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  • Well…I bet you’ll never guess why I brought the first two of those books about 15 years ago and why I finished the series.
    That’s right – spanking!

    That being said, it’s a particular type of porn. Good writing or even decent writing is sort of optional.
    Thanks for the laughs.

  • Fine. Call it porn. Do not say it has artistic or literary merit. Do not refer to it as “erotica”.

  • SWAB, I don’t know what is going on, but I don’t see any comment of yours that somehow is not approved. Daisy is having problems too.

  • @ Stoner

    Regardless of Rosanne’s personal politics, I approve of getting more comedy into american political theatre.

    If there was more slapstick, fart jokes and a half-time clown act, I’d actually watch! As it is it’s too pretentious and dry and takes itself too seriously.

  • Jesus Christ, Typhon, you want more fart jokes in American political theater? What do you think that last year was? It was all farting.

    Hey, both SWAB and Daisy seem to have had comments disappear. I looked and couldn’t find anything in pending comments, and that exhausts my expertise. Do you know if something is going on?

  • My god you people and your problems.

    I checked as much of the spam queue as I’m going to. Nada.

  • Well, TMI , BUT:
    Back at the time I brought those two volumes, you still gotcher porn by going into some seedy store downtown. If it was anything embarrassing, say femdom, or gay, or anything like that, you kept your head down at the counter and quickly looked around hoping no one noticed.

    So here was this fine quality erotica in my local Barnes and Noble. And it had that naughty SPANKING stuff. And it had all types (the only type I’m generally not enthused about is m/m or anything involving preteens) of it. I was thrilled.

    And now Ms Fuddy Duddy English Teacher Typhon has to come along and deconstruct its wonderful misuse of the English language. Darn internet! Ruining my memories….!

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