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BadgerPod Nerdcast 20: It’s blow jobs all the way down!

Topics for discussion: The legend of Korra, Torchwood and Peter Coffin

Host: Brian Martinez

Co-hosts: Alison Tieman, Rachel Edwards, Mike(DrRandomercam), Karen Straughan(TBC), Anna Cherry




Honey Badger Radio: The Unkindest Cut

Topics: Male genital mutilation and the demonization of male sexuality.

Host: Rachel Edwards

Co-hosts: Alison Tieman, Hannah Wallen, Karen Straughan, Anna Cherry(TBC), Lauren Brook(TBC)


TBC= To Be Confirmed


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  • I think a good topic would be “why do feminists hate nerds?”. Inspired by the professor who wrote about how hard dating was for him, and Amanda Marcotte’s horrible response.

By Alison Tieman

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