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Rick and Morty – Overview and Episode 7(written by DoctorRandomercam)
Rick and Morty is what happens when a dispossessed Dan Harmon stomps away from Community, grabs the most warped and disturbing cartoonist he can find on the internet – one Justin Roiland – and they go to Adult Swim, get presumably blackout drunk together… and create a Back to the Future cartoon.…

Dear Feminism: NAFALT goes both ways, part 1


Recently, PolicyMic published an article apparently intended to help renew feminism’s sinking reputation. The article, an opinion piece by Elizabeth Plank, listed off 23 Ways Feminism Has Made the World a Better Place for Men.
It would seem like a pretty good reason to be thankful, if feminism actually improved the world for men.…

Honey Badger Radio: Doctor Money and the Destruction of David Reimer


In 1966 a little boy had his penis burned off during a circumcision. That little boy’s name was David Reimer.
Dr. John Money, A leading theorist on gender at the time decided the solution was to raise David as a girl. Dr. Money was a proponent of the “theory of Gender Neutrality” and believed he could reject David’s biochemical reality and substitute his own.…

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