The Impeachment of One Justin Vacula


I don’t usually do skeptic politics, but… yeah… mercy…

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  • “Like being an atheist, being an feminist does not give you a ‘get out of stupid free’ card. You don’t have exclusive rights because you’re a feminist.”

  • Speaking of feminist stupid:

    Guess what, nerds, you have male priveledge because your hobbies are male dominated.

    There are so many cliches in this article that I’d rather not tear it down myself. I’m already triggered enough as it is.

    I’ll let you all deal with the bucketloads of stupid this article represents.

    Yeah, obviously this writer missed the “you don’t get a ‘Get Out Of Stupid’ card”.

  • The “Dr Nerdlove” character takes pretty much a Hugo Schwyzer-like tone in most of his articles; sneeringly dismissive of men’s concerns and all-too-eager to point out their failings. “The reason you’re not in a relationship is because, like all men, you SUCK” is his primary message.

    I can see why the GMP welcomed his contributions. At the core of many of their articles and editorial policies is the underlying message, conveyed in oh-so-solicitous tones: “Men shouldn’t like that.” They’re just trying to be helpful, you see.

    Porn? Men shouldn’t like that. Sports? Men shouldn’t like such violent stuff. Action movies? Men shouldn’t like them, they’re not empathetic enough. And video games? Men shouldn’t be enjoying such obviously male-oriented media, because it reflects their privilege.

  • Yeah, Copyleft. The fact that Doctor Nerdlove and his stuck up, condescending advice is even allowed a forum on The Good Men Project is endemic of what the entire thing has become.

    Fuck Dr. Nerdlove and his lecturing.

  • They should just change the name to ” White Knight project.” and be done with it.

  • True, and it’s articles like those that indicate to me that at least some of them are sincerely _trying_ to get it. It’s just that getting past feminist programming is so counter-intuitive and hard to do.

  • Yeah, I’m super slow to the party. I go there and look at the new articles, and its all “Teh Rulez, lul” and “How men can change their behavior to make women happy” and “Put this collar on, bitch, your female owners need you to rein in your penis power”

    I wish, just wish, that men could have a male space without having to give it over to women. Don’t get me wrong, an article by Typhonblue is actually the reason I stated to visit this site, and I’ve been wishing she wrote more recently, but that’s just it, she never makes demands that attention be shifted anywhere, she allows us to focus it wherever we choose.

  • EquilibriumShift: “I wish, just wish, that men could have a male space without having to give it over to women.”

    Men can’t. Otherwise, it’d be labeled as an “Old Boyz Club” or “Inharently Mysoganist”.

    Like good old Dr. Nerdlove is pointing out with Nerd Spaces.

  • Anyway, Toy Soldier (aka JacobTK) eviscerated Dr. Nerdlove with a great rebuttal. It should be lamenated in my opinion.

    Here it is:

    JacobTK: “If a culture catering predominantly to one group bestows a privilege onto that group, then by that logic, hip hop culture leads to black privilege since it caters predominantly to a black audience.

    That sort of flawed logic is part of the reason why fanboys respond negatively to feminist criticism of their community. Simply because one group is the target audience does not mean a community is inherently biased.

    No one wants to “acknowledge that a one-sided (and one-dimensional) portrayal of women is the dominant paradigm in gaming” because it is not one-sided. You agree that “all of the characters in the Arkham games are over-the-top, the men are just as exaggerated/sexualized/objectified as the women,” so your argument that only female characters are treated in one-dimensional ways does not fly.

    That is the reason for fanboy defensiveness: you freely admit that what happens to female characters also happens to male characters, but treat the former as inherently worse than the latter.

    Setting aside the absurdity and ironic sexism of the strawman that fanboys view diversity as a threat because “gays, lesbians, racial and religious minorities and (gasp!) women might start having a say in the way that games, comics, etc. will be created in the future”, let us assume it is true. Why would fanboys take issue with their community being changed?

    There must be a reason, and I would argue the reason is that fanboys built the community to support them and their issues. Most fanboys were and are socially ostracized and treated as losers and perpetual children just for liking what they like, often by women and feminists. Is it then any surprise that fanboys would take offense that someone like your (ex-)girlfriend or some feminist who can barely tolerate their interests would then want to hijack and change their community?

    Perhaps the best place to start is not by telling a bunch of bullied people how super-dooper awesome their lives have been and how they are all huge bigots. Perhaps the best place to start is by respecting their space, their community, and them. Perhaps the best place to start is by asking them what they think instead of telling them what they think. Perhaps then they will be more willing to listen to you since you would at least be pretending to listen to them.

    Or you can keep punching them in the face and pretend to be shocked when they do not like it.”

    Thanks JacobTK.

  • Facts are Facts, the GMP knows who their primary audience actually is- and it’s not men. Stats show that the predominent readers of that site are women, and the editors know that.

    women can’t get past the idea that they don’t have a right to dictate what a “good” man should be. Which is why I say that the majority of feminism claiming men are “entitled” is just projection on their part

  • I know Paul.

    Just wanted to include the article not just because it ticks me off. But is a glaring example of someone exercising their demand for a “Get Out Of Stupid Free” Card.

  • Eagle,

    I have completely given up on the GMP, and I have also given up on NSWATM after they moved there.

    It has nothing to offer me but shame and reasons why I should feel inadequate.

  • And by the way, people who think they have a Get Out Of Stupid Free card tend to use it as an excuse to act really, monumentally, jaw-droppingly stupid.

  • …and now Justin has stepped down from his SCA-Pennsylvania position. The bullies have won a victory.

  • If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. As usual, they get their way by scweaming and scweaming and scweaming until they’re sick, not by any kind of democratic process. It’s what happened to Larry Summers at Harvard, and it’s what happened to the Lib Dems’ proposal to extend anonymity to the accused as well as the accuser in rape trials. And still they claim women have no power.

  • Not to mention the recent “war on women” in America that ended up with women getting all sorts of things covered by their health insurance that men have to pay for. Seriously, why do women need equal numbers of political representatives when their lobbyists can get what they want from the men so easily?

  • oh, yeah, just a general observation….

    metal music seems to be one of the last bastions of masculinity….

    (Yup, I know someone might point out that for all his leather, studs and motorcycle’s Rob Halford is gay.)

    haha, even porno isn’t very manly (despite what heavy users Hugo Schwyzer and Robert Jensen say) as women get paid more than men and many of the key players are women….

  • Who first called it Atheism Plus, the Atheism plussers or their detractors? Do the practitioners of Atheism Plus consider it “atheism plus” or just plain atheism?

    Are Catholics Christian? Is “Catholic Christian” an oxymoron or implied insult? Such nomenclature (specifically: who assigns it and for what reasons) fascinates me.

  • Patrick: Not to mention the recent “war on women” in America that ended up with women getting all sorts of things covered by their health insurance that men have to pay for.

    Like what? Hello? (Women don’t even have an equivalent of Viagra to pay for, if we wanted to.)

    We still have one candidate threatening to repeal Obamacare outright, so for lots of us (male and female) there might not be any coverage of any kind, at all.

  • Seriously, why do women need equal numbers of political representatives when their lobbyists can get what they want from the men so easily?

    Okay, so where’s my Viagra?

    We’ve been scweaming and scweaming and nobody listens. Probably because most of us scweaming are older and no longer pretty, so we get ignored.

    Moral of the story: All women do NOT get what they want so easily. Just sayin.

  • Daisy, here’s the list of all the things women get covered by their health insurance that men have to pay for, all thanks to screaming that a debate over whether contraception got covered or not was a “war on women”.

    If you want someone to create a female equivalent of viagra, you need to lobby the pharmaceutical companies, and they’re not nearly so responsive to manipulative public campaigns as politicians are. While you’re at it, you can ask them how the male contraceptive pill is coming along.

  • Paul: Daisy, there is viagra for (some) women it’s called… viagra

    Paul, I see you don’t read my blog either. (sigh)

    I already know that, of course… but (as I have written numerous times) since the drug was not (formally, officially) tested on women, they cannot legally prescribe it to women. I usually don’t pay any attention to drug-legalities before I partake of a drug (haha), but I don’t know anyone who takes Viagra, or if I do, I do not know them well enough to chat with them about it and ask them for some. But I have no objection to taking it, if it was prescribed to me … but … (see above). I know its expensive. (Cialis astronomically so)

    Now, where’s my male fertility control pill?

    My understanding of the issue is that its (scientifically) easier to stop one thing (ovum) than millions of things (sperm), but certainly there can be no excuse for how long they have let that situation go on with no improvements!

    BTW–Patrick, the Affordable Care act is FAR from a done deal as long as Obama’s election hangs in the balance. You know that, right? Besides that, my governor and senator swear they will block it at the state level, and they ain’t alone in that attempt. Rick Perry, I believe, has made similar noises.

    Your petition is wonderful, but I am still greatly worried about the whole thing going to hell. 🙁

  • “Like what? Hello? (Women don’t even have an equivalent of Viagra to pay for, if we wanted to.)”

    Daisy, it’s progress that having women’s birth control paid for is established enough that it’s considered a war on women when there’s a struggle over whther or not to continue having it funded. There is no talk of anyone but men themsleves paying for condoms.

    Fair question on male birth control, but the probel is not the million swimmer’s versus the soliatry egg. the problem is the hormonal stuff- apparently you can stop ovulation without a woman’s voice dropping three octaves and her sprouting chest hair. Apparently there is such a problem in reverse for every kind of male birth control they have tried.The new RISUG thing looks promising, but that’s still pending.

  • Daisy:

    What on Earth do you mean when you ask for a Viagra for women? Are there no treatments for women with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension? That would certainly be a problem, but I imagine the solution to would be had from research in a medical laboratory, not an act of congress.

    If you are referring to erectile dysfunction, I was not aware that it was capable of affecting cissexual women. If women with penises are currently barred from purchasing forms of Sildenafil Citrate to alleviate erectile dysfunction issues (I do not have a sufficient knowledge of the laws involved to comprehend whether or not this is the case), that would also be a seriously problem, and should be remedied at once (it would, however, be a case of transphobia rather than misogyny).

    If you are referring to use as an aphrodisiac, no credible studies I am able to locate suggest that the drug has no notable sexual effect on people not suffering from erectile dysfunction, regardless of popular superstition (although a significant placebo effect has been noted in control groups). The only meaningful change documented has been a decrease in the refractory period, but last I heard cis women do not have those.

  • yes Daisy, you have a point…

    a society that cared about women’s sexual functioning would have viagra for her ™

    just like a society that cared about men’s health would issue an hpve vaccine for men ™

    and I did drop a link a little while back that said hpv will likely cause more throat cancer in men than smoking….

  • “In an effort to prevent cervical cancer, which can be caused by HPV, public health officials have been encouraging young women to get vaccinated since the Food and Drug Administration approved the first HPV vaccine, Gardasil, in 2006. The vaccine has been approved for boys and men since 2009, but health officials and doctors haven’t pushed it with the same urgency.”

  • @ HidingfromDinosaurs

    Women have a system of erectile tissues as extensive as men’s, just internal.

    I’m sure viagra(or equivalent) could have some sort of effect on them.

  • Just so everyone understands exactly what viagra does, let me break it down for you:

    Viagra, very simply, stimulates your body’s ability to make nitrogen monoxide (NO). It does not cause your body to make it. NO is used by the body as a signal to start the production of other chemicals, in various places in the body. One of those places produces chemicals that relax muscles. As a cis-man ages, it is often the case that his production of NO will suffer, and thus so will his production of those muscle relaxing compounds.

    When the muscles at the base of the penis relax, it allows blood to flow into the penis, which causes an erection. Viagra itself has no direct effect on the penis. I am not aware if cis-female genitalia become engorged via the same pathway that the cis-male genitalia does (although I assume they do).

    P.S. Mamu1977, since you are a doctor, maybe you can give a more thorough/accurate explanation.

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