Breaking the Narrative Episode 98: Broke? It Never Even Worked! The Violence Against Women Act’s Incompetence.


Merry Meet all….this article will not be one of jokes or of lightheartedness because the source material I will be using as an example for the core of my argument is rather somber. Whats more is I wish to say I don’t feel any one person in this dour event is particularly at fault so much as the combination systems and actions by the feminist ideologues that have done their damnedest to mold our society into one of their choosing. If you didn’t read the headline I’m going to be talking about the failures of the Violence Against Women Act, how it frames men, how it hurts young boys, and how it corrupts the innate masculine urge to protect others. Remember, as I said, the only ones who should be blamed for the damage of this situation are the feminists who led the family I’ll be talking about to this tragedy.

To preface this I also wish to state that I’m not going to be naming the victims in this case nor linking the exact article though you can likely find it if you wanted to try. This is to keep the aggrieved to their grief, to protect the minor who was caught up in a bad space, and to show that this is an example and not politicizing the specific event outright. I also don’t want to do any grave-standing here so I’ll be using aliases that I come up with myself. The biggest take away from this part should be that this could happen to any family as long as domestic violence law stays gendered and masculine influence is kept within constant demonization. Furthermore, if you know of any stories similar to the one I’m going to be presenting here I encourage you to speak out in the comments section. It’s time we let our voices roar out to disprove the feminists that would see gynocentric abuses the permanent law of the land. With that in mind… Let’s Hammer This In!

In a smaller town near where I am at here in East Tennessee there was a family we will call the ‘Warrens.’ It is a small family of three. The specifics aren’t known due to even local newscasters being unwilling to ask the family, not wanting to pick at their wounds. I wager it’s a mother in her 30s, who we will call “Ellen,” the young 12 year old son we will call “Max,” and the husband who is most likely a Stepfather we will call “Terry” who was confirmed to be 56. Most of the information that was actually obtained was through District Attorney General Russel Johnson of the 9th District. As of this writing I am unable to find anything questionable about his history in his position so there is not really  much negative I can infer onto him as he is only working with what he has, which suffice to say isn’t much that is beneficial.

So what happened to this poor family that has them torn asunder? First there was a series of 5 calls of ‘domestic disputes,’ or at least claimed instances of domestic violence, since no actual evidence of abuse is available even under the real name of our supposed victim. I – unlike the current law enforcement system based around VAWA and until recently Title IX courts, will stick with the Due Process standard of ‘Innocent until PROVEN Guilty.’ This is the only standard that should be adhered to within this country because at the end of the day it does work. Whether this supposed abuse was due to ‘Terry’ or to ‘Max’s’ father is up in the air because as I said, even under the real name the records are hard to find, likely under the guise of ‘protecting the victim.’ My wager is, the poor record keeping of such events is on purpose to cover the asses of subpar prosecutors making names for themselves by abusing the excessively flawed Duluth model. Either that, or its just plain gotten buried in a sea of paper.

Now I’m sure you are asking why this is important and why I’m certain that the 56 year old is a stepfather. Well, for starters with that many calls there is no way the current system would have left him out of prison after that many offenses. Secondly, with how seriously they treat these things, there is no way that there would be a gun in his house in Tennessee  (more on that shortly.)  Finally ‘Max’ would not have had the reaction that would turn this whole thing into a tragedy otherwise. So what happened to ‘Terry’? ‘Terry’ was shot and killed by ‘Max’ during a domestic dispute with ‘Ellen.’ What’s worse is, there wasn’t even any mention of ‘Terry’ getting violent, as far as we know there was simply yelling which is likely what set ‘Max’ off to shoot ‘Terry.’

So what has the state decided to do in this situation? Normally he would be either not tried at all due to how young he is or tried as an adult for such a serious crime as murdering his stepfather. However in the state’s ‘infinite wisdom’ they are trying him as a child in Juvenile Court for the express purpose of getting him counseling and removing it from his record after he turns 18. This way he gets help for all the trauma of his past supposedly.  This is one of the reasons I’m not putting any of their real names out there because I don’t want to chance this young man to have to deal with any of this bullshit after he turns 18. I want to genuinely hope the counseling works though with the current feminist leadership within psychology, I doubt it.

So how is this tragedy the Violence Against Women Act’s failure for being gendered? Consider how the Duluth model is set up to always go to bat for the woman before the man. We don’t know if ‘Ellen’ initiated any of those occurrences of domestic violence or if it was a mutual situation. We also don’t know if 5 is how many are simply on record or if there were more, because it never takes into account drunk and disorderly conduct. What makes this even worse is even the social justice nutjobs that normally promote this type of idiotic travesty have problems with it due to it not taking minority status into account. Granted there should be no racial significance in relation to domestic violence because violence on the whole doesn’t usually change between races. Point is it is not even close to a viable system of dealing with any form of violent interaction.

One of its developers, Ellen Pence, (and no this isn’t why I called the woman in the story we are talking about ‘Ellen,’) claims that this is the best way to make use of ‘scarce resources.’  From all of the domestic violence studies I’ve looked at all this has done has made a mess of how such ‘scarce resources’ are used and put victimized men into jail because they pissed off a woman. Now because ‘Max’ was  likely more raised by his mother and raised in such a way as to believe he had to do everything to ‘protect her,’ because he was led to believe the police wouldn’t protect her, a likely innocent man who raised his voice when ‘Ellen’ said something dumb is now dead, ‘Max’ is now traumatized for life, and ‘Ellen’ may never move on from the tragedy because whatever counseling she gets will likely amount to “Its ok hun, you dindu nuffin. You a good girl babe.”

I know I stated that I would do something more objective with all of this but seeing how all these feminist tactics have done very little to curb domestic violence as a whole, I believe my approach in this one is justified. This comes from the fact that as Donald Dutton, psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, has been quoted to say, “The Duluth Model was developed by people who didn’t understand anything about therapy.” In addition Erin Pizzey who if you are a regular to this site needs no introduction as she is one of the first people who have pushed for helping men suffering from domestic violence has, brought up Duluth’s inadequacy for treating the actual problems that lead to domestic violence.

Then on top of that there is our own Hannah Wallen’s Seven Years in Hell story about a friend of hers that has been brought up time and time again (for good reason). The gendering of domestic violence law in our own country and through the Duluth model – The World – has been a demonstrably negative force towards natural positive interactions between men and women.  On top of that, it has destroyed the lives of many it claims to exist to protect, namely children. Like many things feminism pushes the promotion of women’s dominance and the “Ladies first or nothing” attitude throws genuine victims to the wayside to promote those who gain the most from the current system… those who are likely the true worst abusers out there that make protection from domestic violence a necessity.

Now I do tend to try to put out for solutions when possible but until society as a whole is willing to accept that men have their own problems that they need help with, until society is willing to accept that men AREN’T the primordial evil, anything I propose will fall on deaf ears. The solution to the Violence Against Women Act is making society see the horrors it has done to innocents, and society accepting its responsibility to those it has wronged. Right now it is my hope that ‘Max’ gets the help and treatment he really needs and can find comfort in himself with some sort of positive male role model. I doubt the current system will help him, but he does deserve some help because he likely wasn’t aware of what was really happening, and this will have a long lasting effect on him.

I know that soon we’ll be hearing all the same stuff from the gun control nuts on this situation, but this wasn’t the gun’s fault either. I think that’s clear here as well because ‘Max’ would have likely used a any weapon at hand if a gun had been unavailable, and we don’t need THAT slippery slope either. This is a very complicated issue that there is no ‘quick fix’ for. In other words, the gun here is just a red herring in relation to the actual reason ‘Terry’ is dead. At the same time ,I’m not sure the anti-gun nuts will jump on this one because then they would have to care about a ‘white cis straight male’ and any of those above the age of majority simply aren’t their concern unless its a LOT of them.

Now I hope I won’t have to touch upon something so dark again next week but no promises here.  We live in a very disturbed world and its  going to take some effort to straighten out.  But until next time Please Remember to Game Freely!

Alex Tinsley
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Alex Tinsley

A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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  • I have a question about the antagonism towards the Duluth Model. Obviously, the gendered model that originally came out in the 70’s is an issue. Women are just as likely as men to be abusive and to instigate domestic violence situations, so the original model is very ineffective in actually preventing abuse since it implies women are only ever the abused in DV situations.

    However, when I search for “Power and Control wheel” I’m able to find non gender specific examples. I was also presented with a non gender specific model in some DBT courses I was taking, and the model on the National Domestic Violence Hotline website is also gender non specific. So, from where I’m sitting, if there are non gender specific options available that are used on domestic violence websites, and used in therapy courses…why the antagonism towards the power/control wheel?

    Or are there issues with it that go beyond just the gendered aspect of the original model? You mentioned Erin Prizzey had issues with it, so I guess if I search for “Erin Prizzey Duluth Model” I’ll find something?


    • Also look at Professor Dutton’s more indepth analysis on the subject and you’ll see how fundamentally it does not work.

By Alex Tinsley

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