Talking with NewsTalk Saskatoon about the “don’t be that girl campaign”


This was the interview I did with Karin Yeske. Ms. Yeske was, in my opinion, very fair and thorough. She even gave me the opportunity to clarify a point I made during the interview in a follow-up email.

Here is her article.

It’s a good read.

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  • Great job by you and the journalist! Having you and Karen at the forefront is like having two ferocious she lions for protection. You both have some serious brains and exceptional debating skills are practically fearless. Doesn`t get any better. Thank you very, very much. Have you considered writing a book at some point? As the movement grows and the public perception changes you and Karen will eventually be able to go on speaking tours at universities like Warren Farrell. That will really shake things up and be lots of fun.

    The Danish government did a study of ALL reported rapes in the whole of Denmark over a two year period and found that 7,3% of the reported rapes where certainly false. The women admitted they lied, they had video evidence or reliable witnesses proving it was a lie etc. The actual number of false claims was certainly much higher as this kind of solid evidence is hard to come by. Unfortunately the study is in Danish. I am not sure if there is any sort of summary in English or if an article based on the research has been published in English. Regardless it is possibly the most solid study out there in terms of it having very certain findings and being very broad.

  • Just of note. The authors email address is on the bottom of that article. I’d suggest people write her to thank her for her article. It may seem a bit lame or silly but when I was into atheism activism I’d have some really nice e-mail discussions with people. From congress people (or their aids) to prize winning journalists to famous attorneys to priests to local politicians. I’ve even had letters to the editor printed (so don’t forget that either).

    For me, the best part is that she actually included the chart with the rape statistics.

  • That was an amazingly unbiased article. I realy have to wonder at how it came to be. The tide must really be turning in some quarters where a mainstream publication is publishing articles like that.

  • I can also attest to the value of emailing such people. I have sent lots of stuff like that and gotten many positive replies and have established contact with some people that have a lot of influence and have been able to feed them loads of relevant infomration. I am going to do even more of it.

  • I saw that over at Men’s Rights subreddit. Some pointed out some issues with it, but those points of disappointment were really just where Young had criticized the MRM as a way of getting people to look at uit. She criticized feminists pretty ahrd and attacked their contention that an MRM is not needed because feminism already addresses everything. On balance it was a very good article and probably advanced the cause a lot.

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