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Everyone knows that during Christmas, Santa gives presents to all the good boys and girls. But there’s another holiday tradition surrounding yule time.


Krampus is germanic horned demon god who scares the crap out of naughty kids for Christmas. He even carries the extra-naughty ones away in his sack. Krampus, the original god of ing their shit up.

Who knew that Christmas had a dark side?

Join us at Honey Badger radio as we present this year’s list of all the people who’ve been Nice and those who’ve been naughty!

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  • If Krampus were real I would have been dragged away long ago. Uhhh… he only takes naught *kids* right? Adults are in the clear? I think I’m going to sleep with one eye open until February.

  • The Discworld has there Hogfather.

    And there’s this in Europe:

    “The Père Fouettard (French for Father Whipper) is a character who accompanies St. Nicholas in his rounds during St. Nicholas’ Day (6 December) dispensing lumps of coal and/or floggings to the naughty children while St. Nick gives gifts to the well behaved”

  • Just to let ya’ll know, there is a great movie called ” Rare Exports”. It’s all about this alternate St. Nick of the north.

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