Breaking the Narrative Episode 113: False Accusations Are Here Again: Vic Mignogna Is Innocent!


This should be no surprise to anyone but with the accusations against voice actor Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric of Full Metal Alchemist, Broly of Dragon Ball Super, and several others) I am likely to have to put in my two cents. First let me disclose that I do not personally know Mr. Mignogna, but do know people connected to the man, some of whom I have better relationships with than others. Henceforth, most of the information I have is from second-hand sources, so please take what I say with a grain of salt. However, I do not believe for a second that he is guilty of what he has been accused of when it comes to impropriety.

The way I wish to take this is as follows – I will not name my sources due to the necessity of their protection. Just let it be known that my connections to them were formed from my time at anime conventions and continuations of such contacts through other means. This includes candid stories told within late night convention panels dedicated to such , discussions while hanging out in hotel rooms working on things such as convention guide packages, all the way to hanging out with certain regulars on smoke breaks. Again I will not name these people to protect their identities though I do understand that as some of the information I give is read through some people may be able to figure out who I’ve talked to. With all that said Let’s Hammer This In!

I think the best place to start here is with the easiest one to disprove: Homophobia. This one is put forth due to his unrelenting and devoutly evangelical Christian mindset. Just one problem with that… well two, he refuses to go against the will of the People of the United States and he stands up to other Christians for their homophobic tendencies. On top of of all that there is also the fact that one of his closest friends who I will not name…. IS A MARRIED GAY MAN! Whats more is he was at the wedding for fucks sake. So yeah, not a homophobe. Why make this accusation then? Well its simple, the people accusing him hate him for his Christian beliefs which he is free to have as a human being. Nothing less than that.

So where did this accusation come from, if its so ludicrous? Straight up? The fact he won’t sign unofficial works (particularly yaoi works) of his characters out of the deep respect for the original creators, as well as him correcting a ‘fan’ when he told them that her desired gay pairing was not canon according to the original female authors. The funny thing is he has been fighting off these accusations for almost a decade, mainly because of jokes he was making with conventioneers.

On to the next accusation, antisemitism. While the last one was the easiest to disprove by far due to obvious video evidence. This one is even flimsier. This was in relation to him calling a loud panel in a nearby room as “sounding like a holocaust” then immediately explaining what he meant feeling that he could be taken out of context. Obviously this is grasping for straws. So moving onto the big one…

The sexual misconduct and pedophilia, this is disproved not only by one of the original pictures on the Anime News Network article (Yes, I’ve referenced them in the past but only limitedly, I have not for a while for good reason) being blown out of the water by the LEGAL age girl in the picture and her mother who was thereBut publicly by fellow voice actor and honestly kind of leftie Todd HaberkornOn top of that but Mr. Mignogna himself has come out disputing the claims with references towards his openly affectionate upbringing where hugging and pecks on the cheek were common among family and friends. Now, shamefully, the kind, open-hearted, and compassionate behavior of an innocent man who just doesn’t take shit from mean-spirited and lazy people is going to be stifled for the foreseeable future because “Christian man bad!”

On top of that, it doesn’t help that voice actress Monica Rial decided to #MeToo him to boot (only a little bit after she made affectionate responses to him online, but hey, whats a little inconsistency when it comes to conspiracy?) So how am I going to defend him on this one, besides the obvious point of innocent until proven guilty? Easy – knowledge of past activity. I met Monica myself for the first time 15 years ago at the very first Ikasucon and have met her several other times since then. You have someone that wrestles and wins against an open transgender woman in public. The thought that she couldn’t body Vic is laughable. It also doesn’t help that said friend she wrestled has a solid connection to Brianna Wu through Amanda Winn Lee. I know this because I argued with Jan and got blocked by her back in 2015 during GamerGate. Rial is also known to love her sauce and have a ‘sister like’ relationship with Winn Lee. I’m not saying you can directly connect Brianna Wu to this but I’m sure some tactics have been adopted.

I admit I’m not a Christian. I am a pagan. However I will defend an innocent man regardless of race, creed, or whether they like me or not.  So as such, I will stand and defend Vic Mignogna because he is being waylaid at a time of great success with Dragon Ball Super: Broly pulling in millions of dollars and him being the primary antagonist of the story, a part which Vic played brilliantly as he usually does. He is a consummate professional and has been well respected in his field for over 20 years.

Now here is where I get into speculation, namely of the precise reasoning that he is being so attacked. Yes, there is the Christian factor, as he is currently a rarity among his peers as a straight, white, Christian man, so he is a ‘safe’ target for ‘activism.’ Secondly, through Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Sword Art Online, the feminist cancer has been trying to thoroughly infiltrate the anime community for years! In many articles I’ve written for the past three years I’ve shown full well how easily anime counters the feminist narrative. They do NOT like this one bit. Hence, this is another attempt at an “in” so they can destroy another medium and make their shit propaganda the only game in town for entertainment.

They did this with Star Wars. They’ve tried this with Video Games. They’ve decimated American comics and table top gaming, so whats left? Anime, Japanese media. However, their tactics are very flawed – Japanese developers don’t really care much about Western politics. They care about money and results. The best part is, they realize who their real fans are and where that money comes from. What’s more is in this case money is without sin. Besides, they are trying their damnedest to motivate their fellow Japanese to break out of the grass-eater mindset and BREED in Amaterasu’s name! So, of course they aren’t going to stop trying to make guys and girls horny for one another! For crying out loud, they are giving several dating incentives to keep the Family Register system there growing. Yeah, that’s something I’ll tackle another time.

So what is going to happen to Mr. Mignogna now?

In the short term, there are a lot less conventions he is going to attend. His reputation is likely safe among those who actually work with him on a regular basis, as they go with him to a lot of these conventions and most conventions keep a lot of the guests together and under guard. However, it seems Funimation and Rooster Teeth have dropped him from current projects, even one where he is a major support character. Wherever he does show up, expect his security to be a little thicker and him to be a bit more stand -offish until things die down. He is seeming to also be a bit emotional about this and who can blame him? Other than that its all repairing what THOTs have tried to tear down. He will keep his roles and likely get many more.  I wish you luck Vic. You are gonna need it with these psychopaths after your hide.

What should you do in relation to this? Spread this around some, let it be known that there is no way these salty feminists are telling the truth and give Vic some much needed love if you are a fan. Let him know its a very small minority of bigots that want to ruin him and not anime fans. And just to piss people off, offer him a kind hearty handshake, something they can’t take out of context to piss the fuckers off.

It’s with this knowledge that we can now see a little more of what’s being targeted other than more traditional values. They are wanting to destroy the human concepts of love and compassion. What quicker way to break down family ties than to make them empty?

So on top of that, how are they assaulting anime? Well, through western hobbyist ‘news.’ How else would they do it? That’s why I don’t do a lot of referencing to Anime News Network unless I just want to show a proper cast list. They have always had a particular hate-boner for Mr. Mignogna, specifically because his beliefs are a direct counter of theirs, which is heavily influenced by social justice. In fact, I believe they’ve even had a few collaborations with AniFem, who I’m sure is in on this nonsense, to boot.

Oh they can attack a man claiming that he is with underage girls but the fujoshi (filthy woman) have no issues watching two 12 year old guys they think are hot making out. Trust me I’ve seen some things at conventions. It’s not unheard of for randy female fans to want to bed extremely young boys. This is the difference between the often demonized ‘loli’ or ‘lolita’ archetype and the ‘shota’ or ‘very young boys.’ A loli is very often just a flat chested legal-age girl who wears a particular type of cutesy garb. Shota are often legitimately underage boys to the point of bacha bazi type eroticization, an example of which is the banned anime Boku no Pico. And no you do NOT want to look that up at all – TRUST ME!

Alright, now that I hope I’ve put enough evidence out there to exonerate an innocent man who has been ironically been put in a witch hunt via more MeToo shenanigans. I mean it’s not like I can find even more evidence of wrongdoing here no? Nothing to see here at all, nope, no rigging here at all! I might as well get to Jerid Messa… Huh, funny – Jerid kinda looks like Vic… oh well, maybe if Bandai decides to redub it… but I doubt it right now. Oh and one more thing…. Good luck with the lawsuit Vic! You are gonna need it! Until then Please Remember to Game Freely!

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A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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