Chanty Binx Wants Your Shekels, Misogynists!


I imagine most people here are already accustomed to the red haired meme face of feminism, Chanty Binx, but for those who aren’t familiar with her she protested a MRM related conference at the University of Toronto and outside this conference she engaged in an argument with 2 MRAs which after being recorded was uploaded to the internet in the form of the following video.

In this video she displays an unhealthy level of vitriol and in the typical internet way gets vitriol in return. In addition to being turned into somewhat of a meme there was also some nasty things said, although I cannot find the I hope you die of breast cancer” and “I would love to take a rifle and shoot you dead with it.” referenced in a few places here are examples from the comments of the above video.

Comment 1

Comment 2

These are the two most up-voted “violent” comments. However, one may care to notice that the first and less violent is exponentially more popular. Neither of these is an actual threat. At best, if one takes it seriously, the second is a request for violence to be committed. Outside of complaints these kinds of comment didn’t illicit much of a response from Binx.

This has since changed into the kind of story many would joke about or predict, due to a few recent events.Chanty Binx has started a

Chanty Binx has started a GoFundMe. The GoFundMe states:

“Three year ago, while protesting a men’s rights activist (MRA) talk, Chanty Binx was accosted by a group of MRA’s who proceeded to record her without her permission. She believed that would be the end of things, but Chanty was wrong; the horrific nightmare was just beginning.
Within 12 hours of the video’s upload she received 500 hateful abusive and threatening messages in her blog inbox alone, and her personal information was doxed including what they believe to be her address, phone number, and license plate. For the past 3 years she’s has received over 30,000 hateful and threatening comments on YouTube, and thousands death and rape threats, and other abusive messages on her blog and Facebook. For the past three years she has lived in nonstop fear for her safety and life, and despite all of this law enforcement has done nothing.
Just when she believed the constant, traumatic harassment had died down and she could go on with her life, a man who is both a neo-Nazi and an MRA with access to assault weapons like the AR-15 used in the attack in Orlando, posted a screenshot of her from a security camera of the store he works in. This breach of her privacy started the nightmare all over. She lives in fear that someone may make good on their threats, especially since they seem to have no trouble finding all of her personal information.
She has had enough. Since law enforcement isn’t doing anything to help her, Chanty is left with only one legal option, hire a lawyer.
A message must be sent to these tormentors that they will be held accountable for the damage and suffering they continue to inflict upon Chanty. We need to raise $3,000 to help Chanty obtain legal counsel to fight against her tormentors. Please help end her abuse and help us show this abusive scum that they are accountable for their words and actions.”

Ignoring the “Three year ago” and a few missing commas there are a few things to note. She claims to have been sent “hateful” and “abusive” messages when both such words could be quite easily used to describe her own actions towards MRAs. Neither of the guns used in the Orlando shooting were AR-15s the one she is confusing it with is the Sig Sauer MCX which to be fair like many guns is based off of and/or compatible with the AR-15. The GoFundMe has earned:

This is interesting because about a week after starting this is what was shown:

I can only speculate as to why this change happened, perhaps she is actually going through with it and has gotten a more accurate quote on costs.

What can be assumed to have been the the catalyst for Miss. Binx to create this the photo/screenshot mentioned is from this Facebook post:

Although Chanty claims that the man who posted this is “a neo-Nazi and an MRA” there is no way I can verify this as no proof has been given and I cannot find the original post. The only thing we do know about the up-loader is that he worked at LCBO and that establishment has said he “is no longer an employee”. In fact in general very little concrete or proven information is given in the GoFundMe or any surrounding coverage from:



Man Boobs

This is true to such an extent the GoFundMe doesn’t even specify anyone who legal action will be taken against it instead says “fight against her tormentors.” but also says “this abusive scum” so you can only assume that it is in reference to the person who uploaded the picture. The only other thing to note is that none of this seems to be orchastrated by Chanty but instead the fund was set up by a user of the name “Star Smith” who we know to be a different person as in an update posted to the campaign when it was ended said the following:

“Thank you all for your donations, Chanty and I both appreciate everything that you all did to help her. We are pleased to announce that we have surpassed our goal. You all rock so hard!!”

This, of course, specifies “Star Smith” to be another person.


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  • People might take her more seriously if she were begging money to pay for anger management counseling. Wouldn’t be likely to change her apparent underlying hatred/bigotry but at least it might help mask it. Which might also alleviate any real fear she lives with — that of embarrassing herself so publicly again. Personally though, I think it’s kind of helpful when antisocial personalities are that loud, obnoxious, and lacking in self-control. They’re still a menace, but it’s much easier to avoid them when you can hear them ranting from a block away and know where they spend most of their time.

  • I think a lot of the anger that is giving rise to advocacy of violence arises from the feeling that the MHRM isn’t making any headway against the use of feminism as a tool of totalitarianism by the powers that be. SJWs like Binx are only the face of the problem; they’re the “victim puppets” being put forward by the ruling class as pawns to justify even tighter restrictions on men. The real reason feminism has the backing of the ruling class is because men are natural fighters against oppression and tyranny.

    By disempowering and disenfranchising men, and by disguising wealth-class privilege behind the facade of gender and race privilege, the ruling class both forestall opposition to their ever-expanding grasp of the world’s wealth and power at the same time as they divide the masses over spurious issues to prevent them uniting against those in power.

    I think many people are subconsciously aware of this without being able to articulate it. Extremists like Binx and Sarkeesian are hated and threatened with violence not because of what they advocate, but because they have the backing and enforcement of the powers that be. People like Binx and Sarkeesian speak, and laws are passed on their say-so, regardless of public opposition. It is anger at this tyranny, anger at the ruling class, that is being misdirected at these puppets, but it is really anger at the lack of power in our society that people in general wield.

    This is why no real legislative or judicial headway is being made by the MHRM; why even elected representatives dismiss our concerns when confronted with them; why the media, government and corporate sector are so persistent in pushing the feminist narrative despite majority opposition. The powers that be will never listen, never address men’s issues because that would render their useful tool of social division and control – namely feminism – useless. As long as they can use feminism to tear apart families and communities, and as long as the feminists can claim the moral high ground, they’ll continue to push the feminist narrative to serve their power-preserving goals.

    So for some people, the only viable answer they can see to the indifferent and immovable tyranny of the ruling class is violent revolution; in the words of Jack London, “In roar of shell and shrapnel, and in whine of machine guns shall our answer be couched.” These people just can’t see where to point their guns, so they point them at puppets like Binx, who can then claim the moral high ground.

    Which is exactly what the ruling class want them to do.

    • No, it wouldn’t… Ask any of the real ones, like for instance, Terry Jean Bedford…

  • SHEKELS? Since when is she Jewish/Israeli. Her real name is Chanty Morris. Maybe she is but I’d like to see the evidence….

  • I’m inclined to wonder whether the truth is that she’s just desperate for money. Having her obnoxious cuntiness displayed to the whole world has probably made her unemployable.

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