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It’s become popular to mix personal views with news coverage. Splitting each story into a left vs. right issue. What happens when stories don’t fit that narrative? Well, they bury them.


Woman lies about being a teenage sex trafficking victim

Twenty-six-year-old Samantha Lyndell Azzopardi of Sydney, Australia, is being brought up on charges in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, after impersonating a fourteen-year-old victim of sex trafficking. What police didn’t know at first was that this woman was a repeat offender with at least 40 known aliases.

She was previously caught telling the same story in Dublin, Ireland, telling a false tale of imprisonment and prolonged sexual assault. For several weeks, doctors, therapists, and investigators in Calgary spent countless hours trying to determine the extent of abuse that never happened. She is currently being charged with public mischief.



Syndey College rejects application to create a men’s mental health group

The University of Sydney Student Union has rejected an application for a student society for the first time in over a decade. What brought about this momentous occasion, you ask? Well, apparently some men had the nerve to try to establish a men’s health group on campus.

Apparently they were not aware that feminists rule the realm of academia with an iron fist and won’t allow a group that would provide support in seeking mental health services for men. They cannot be bothered with the statistics that support the need for such a group.

The campus in question supports several safe spaces for women on campus and even aided a women’s domestic violence/homeless shelter in town to keep it afloat. All the while, they can’t be bothered to provide the same services to men. I guess that’s college for you.



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A survey measures male “immaturity” by the state

A recent survey, if you can call it that, attempts to measure perceived male immaturity with fairly questionable methodology. A real estate blog claims to have a formula that can calculate male immaturity by the state factoring in unemployment rates, and took a sample of specific criteria from men aged 20 to 60 on Facebook.

They factored in the following toward perceived immaturity:

1. Watching Family Guy
2. Being a game enthusiast
3. Liking beer pong
4. Having an interest in fantasy football
5. Having never been married
6. Number of porn downloads by state
7. State unemployment

In fact, this study seems to blame the record number of young people being unmarried on men and their lack of maturity—making this likely one of the most unscientific studies we’ve ever seen.



Could lowering the drinking age help to combat campus rape?

With California’s new affirmative consent law on the books, an article on reason.com suggests a more practical solution for reducing rape on college campuses. The article suggests lowering the legal drinking age from 21 to 18.

While not all sexual assault is directly caused by campus drinking, it would greatly reduce the amount of assaults associated with underage binge drinking. In lowering the legal drinking age, it would normalize the act and remove much of the novelty associated with campus drinking. Thus removing much of the campus drinking culture that aids in the incapacitation of many victims of sexual assault.


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