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She drinks like a fish, smokes like a chimney, and, like our namesake, doesn’t give a fuck.
Tonight on Honey Badger Radio: Ask Karen Straughan anything. So don’t be shy. ‘Cause she won’t be.
Post your questions in the comment section below and your question could be read on the air.


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  • Are feminists that believe themselves to be victims of the patriarchy actually victims of MK Ultra, Steinem was CIA, how many of the movements leaders are mind controlled zombies.

  • Karen. Thanks for your work. A couple of questions. You have suggested the Robert Sapolsky’s Stanford course on human behavioral biology. Do you have any additional suggested reading/viewing on developing a keen critical eye for spotting how human/male biases, prejudices and thinking habits directly play into the hands of feminist propaganda, and manipulation? Second, how does anyone willing to think critically detect and dissect logical flaws and deceptive argumentative strategies such as for example shaming tactics, obfuscation, leaps of logic, hidden assumptions, false historical narratives etc.

  • Two comments:

    The banking crisis/housing bubble burst had nothing to do with testosterone poisoning, but rather was the predictable consequence of banks that are protected from the consequences of their reckless behavior by a government that has a history of bailing them out them when they screw up. If you signal to the banks that risky behavior is OK, because they get to keep any profits from excessive risk taking, and the government will make good any losses, should they lose their shirts, the banks are going to make risky decisions all the time.

    Judging by the women I know, if I told them they could gamble and keep any winnings, and I would pay them back any losses, they would be betting the house on every hand, just like most guys in that situation. This is predictable human behavior that has no gender.

    Feminists blaming this on males running the banks is also as predictable as environmentalists blaming whatever weather we are having today on Global Warming, er I mean Climate Chaos.

    My waffle recipe has twice as much eggs & butter and 1/2 the sugar as my pancake recipe.

    And why attach a woman to a waffle iron? They don’t generate electricity.

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