Honey Badger Radio: Anita Will Save Us From Our Sins


Anita Sarkeesian will receive the Game Developers Choice Awards Ambassador Award, a prize honoring individuals who help the video games industry “advance to a better place” through advocacy.

We here at Honey Badger Radio don’t think the GDCA has gone far enough. Anita’s work opposing damseling by damseling is worth far more than just an award. She’s a candidate for sainthood. Saint Sarkesiaan will cleanse all gamers of misogyny!

Join us tonight as we discus how Anita can save your apostate soul from damnation.

Also joining us is Paulette MacDonald from Leading Women for Shared Parenting promoting canada’s new equal shared parenting bill, C-560.

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Show Date: Thursday February 20th, 2014

Show Time: 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST/ 6 PM PST

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  • This just made me lose all faith in the gaming industry. Fuck it. I used to think her shit was harmless, even a little funny, now she’s receiving a major award for deliberately misconstruing nearly everything she can get her hands on for the sake of her argument.

    I give up. Someone just give me the fucking 9mm to put in my mouth.

  • Th Sarkeesian phenomenon looks rather darkly to me like something I noticed in the whole atheist debacle – a small and vocal number of men using an incident or person to try to claim some sort of ’eminent domain’ for themselves and their chosen harem.
    These people are always concerned about ‘morality’ while having no concern for their own behaviour, nor honesty, nor empiricism, nor reflection, and definitely no doubts.
    They seem to want to make a group over in their own rather lacklustre image – in order to save us from ourselves. What a bunch of pukes.

    I wonder if this will get back to these putrid pseudo-priests?

  • It’s been pointed out that Sarkeesian’s standards are so vague (and in many instances, even contradictory) that there is literally NO WAY to make a female game character that isn’t somehow ‘offensive to women.”

    This is why appeasement is always a bad idea.

  • Got to hand it to her though:

    Her snake oil has managed to ensnare an entire industry in her clutches.

  • Seriously, someone has to stand up to her. Present well-researched counter arguments, anything. Because at this point, I dread to think of the ways the gaming industry will now police itself to appease an ideology.

  • I would find the majority of male characters in gaming and fiction in general (movies, tv shows, books, etc) quite offensive if they were supposed to define masculinity and what I am supposed to aspire to, especially since a lot of games have extremely linear plot lines and extremely limited play options, simply because of the limitations involved in story-telling and technology. Thankfully, that is not what they are.

    I mean, seriously, think about something for a moment. Young boys are playing war games where they are conditioned to think that combat is “safe”, that if they get shot it’s not really a big deal, you can just get a medpack and boom instant recovery and if you die, well you just restart. They know it’s not really how things are, but their brains are still conditioned by that structure. These same boys are then harassed by military recruiters that know every trick in the book to get them to join up and then sent into actual combat as teenagers. There is another side to the damsel in distress coin, it’s the warrior in danger.

By Alison Tieman

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