there ain’t no way we’ll lose it!
This is our life, this is our song! We’ll fight the powers that be just, don’t pick our destiny ’cause you don’t know us, you don’t belong!

So let’s fight because we know we’re right, we’re free and we must make sure that they’ll see! If they don’t like it they’ll just have to try and make us change.  But like with emulating geek culture, they’ll fail. I want you all to go into the comments on this one and discuss your thoughts on my process, where it’s flawed and what we can do to improve our options. Again, sorry for the last two weeks of absence but all sorts of work needed to be done.

Also if you see a geek who feels hopeless or is thinking of letting the SJWs kill their favorite thing? Show them this article, show them that that is exactly what they want and the last thing we should ever do is let them win!

So how do we fight?

There are a few ways. First, we can always make our own properties. Richard Meyer and Ethan Van Sciver have done this successfully with their respective comics.  Kingodm Come: Deliverance is another example of this play. Second we put together the evidence that we are being defamed and lied about concerning these companies and let their public relations sectors know not only what’s happening but that you are planning a peaceful boycott until the lies and disrespect stop. Also, I am going to advocate that we start making our own conventions across the country. Find those that support these ideologues and out-compete them. Show them how the free market truly works. Finally we keep going more and more public about defamatory and even violent SJW attacks on innocent people, especially if we come upon a #CONLeaks level of evidence that the real abusers ARE the SJWs. By now I’m pretty sure we’ve safely determined that to be the case.

The most important thing here is our vigilance. We must continue to live free under OUR flags and no one else’s. Do not let anyone other than us determine who we are to the wider public. They can try to call us whatever they want, but the only authority on who we are is us! The moment they try it, tell them to prove it or shut up and let us speak, because their word is NOT their bond. Anyone who refuses merit can not be trusted to have merit to their voice. We refuse to let them redefine reality, because without changing the rules and moving the goalposts they know they can’t win. The way we win the Negative Sum game, the way we refine the Black Pill into the Silver one, is by going by the rules of reality and not letting their social media antics stand as the thought terminating cliches they are. Now as we get back into the swing of things I’ll be doing my best to get actual suggestions for Narratives to Break. So until next time, Please Remember To Game Freely!

Alex Tinsley
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Alex Tinsley

A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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  • How do we fight? There’s talk that Trump is moving on the Fed, will bring it under the control of the Treasury. That might sound 100% totally unrelated but it’s not, the ground would begin to shift under every foot on the planet.

    Central bankers have a political agenda, and they’re the ones who finance Governments, NGO’s, MSM, Climate Alarmism, Feminism, Universities, Open Borders, ultimately SJW’s, Left wing activists and surprise surprise, Game Journalists. Anything to breakdown societies and extend their control over them. Nothing moves and nobody breathes without money, and they control who gets it and what rate of interest.

    So what happens if a guy like Trump takes control of their free money machine?

  • We’ve seen this before. This is puritanism and as we saw before the only thing that works against Puritanism is the rack and the stake. In modern times that translates to searing exposure and in modern times we have the tools for that.

  • I concur with Alex and Brian’s thoughts (hearing Brian parrot the idea on HRB News 171) MAKE OUR OWN CONS. If the establishment social media platforms will just censor, shadowban, or outright ban like Alex Jones preventing our networking: simply make our own convention. There are still those who would sponsor it, and even without sponsorship we could easily crowdfund.
    #TarantinoTrek : the good ol’ enterprise we know and <3 isn't ousted yet
    It is CRUCIAL we all remember this battle is silently being fought on the higher levels as well. We still have support in hollywood, what better way to bring us together with the internet celebs than make our own convention!
    YES we will be protested–but YES we will find each other. Be brave, and walk on. Do not relent. Never surrender!

By Alex Tinsley

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