The Most Controversial Men’s Rights Video Ever Made!


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  • So today was White Ribbon day in my town. An event was held in the street mall a block from my own office. I often lunch in that very area and know most of the traders quite well so the event was actually coming into MY neighbourhood.

    I could easily disrupt the event on behalf of all the victims marginalised by their program. After all by extension these folk are pledging to the defence and protection of the woman who raped me when I was a kid but NOT to the kid that woman raped. They would, in fact, expect that boy to pledge to the defense and protection of the woman who abused him. None of the organisers actually work in abuse related fields. They are city councilors and business folk quite possibly subtly coerced into participation. My knowledge base could be quite embarrassing for them.

    Of course I would not do those things, not the least because I must protect my existing position within certain local services. Slowly but surely I’m beginning to have an influence and really don’t want to jeopardize it.

    I was seated about fifty metres from the event just prior to it’s commencement. A long time friend happened by and started talking to me about the white ribbon show she had just passed. She and I often argue quite happily about many things. As usual her disbelief sparked me into descriptions of the marginalisation the white ribbon event causes for huge numbers of victims. I can be quite passionate but always quite articulate on these matters. We both have fairly loud voices so a normal level could easily appear heated to others.

    After a short while a couple of nearby likely lads thought they’d put a stop to this. They approached and demanded I lower my voice when “speaking to a lady” else they’d beat the crap out of me. It seems it was the volume that was the problem rather than what I was saying.

    I carried on the conversation with my friend alluding to the fact that the two apes were doing exactly what the White Ribbon programs promote. They were proving how it can easily promote, validate and even justify violence. At one point one of the young blokes stated with certainty that “men are c…s”. I reckon that bothered me more than anything else. How the hell did he come to believe that? Asking elicited the response “I’m a man, I know”. He may have been eighteen. I tried to engage with both young men to include them in the conversation I was already having my friend. After a while they wandered back to their own group with a few choice parting threats. I suspect they couldn’t understand a word we were saying and gave up.

    Through much of this about ten to twelve individuals in a rough circle around me were shouting “pig”, “misogyinist”, “woman hater” or ‘beater” at me. My crime was speaking up about being fair to all victims. I’d made virtually no reference to women at all let alone criticise anybody. I was the only one in the vicinity speaking for inclusion and yet was the target of incredible venom.

    Utterly unplanned but a perfect piece of street theatre demonstrating just so much wrong.

    I sat quietly and watched much of the White Ribbon event. Before I left I spoke briefly with one of the police officers involved in it’s organisation. The people running the program are as I described above. They are professionals and likely to be reasonably civilised folk. One step removed they won’t always be so civilised. She had NEVER considered the possibility that the urgings of the white ribbon campaign could cause violence. From this point I am speechle

  • This video is a bit weird, in a mixed signals kind of way: at the same time, it’s drawing attention to the message that “men’s rights are human rights” and mocking the very same message. So, yea, it is “the most controversial men’s rights video ever made!”.

  • Wow, gwallan. That’s a very interesting little vignette. It si a prime example of how retrograde and patriarchal so much feminist advocacy is.

  • I kept waiting for the kitties to start practising their skills on the ducks. Alas, they all played friendly. 🙂

  • @ Jose

    ” mocking the very same message”

    I’m curious how you came to this conclusion.

    @ Gwallan

    Yep. It’s quite disturbing how the “White Ribbon Campaign” ends up promoting violence for the sake of ideology.

  • The POINT of the video is that you could make a video with fluffy kittens, and bunnies and cute ducks with text such as “quack , quack, goes the Duck”, and if you included that little part about how Mens rights are human rights, you’ve suddenly turned your video into hate speech.

  • typhonblue: “I’m curious how you came to this conclusion.”

    Well, because it’s almost discrete in the video and because it shows funny stuff, and, for the majority of the people watching this video will think men’s rights are funny.

    But, at the same time, drawing attention to the issue (in a rather ironic way, I might add), so the mixed signal.

  • Clarence: “The POINT of the video is that you could make a video with fluffy kittens, and bunnies and cute ducks with text such as “quack , quack, goes the Duck”, and if you included that little part about how Mens rights are human rights, you’ve suddenly turned your video into hate speech.”

    In the majority of this you are right; we tend to think white nationalist=racist hate and “protection of families”/anti-gay-marriage=homophobia (and very rightly so), thus we tend to conclude (rather wrongly) men’s rights=sexism/anti-woman.

    However, I don’t know how the point is to say that adding the sentence “men’s rights are human rights” to an otherwise “innocuous” video make it a hate video, despite all I said and the pictures of the video. I’m curious.

  • Jose, they are being facetious to prove a point. The point is that far too many people don’t see anything facetious in it.

  • Well, whether this is the ‘most controversial men’s right’s video’ ever, is debateable, but it’s certainly the CUTEST!

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