Honey Badger Radio: Feminism Objectifies Laci Green


Laci Green is a youtube feminist. She recently told us all about objectification.

In simple terms objectification is about how male sexual urges hurt women. When men feel desire for women they have to be carefully policed least they remove women’s humanity with their thoughts.

Of course this requires believing that men victimize women with their illuminati voodoo eye balls. Or maybe they’re space reptiles with thought controlling mind rays.

But most importantly it requires believing that women’s sexual desires are passive, while men’s are active and villainous. It requires believing women are sexual objects defined by how they are acted upon by men.

Join us tonight on Honey Badger Radio as we discus “Feminism objectifies Laci Green.”

Show Time: 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST/ 6 PM PST

Show Date: 30/01/2014

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  • Male sexual desires damage the ozone layer. Somebody did a study which proved that–using meta-analysis and stuff.

    Growing up and to this day, the word I most often remember hearing women and girls using about anything sexual regarding males is “disgusting”. I thought it was weird that evolution would only give one gender a sex drive.

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