The Ballad of Geordie Tait


Every now and then a social justice warrior comes along that is, well, special. Someone so utterly bonkers that they do our job for us. They do us all a favor by setting an example of what sort of human being you should never aspire to be.

Recently, we had the marvelous Geordie Tait show up on the #GamerGate scene, and he is a level far beyond #FullMcIntosh. There are many batshit insane social justice warriors, with beliefs that echo that of a dystopian society, but there are a select few that both know better yet still let their position be known.

I like to call this action “shooting one’s self in the foot.” If this was a literal action, this man wouldn’t have a foot left. He’d have finished one off and, after leaving it a bloodied stump, would need to switch to the other.

I have to say that in my time studying feminists and social justice warriors, I have never seen someone so honest. Not only does Geordie Tait believe that pro-#GamerGate people belong in gas chambers, but he readily admits it. A wise man, capable of seeing just how bigoted that position is, would have backpedaled, but not Geordie.

Nope, this is a man whose mind left his body long ago, left the stratosphere behind, and is now wandering somewhere in the vicinity of Pluto. Nearly every stereotypical social justice thing that feminists have claimed were not true about their beliefs is represented in this man. Our cup runneth over.

You might wonder, How is it that such a man came to the public spotlight? How did this Super SJW come to shit on #GamerGate? Well, it just so happens that the website Geordie worked for was doing massive updates. Being unable to access the site he writes for, he did the only thing a mentally unhinged Super SJW could do.

He proceeded to assume that he was being censored over the topic of #GamerGate and had been fired. With the rage of 4,000 Andrea Dworkins, he wrote an epic tirade about tossing #GamerGaters into Nazi death camps and how he’d be morally right in doing so:

I’m not the one making light of the Final Solution. In fact I’m using the suggested punishment fittingly because I honestly and without hesitation think that each and every one of these fucking assholes should be tossed into Treblinka.


I don’t think I’ve ever been legitimately impressed by one of these people. I mean, sure, I’m disgusted, but this man’s attitude and commitment to his hatred is almost admirable. Most would save themselves in this situation and attempt to salvage their career, but not our man Geordie. He is the white knight of all white knights.

He’s not about to let something like benevolent racism/sexism get in the way of his defending the poor, helpless women of anti-#GamerGate. He’s not about to let something like logic or reasoning get in the way of his desire to be cannon fodder. When a man like Geordie comes along, it only serves to show the failings of the education system.

I wish that I could blame college culture entirely on something like this, but I have to say that this level of indoctrination is systemic. Somehow, this man encountered professors and other people in positions of authority who told him that all he basically needed to know about history was that white, heterosexual men fucked up the planet. End of story. This was probably confirmed for him by biased grade school teachers all the way up to college.

There is no room in the education system for facts about the actual status of women in the ancient world and how it differed from culture to culture. You won’t hear about the fact that money and status more than gender decided the success of women historically or about the wars started by non-whites. That doesn’t fit their narrative, and I hear tell that if you mention to SJWs how Africans sold other Africans into slavery to live like kings, their heads will explode.

He has no idea that all of what he believes is a warped perspective of history viewed through a massively misandrist lens. I could go into a huge rant on how the feminist view of history twists facts and distorts the reality of the past, but that is an article for another time.

Geordie cannot grasp how him taking the position of a white knight, and how believing women and minorities need to be protected by him—a white, cis-hetero man—is racist and sexist. He believes wholeheartedly that people would actually spend three months of their lives harassing women.

He cannot imagine just how much he’s been lied to. He’s not even removed from reality at this point. Geordie Tait lives in a completely different reality where women and minorities are the slaves of white men. A world where women and minorities have never started wars or conflicts and can never truly be toxic because of the perceived power differential between them and white, heterosexual men.

He honestly believes that #GamerGate is some kind of anti-feminist conservative republican conspiracy to keep women down and kick them out of the industry. I don’t know if he’s this blind or if he actually believes that there’s no chance that any of these men and women in anti-#GamerGate are corrupt.

Well, let’s tally up some of his bigotry, shall we?

Well, guess what? Fuck #GamerGate, and every worthless piece of shit in it. Yes, the women too. Yes, the minorities too. I’d say the same about women and minorities who joined the KGB or the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

Women and minorities who disagree with his position should be killed? Check.

‘Finally,’ I thought. ‘The worm is turning. Finally, people might start understanding what women have suffered at the hands of men and media since the dawn of time.’

Women are powerless creatures who need a man’s protection? Check.

And YOU. The self-hating gal who internalizes everything her dumb-fuck friends have shoveled down her stack, then calls it a unique worldview due to little more than pride and self-importance. Fuming at hearing me say that? You’re actually a feminist? Sorry, but no you’re not. Tough shit. If you’d listen to me I’d be happy to explain to you what’s up, but you never had any intention of listening because you want to feel like the special little snowflake of your guild full of maladjusted ADD cases. ‪#‎NotYourShield‬, huh?

Hatred of feminists not towing the party line in the way he wants? Check. Claims they aren’t feminist? Check.

I hope everyone posting in #GamerGate gets gassed, incinerated, and their tooth fillings melted into a silver/gold WiiMotes for Kim Jong-un and his extended family. I just feel you all should make the same contribution to the furtherance of tyranny and inequality in death that you did in life.”

A call for the final solution? Check.


It should be obvious by now that not only is this man a delusional bigot, but he should also be held up as an example. He should be studied as a case of just how academic bias fails children—because you’d honestly have a better chance at him absorbing a proper assessment of world history by whacking him in the head with a textbook. Fossilized trilobites have a better concept of history than this man does, and his ignorance has filled him with hatred.

At first I was shocked at how someone could be so openly hateful, but then I realized that he really isn’t so bad. The truth of the matter is that he is not alone in these beliefs. People like Cate Gary of Blizzard Entertainment and Tifa Robles of Xbox dashboard at Microsoft share his views but aren’t willing to be nearly as vocal.

How many more of these anti-#GamerGate folks have death fantasies about the men and women of #GamerGate? At least Geordie was honest, for which I applaud him. Because it’s people like him, being upfront with their bigotry, that will help us win the battle of #GamerGate. So thank you, Geordie Tait, for being the unintended hero of us all.

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  • Personally, I think he’s got some severe emotional issues. I don’t think radical feminism caused him to spew forth such hate, but I do think that it’s egged him on.

  • SJWs are holier-than-thou among themselves and sometimes chew each other up. Like WOW, the Women of Worth, at Arizona State who complimented the male feminist group, Man Up. The school newspaper burned them for the titles of the organizations because it implies that not all woman are worthy and for any expression of masculinity whatsoever.

    Some female feminists may note that Geordie Tait, a m-a-n, has arrogated that he can declare who is or is not a feminist. This could go badly for him.

  • I am 100% sure that this tirade would be liked by 1000s of people who would agree and outright praise his post. This psychopath would be APPLAUDED for making such inhumane post, because Feminists don’t understand the irony in their self-righteous racism and sexism (misandry and misogyny for those that dare disagree with them).

  • I went and read Geordie Tait’s manifesto “Letter to my daughter” until I zoned out.

    He is a nerd who declares that he was too cool for school and especially too cool for English classes. Which shows. He does not understand how to limit an essay to 2 to 4 points, for instance.

    He laments how he can’t get a girlfriend. He still idealizes women and hopes to have a wife someday, and a daughter but apparently no son. He rambles in disordered thinking with occasional hints of violence. He does not have a sense of humor.

    I agree with an assessment made by someone else (sorry, forgot the source) that he resembles Elliot Rodger, who was a male feminist who became disabused from the concept that women are fairy tale princesses. Also, that women do not date overtly crazy guys. I know a couple guys who married manic pixie girls and found they were actually crazy but most won’t.

  • “I like to call this action “shooting one’s self in the foot.” If this was a literal action, this man wouldn’t have a foot left. He’d have finished one off and, after leaving it a bloodied stump, would need to switch to the other.”

    This made me lol, he has actually already lost his legs due to some kind of accident (automobile maybe? can’t remember) he was in a few years back. But great piece Rachel, really liked it.

  • “I like to call this action “shooting one’s self in the foot.” If this was a literal action, this man wouldn’t have a foot left. He’d have finished one off and, after leaving it a bloodied stump, would need to switch to the other.”
    I think this was a bit of a low blow, from what I’ve heard he actually lost his legs in an accident, although that has to be confirmed.
    I don’t know if to fear or pity the guy, I mean he certainly seems to mentally… not be all there and nobody knows what could push someone like him over the edge.

  • Nonsense like Tait’s shows the desperation mounting in the Regressivist camp. Anyone with a powerful opinion can go on a tirade or make an off-color joke about murdering one’s opponents. But to OWN the notion this completely as Geordie just telegraphs the white flag…”If that many people think I’m full of shit…well, better that you all just fucking die! You’re all dead to me, just like the gamers! Ugh! Hope Mom and Dad let me go out late with my friends now that I’ve shown them how damn perturbed I am!”

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