Women’s march: #ButItsAboutEquality!


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the nation’s female population size is 156,964,212. Somewhere between 2.01% and 3.19% of that number participated in the 2017 Women’s March in various cities throughout the U.S. Granted, only 116928594 of the nation’s female population are over the age of 19, but there were also men and children involved in the march.…

Chanty Binx Wants Your Shekels, Misogynists!


I imagine most people here are already accustomed to the red haired meme face of feminism, Chanty Binx, but for those who aren’t familiar with her she protested a MRM related conference at the University of Toronto and outside this conference she engaged in an argument with 2 MRAs which after being recorded was uploaded to the internet in the form of the following video.…

Women to avoid like the plague


Sadly, dating in the 21st century has become a minefield for men to navigate at their own risk. A danger zone with no signs. How can men stay safe in a society in which dating dysfunction abounds? The Honey Badger Brigade outlines a few female archetypes that men should avoid like the plague.…

Tips on how to get through activism burnout


“Badger, I’m worn out. I can’t take another discussion with a feminist or SJW. How can I get through this? I still want to be an activist but I’m burnt out. Help!” We’re all very passionate in what we do, and it takes hard work and for many long hours to get information out in many different mediums—whether it’s street activism, videos, artwork, forums...

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