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On November 12, 2014, scientist Matt Taylor landed a spacecraft on a comet. But as scientists rejoiced over this feat of extreme difficulty, all feminists could think about was what he was wearing.

The aftermath of TIME‘s word ban poll

Last week we reported an annual TIME poll, calling for the ban of  the word feminist. Previous polls went uncensored, but after the firestorm that TIME faced online from angry feminists, the publication apologized for the word even being added to the list in the first place. The irony in this is that despite the fact that feminists previously tried to ban the word bossy, other people aren’t allowed to push to ban labels they like.

In fact, the word bossy was on the same poll and got nowhere near the numbers that the word feminist got. Instead of feminists taking this as a fair criticism of their tactics, they decided to take it personally and attacked the publication.

The people have spoken, and they are tired of feminism being shoved down their throats. They are tired of the label, but feminism won’t take no for an answer.

Other online news publications have joined the feminist backlash to criticize TIME. I thought we lived in a country in which free speech is valued, but I guess some people are more equal than others and some rights end the moment you offend someone.


New York Metro to launch campaign to shame men

Hey, remember how we laughed at Sweden’s push to try to get men to sit with their legs closed on public transit? Well, brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, because this nonsense is coming to the US in the form of a campaign to be launched by New York City’s subway system, in hopes of shaming people into taking off their backpacks and men into sitting with their legs closed.

They’re calling it “manspreading,” and the Metropolitan Transport Authority thinks that it’s enough of a problem to warrant such a campaign. With the problems actually taking place in the city of New York, this seems just another waste of money.



Jodi Arias sentencing re-trial

It’s seems rather difficult to believe that the murder of Travis Alexander was anything but cold-blooded murder. In fact, anyone with eyes can tell you that stabbing a man between 27 and 29 times is obviously not a case of self-defense. Especially when you then proceed to slit that person’s throat and then shoot them in the head afterwards.

However, that is just what Jodi Arias is trying to argue in her re-trial after being found guilty of first degree murder. After initially lying several times to the court, she’s settled on one lie and intends to ride that to a life sentence as opposed to the death penalty.

The lie is that she was a victim of domestic violence and suffered from PTSD. That she, the woman Travis Alexander viewed as a dangerous stalker, was a victim. Whether or not their relationship was healthy is besides the point. You don’t torture someone for hours and call that self-defense; you call that what it is, cold-blooded murder.

While new evidence of X-rated photos have surfaced, as well as the opinion of psychologists who feel she was abused, it all feels weak at best. There is just no getting around the savagery that it takes to do what she did to her ex-boyfriend, but she certainly intends to try.

How grisly a murder does a woman have to commit before someone stops seeing her as a potential victim and instead a being capable of the worst crimes imaginable?




When Ellie Prizeman designed a shirt for her friend and presented it to him on his birthday, she had no thoughts other than making him happy. However, her friend was not just any man, and his shirt was far from simple.

His name: Dr. Matt Taylor, a scientist from the European Space Agency. At his proudest moment he decided to show his appreciation by wearing the decorative shirt covered in pin-up gals. As the scientist celebrated his achievement, landing a craft on a moving comet, he could not imagine the sinister action taking place online.

Feminists were less than pleased about his shirt, stating that it “set women back” and was what they called “casual sexism.” The result of this was the scientist’s tearful public apology after relentless shaming from feminists online.

If you’re wondering how small of a slight it takes, real or imagined, to set off Twitter feminists, this is a perfect example. Don’t ask what he’s done or not done that’s of merit. Ask what he was wearing.


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  • You wrote ‘grizzly’ when you meant ‘grisly’. Unless you mean ‘how much more like a brown North American bear does this have to be’ which might explain a lot of legal retardation across the Western Nations.

  • Wait until some fully compliant Mangina sitting in the politically correct posture tips over when the bus lurches and lands on a feminist crushing her to death.

  • Instead of “shefirsting” how about we call it “shefisting?” It makes no offense but it’s vaguely obscene and I like it… 🙂

  • Also, Canadian ladies, and please don’t let me give you the wrong idea….TEXAN MAYHEM IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO CANADIAN PUSSIFACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really, it’s not. I may have used a couple extra exclamation marks. But really, Texas isn’t “tough.” It’s just a lunatic asylum. Something like ninety-nine percent of the state thinks it’s living in a Clint Eastwood movie and the other one-percent thinks it’s AUstin. There is no win in Texas. NONE. NADA. NI!

    • I would argue that Clint Eastwood thinks he’s living in Texas. =P
      But truthfully, having lived there for quite a few years. It isn’t at ALL like that. Never even seen a single gunfight in front of the clock tower at high noon.

  • Two things.

    Again, I want to point out, the real thing keeping girls out of STEM majors is their not taking honors math & science in high school. My daughter and her roommate are both in heavy science & medical research majors and both were mega math & science nerds in high school. Most guys are unqualified for those majors for the same reason, and a large fraction of the nerds who do take these classes are guys. Not only did my daughter face no bariers to these classes, she got every encouragement to do so, and everywhere in STEM the doors are open to women, welcome signs are posted, and they are offering door prizes for entry in many cases.

    IIRC, A few years back Bill Cosby made a number of addresses and wrote articles offering his opinion that part of the reason for the poor academic and economic performance of black people was self inflicted. That the too cool to study in school, Gangsta/Rapper culture, bizarre fashions, and speaking an undecipherable dialect damaged their ability to get ahead, and they should knock that stuff off if they wanted financial success.

    This is major heresy amongst the Liberal and Black Elite, to whom it is an article of faith that all of Black America’s problems are due to endemic system wide racism and White Privilege.

    There is no way to connect the dots here, but there are dots.

    • Progressives are a different species than traditional liberals. I can tell you that. But yeah, progressives do tend to have a habit of coming down on folks who argue for personal agency.

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