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Writer of satirical article has his home vandalized by SJWs
Omar Mahmood, a student at the University of Michigan, was barred from writing in a student newspaper on campus after controversy erupted over an article he’d written.

The article in question, “Do the Left Thing,” was a satirical piece poking fun at the ultra-liberal, overly sensitive branch of political left (aka social justice warriors). So, of course, without skipping a beat, the overly sensitive political left not only couldn’t take a joke but also decided to throw a fit. Women at the left-leaning publication complained, claiming that they felt he had created a hostile work environment and therefore they felt unsafe.

Mahmood was then terminated from the publication after refusing to apologize for the article. After his termination, the door to his off-campus apartment was vandalized. The door was pelted with eggs, hotdogs, pictures of Satan, and vicious messages, such as: “Everyone hates you, you violent prick” and “shut the f*** up.”

Surveillance cameras captured the alleged perpetrators of the crime—all of which appear to be women in hoodies. The investigation into the vandalism is ongoing.


Former Catholic tutor will face jail time after sex with 15-year-old boy
Abigail Simon, a former Michigan high school tutor, is expected to face a sentence of at least a decade for the seduction and assault of one of her students. Simon, who was 33 at the time, was found guilty of seducing and engaging in an illicit relationship with a minor.

The trial itself was reportedly messy, with accusations that the victim was the aggressor and that the boy was popular and would be believed over her. Simon was described as combative and at one point denied sexual contact with the boy at all. This switched to accusations that the boy was controlling and had initiated the relationship.

Detective David Gillem had this to say:

The level of victim-bashing and victim-blaming and throwing this family — not only the victim, but the family — under the bus over and over and over is unprecedented in my 18 years. I’ve never seen anything to that degree.

Simon was charged with four of the five counts against her and faces a maximum sentence of 15 years.


Naughty List
For its use of little girls to push an agenda with no basis in reality.

Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh
For their tweets about toxic masculinity moments after a school shooting story broke.

Rebecca Watson
For her promotion of doxxing.

Jessica Valenti
For her male tears sweater and her insufferable clickbait articles.

Laci Green
For destroying Sam Pepper’s career instead of calling the police when she suspected that he was guilty of a crime. (Hint: She was a rape crisis counselor. She should have known better.) Her video about toxic masculinity, and her new MTV YouTube.

For its bizarre belief that even minor comments to women on the street, like “Good morning” or “Smile,” are an act of patriarchal oppression.

For its misleading 10 hours of harassment video, most of which took place in Harlem.

The women who mindlessly bullied a scientist for wearing a shirt covered in sexy women.

Geordie Tait
For his rant on how pro-#gamergate people should be thrown into gas chambers, including the feminists and people of color who support the cause.

Taylor Swift
For her depiction of domestic violence in her video “Blank Space.”

Lena Dunham
For the ridiculous drama stemming from her memoirs, and her insane reaction to any and all criticism of it.
The anti-MRA SNL skit.

Nice list
Sage Gerard
For his work with KSUM, and keeping his cool despite false police reports and other drama erupting around him.

Christina Hoff Sommers
For standing up to the insane ravings of anti-#gamergate supporters and being based as always.

Jemma Morgan
For showing courage in adversity, and not faltering when the stakes were high.

Whoppi Goldberg
For her comments on domestic violence, and never back-pedaling.

Camille Paglia
For speaking the truth in publications like TIME magazine and giving no fucks when other feminists threw a fit.

The Fine Young Capitalists
For setting out to get women in tech and not giving up after being terrorized by social justice warriors.

Ayaan Hirschi Ali
For speaking against the stupidity of feminists involved in #shirtstorm.

Vivian James
For bringing everyone together.

Total Biscuit
For speaking out against corruption in the gaming industry and being awesome.

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  • just wow a woman 35 taking advantage of her 15 year old student and getting of with just a slap on there wrist that is insanity a man would be way harder and know one would care
    this is insane so much for equality before court (again)

  • I can’t help but to feel sad Kristal left. I thought I’d always be able to come here if I needed to find her. Regardless, I wish her the very best. She always seemed 100% awesome to me!

  • Having attended University of Michigan, I am in no way surprised at the treatment of Omar Mahmood. Ann Arbor, Michigan is a cesspool of feminist hate – actually that applies to much of Michigan (strangely enough, it’s very common in rural areas and not just trendy college towns). I couldn’t wait to get out then and doubt I will ever have the urge to go back.

  • Karen Straughan as The Rantzerker! You have to admit– when the Rantzerker rants, it’s INSTANT podcast gold. You just have to let her rip!

  • My naughty list candidate is Kaelyn Polick-Kirkpatrick, the feminist Arizona State student who believes that men who have been raped are still more privileged than women. She also says men have no place in discussion about sexual assault. She’s heinous.

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