Honey Badger Radio: Rape? Not funny! Castration? Hilarious!


When you’re constantly shoved out of the social box, you learn to laugh at yourself. But when you maintain the box, your only understanding of humor is to point and laugh at the people outside of the box.

Comedy is the art of not taking yourself seriously. What happens when it clashes with the art of taking yourself far too seriously?


Affirmative consent law passed in California
Governor Jerry Brown announced Sunday that the bill that would change college consent standards had been signed into law. California has becomes the first state to make “yes means yes” the standard in defining consent on college campuses.

From here on out, consent will be defined on campuses as

“an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.”

There was reportedly no opposition from Republicans in the state Senate, and the only group opposing the legislation was the National Coalition for Men, arguing that the bill presumed the guilt of the accused.

How long will it be before the government realizes the extent of their mistake, and how many young men will go to jail before they reach this conclusion?



Basketball player apologizes for leak of his nude photos
Trey Burke of the Utah Jazz begins his season with an apology to his teammates and the Miller family for the leak of his nude photos over social media.

“Publicly, I want to first and foremost apologize to my family [and] apologize to the Miller family, as well as my teammates,” he said. “We already talked about it in the locker room. From this day forward, it won’t happen again. They were old pictures. They were meant to be kept private but they weren’t. So from this day forward my actions and my judgments will be much better.”

His response is notable since it is the exact opposite of those involved in the mass leak of celebrity photos over 4chan. But it also shows the different standards the media holds for men and women. If a woman’s nude pictures are leaked online, she’s being objectified; if a male celebrity has his leaked, gossip sites are linking to the photos directly.

While Burke should not have to apologize for such an action, it’s nice to know that some celebrities have a higher sense of personal responsibility.



Show Segments

Mom brings vagina cookies to second grade class, gets upset when teacher rejects them
A reddit user reported that a friend of his, a teacher, revealed to him a tale of an angry mother and a tray of frosted sugar cookie vaginas. The teacher wrote that she liked to reward the class when it does a good job so she requested that a parent bring in treats for the class, but she was shocked to find that the treats for that week were a tray of assorted sugar cookie vaginas. The mother was reported to have said this:

“I decided you can use these to teach the kids about the woman’s vagina today.”

The teacher responded to this by politely refusing them, saying that it was inappropriate. The mother reportedly responded angrily, going on a long tirade about how they need to embrace the vagina and that children should learn how to please it. The teacher ultimately scraped the vagina frosting off once the mother stormed off and served them to her students. She later received calls from parents asking where their children had learned the word vagina and a long email from the mother in question, telling her how she’s closed-minded and how she hopes that the teacher gets married and that her husband beats her after doing so.

The angry mom has been banned from the premises and has since pulled her child from that school. The cookies were reported as being “actually pretty good.”



Feminist mommy wants her sons to see her naked

Huffington Post blogger Rita Templeton recently wrote an article entitled “Why I Want My Sons to See Me Naked.” The mother described her disturbing plan to get them to appreciate imperfect female bodies by being naked around them.

She writes:

“Because if I don’t — and their first images of a naked woman are the impossibly perfect physiques in those magazines or those movies — what kind of expectations will they have? And what woman could ever live up to them?”

The article is mixture of her saying how her son’s comments about her stretch marks upset her and being almost proud that her imperfect body is the only one they’ll see for now. She seems more concerned about her future daughters in law than of the sanity of her sons and talks at length about how she wants them to see flabby females as beautiful.

Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t get to choose the future body preferences of her sons, and her efforts come off as several layers of child abuse. One has to wonder whether this is really more for them or herself.



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