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The path of integrity can be a difficult road to follow. Especially when there are people who benefit from beautiful lies. Sometimes when all hope seems lost, unlikely heroes emerge, ready and willing to shine a light on corruption.


Mayoral debate upsets activist

In the ongoing political race for mayor of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, gender ideologues have found a new thing to be upset about. During a debate, an audience member who was a reported activist asked about gender equality and how they planned to handle gender inequality as mayor.

While it’s a legitimate question, two candidates approached it in a less than respectful manner, resulting in a ridiculous open letter to every man in the building.

Joey Mieczko wrote a long diatribe about how joking that your wife wears the pants in the relationship doesn’t give women agency and how this misstep is further proof that politics is an impenetrable boys club.

In reality, it only seems to prove that some people are jerks and that not all politicians take gender activists seriously. But then it’s easy to see sexism everywhere when you’re finding misogyny in your soup.


VICE reporterĀ infiltratesĀ a public meeting

A VICE reporter recently scraped the bottom of the metaphorical barrel for a news story. The reporter decided that he would enter the A Voice for Men forums in hopes of finding rampant misogyny. He then “infiltrated” a public meeting in a pub to discuss starting a chapter in Melbourne, Australia.

The reporter wrote of the wounded men he met in the pub and how anti-feminism was a slippery slope. What he didn’t know is that the men he felt he’d thoroughly tricked already had him on their radar. (Apparently he stood out like a sore thumb.)

We spoke with some of the individuals at the meeting who expressed that it was laidback and business as usual. With public meetings in public spaces somehow being newsworthy these days, it only serves to show the desperation of sites like VICE to find a continuous supply of clickbait.


Show Segments

Hook ’em while their young

It is understandable that parents have certain values to instill in their children, but sometimes their well-meaning intentions can go too far.

Another Huffington Post writer spoke about the importance of instilling feminism in her child, a two-year-old boy. Much like the mother mentioned in last week’s show, she mentions that “She’s running out of time” to instill feminist values in him.

She mentions that her son likes girls and boys television shows in equal degrees, but instead of applauding this, she takes it as a sign that he’ll normalize gender stereotypes as he gets older. Has she never thought of just turning off the TV?

“If I don’t say anything at all now, while he is two, am I losing a battle as soon as it has begun? The reinforcement of gender stereotypes, of class prejudices, of racist ideology – it is too important to me that I bring Milin up seeing beyond these things. If I don’t prompt him to question the world now, if I don’t explain how things should be now – surely it will be too hard later?”

She even points out in the article that she knows her son doesn’t know what’s happening in the shows, but that quickly devolves into her fears that the media is morphing her child into a tiny bigot. Well done, feminism. If not for you, this little boy might’ve grown up in a household where his actions weren’t constantly being interpreted as signs of bigotry.


Life coach shames father of 34 children

The OWN network hosts a myriad of questionable shows with so-called “experts” to help people improve their lives. On a recent episode of “Lyanla fix my life,” a life coach shames a man for fathering 34 children and for not being there for them.

Instead of holding all parties accountable for the production of this many children, the life coach decides to shame the father for not staying with one woman with the idea in mind that women can’t walk away from pregnancy.

Nevermind that women have every birth control option available to them and that it was ultimately their decision to become single mothers. Nope, let’s push it on the man because that pulls in the ratings.

Every person involved enabled the creation of these children. In fact, when they did interview the 17women involved, every one of them had issues that were just as bad as his.

But will there be a show like this where Lyanla tells a woman with 10-plus kids that she shouldn’t be trying to find herself by sleeping with a ton of men? I wouldn’t hold my breath.


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