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As the battle of #GamerGate rages on, the Social Justice Warriors have finally found their kryptonite. Not in bigotry or hatred, but in passionate women and minorities who are tired of being exploited.


On October 15, 2014, two months after it began, #GamerGate had its fairest piece of mainstream media coverage. Three women of #GamerGate spoke on behalf of the consumer revolt. Jennie Bharaj, Georgina Young, and Jemma Morgan spoke passionately about the topic of journalistic ethics in the gaming media.

Despite the fact that the host kept trying to make it all about misogyny, the ladies were unwavering in their resolve. They argued the points the movement has worked hard to explain to the mainstream.

This came after the creation of the #notyourshield hashtag. This hashtag came out of the exploitation of women and minorities by social justice warriors. When people disagreed with the social justice anti-gamergaters, they used the same tactics they always have. They called them misogynists and racists for not supporting their side.

Little did they know that the people they were talking to were not a group of cis-gendered, heterosexual, white men. They were in fact, a diverse group of individuals of every gender, race, and sexual orientation.

They grew tired of being silenced by this group of people who claimed they were speaking on their behalf. They were tired of people using the facade of social justice to hide the corruption, and now they are fighting back.

What started as a sub hashtag for #GamerGate is growing into a vast community, motivated by a desire to reform the gaming media and to allow the voiceless to finally be heard. Needless to say, anti-#GamerGate isn’t pleased. Much like their response to #womenagainstfeminism, they’ve been called sockpuppet accounts and weaponized minorities with internalized bigotry. But then, this is business as usual for social justice warriors.

What isn’t usual is this brave group of men and women risking everything to take a stand against corruption. That’s a cause we can all get behind.


Banning the word “feminist”
A recent TIME.com article discusses the most currently loathed words in the English language. They’ve created an active poll upon which we can vote for the word we’d most like to see banned. At the top of the list with a 50% rate is the term “feminist.” Some are attributing this to a 4chan raid, but the truth of the matter is that this is pretty much on TIME for making a poll with no vote limit.

Just below “feminist” is “bae,” followed by “om nom nom.”



Women and selective service
An Ohio lawmaker wants women to have to register for selective service. Senator Eric Kearney said in a statement that he would introduce a resolution in the Ohio senate requiring women to register for the draft along with men.

He says such a move is needed to create equality among men and women in the US military. Such a move could be important, as it might result in the outright ban of selective service as a practice all together.

Failure to register for the draft can lead to the denial of voting rights. You can be denied access to student loans, job training, and federal employment.




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  • I think the SJWs underestimated just how stubborn gamers truly are. When you’re willing to spend hours and hours gold farming and hunting wolves in the forest just to bump your level up ever so slightly or gain some obscure achievement, you’re not going to be deterred by a gang of whiny little twerps who want to thought-police you. I mean, there have been multiple incidences of gamers who’ve died from sheer exhaustion. When it comes to perseverance, gamers make Wolverine look like a colicky ferret.

    • “I think the SJWs underestimated just how stubborn gamers truly are. ”
      Bingo. SJWs are mostly “pleasing Teacher” with their antics. They are fundamentally soft. Gamers are typically toughened by years of bullying and exclusion.
      It is a measure of how privileged SJWs really are that they never expected to find this kind of toughness sin an opponent. they don’t even know what it is.

  • I preferred Wham! when it was fronted by George Michael…of wait, you said WAM. Never mind.

  • Time caved…In what version of Patriarchy do these harpies get outvoted but still win?

  • This is such a great discussion. I had this long comment, but I can sum it up much quicker.

    If you’re going to criticize games, TO GAMERS… you better know what the fuck you’re talking about. We will not allow that to go unchecked. We never have and never will. We don’t care who you are. All we care about is if you understand this industry and as a result, it’s consumers. If you don’t, you have no value to add to it. So you shouldn’t have a voice in it.

    I would accept a discussion about whether characters who are designed to be sexy is somehow sexist, wrong, etc. but that’s never proposed as a discussion. They just make the accusation of it, with no evidence to support the claim. I always discuss the viablity of gay characters in games, as a gay man I’d love to see more. But I don’t think developers should be forced to make them just to fit some forced quota. I want them to create a good character who happens to be gay. Like The Last of Us does, you can tell they were passionate in making that game and it’s characters, because they feel like real people. You know the put care into how the characters were .

    Forcing something doesn’t always end well for games, and gamers know it, that’s why we are so against the idea of developers being told what to do. We rebel against such an idea. We know what certain developers excel at, and when we see them pigeon holed into making something they clearly aren’t passionate about, we know it’ll end up not so great. And often times, we’re correct.

    I guess that wasn’t quick, though it was more focused. ;P

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