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In January 2019 Gillette created an advertisement that asked men “is this the best you can be?” Gillette’s ad called out men’s vile “toxic masculinity” in the form of… men speaking to women on the street, approaching women at a party, finding women attractive and boys engaging in horseplay. Whew, lad. That’s some terrible behaviour!

Ilan Srulovicz, CEO of Egard Watches
Ilan Srulovicz, CEO Egard Watches

In response CEO of Egard Watches, Ilan Srulovicz, created a video entitled “What is a Man” in which he explored that very question and showed men’s humanity, challenging Woke Gillette’s cartoonish and inept caricature of male villainy. Ilan Srulovicz’s beautiful video response to Gillette can be found here.

But Ilan didn’t stop there! He’s recently published yet another moving testimony to a father’s love for his son.

Ilan Srulovicz will be attending the International Conference on Men’s Issues this August 16-18th in Chicago as a presenter.

Interested in a ticket? Click here!

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