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The media says that the term gamer is over. That gamers are dangerous bigots. Misogynists that don’t want women in the gaming industry.

But if you ask gamers, they tell a different story. They want more transparency in gaming media, They want gaming to be about playing games and not social justice. They are frustrated with the censorship, the lies, and the scandals, and they aren’t gonna take it anymore!


College men mocked in Salon article

A growing number of college men are giving up on hook-up culture. With colleges making efforts to make it more and more difficult for legal consent to take place, some of these men are choosing to opt out of college sex all together.

It’s easy to understand why. Many of the them feel that colleges are placing far too much responsibility on them to stop rape culture. With college assemblies like “She fears you,” it’s easy to see how these men came to that conclusion.

A recent Salon article is practically making fun of the Bloomberg news piece discussing it, stating:

“According to the piece, heightened awareness about sexual assault on college campuses and a greater move toward justice for survivors has made some college men’s boners shrink in terror. We are, it seems, meant to feel alarmed at these shrinking boners.”

They find the fear that men have of being falsely accused to be unwarranted. Laughable, even. Choosing instead to say that there are many ways to have consensual college sex. However, they don’t take the regretful sex and false allegations into account in the slightest.

A false claim, without a shred of evidence, can cost a male student scholarships and have him kicked out of college. But instead of considering this very real occurrence, Salon, as always, chooses to ignore the problems of men and society’s double standards.


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The tyranny of the home-cooked family dinner

Amanda Marcotte’s recent article is probably one of the dumbest things she’s ever written. She says that the home-cooked family meal is a stressful, unattainable ideal that simply isn’t worth the hassle. That since women have erratic work schedules, they shouldn’t bother trying to make certain that their families have adequate nutrition. One must wonder what planet she’s living on.

She portrays the act of cooking sit-down meals for the family as a job done by women, which is in itself oppressive. That stressed-out women are bogged down by a struggle to please their picky children, husbands, and boyfriends. All the while not offering an alternative. She mentions that many people simply cannot afford fresh ingredients, but they can hardly handle the expense of eating out all the time either. So what’s an angry feminist to do?

Well, she could start by understanding that knowing how to cook can actually save time and money. Because then regular household staples can become a variety of different meals. Which is a valuable skill when you are broke with few resources.

While not everyone can be Martha Stewart, cooking a meal of moderate difficulty is a life skill everyone should develop. Not every meal needs to be restaurant-worthy to be home-cooked. Not every meal needs to be complex to be sufficient.

The reality of the situation is that fathers also cook in many households. Many family meals are a mix of canned goods, boxed items, and home recipes. It’s true that not everyone can cook like 1950s sitcom housewives, but it’s also true that not everyone is letting that be the standard.

But I guess when you’re Amanda Marcotte, everything is oppression.


The Fappening

The media is voicing its outrage after a massive leak of celebrity nude photos was distributed on the web. Many are calling it a full-blown sex crime and a violation of these celebrities’ consent, while several others are making light of the situation, calling it “the Fappening.”

There’s a great deal of misinformation floating around, but here’s what we know for sure. Someone leaked a massive amount of nude celebrity photos onto 4chan, and in the chaos, a man named Bryan Hamade tried to extort money from them through bitcoins. He says:

“It was so stupid—I saw a lot of people posting the actual leaks and bitcoin addresses and I’ve read a lot about bitcoin and how they are valuable and I thought, oh cool I’ll get free bitcoins.”

“I am just an idiot who tried to pull one over on 4chan and lost big time and stupidly left this identifying information. They took my proof and back traced it—it isn’t remotely true. I am not a hacker. I have no idea how the hell someone could hack into all those accounts.”

The hacking he’s speaking of is the hacking of iCloud photo storage, which is still being investigated. The truly ridiculous part is not merely the misinformation but also the hypocrisy of the media. The same celebrity gossip sites dispensing pictures of wardrobe malfunctions and racy photos appear to draw the line when it involves America’s sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence.

Perezhilton.com, one of the many sites covering the recent events, has an article entitled “Manmeat Monday” dedicated to posting leaked photos of male celebrities. This was posted a mere two months ago. So one must ask, Where’s the outrage?

For many years, paparazzi have leaked pictures of nude celebrities, and celeb gossip sites have had no problems with that at all. But the moment it’s Jennifer Lawrence, they figure it’s time to have a conscience. I guess it’s only a sex crime to these sites when it happens to a woman, and only when they aren’t making money off of it.


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