Feminists Not to the Rescue


Many of those outside the Men’s Human Rights Movement see us as anti-woman. That our distrust of feminism and our need to argue against it stems from our desire for things to return back to how society once was.

You spend time listening to the Honey Badgers, you would know that this perception has no foundation in reality. Quite the opposite. We don’t want things to return back the way they once were, we want things to be better than they were or are now.

Still, the Feminist Movement goes to great lengths to tarnish what it means to be a Men’s Rights Advocate while at the same time claiming they want equality for men and women. They seem to think this can be achieved by focusing on only women’s issues. It would seem their primary focus is on women and their issues, but even that has yet to be proven.

With the Feminist Movement, it has been apparent that they only support women that fit within their narrative. Anyone who doesn’t is brainwashed and suffering from internalized misogyny. Basically they are not responsible for their actions or decisions, instead being manipulated by men. For them, women are free to make any decision they want, so long as it is the decision that Feminists determine is the right one.

There have been a few events recently that have come to light to show this. One that involves a professional victim, and another that is an actual victim. Both of them are women.

I’m sure you can guess who the first one is. I am of course speaking of Anita Sarkeesian. This is not a hit piece for Anita Sarkeesian. Rather a report of her recent success.

As you may know, Anita is most famous for her Tropes vs Women in Video Games on her Feminist Frequency channel. In this series, she looks at the victimization of video game characters that happen to be female and how oppressive their roles within games is a form of misogyny, then tries to justify this being responsible for the misogyny we see in reality. To Anita, no female character has been given fair representation in games, and more to that fact, no woman has given given a chance to be part of gaming culture.

What is notable here is not that she made the series, but that she made use of Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding service that people can donate to to get special rewards based on their donations. Generally the rewards are given when the campaign is successful, or after the project itself is done. Using Kickstarter, Anita made nearly $160,000. It should be noted that her Kickstarter promise to make a full series has yet to be complete, after nearly 3 years from the completed campaign. In fact, $16,000 was donated for DVD’s of the series when completed. At this time, there is no news on when the completion of the series will be.

Recent information was revealed on how the funds were used. About $8000 was used for games and systems and over $70,000 was used for salary and wages. Remember, she originally asked for $6000.


Recently it was reported that for the year 2014, she made nearly $450,000. The bulk of her money was earned after May 2014 when Feminist Frequency gained non-profit status. More than that, after her public event she refused to speak at, blaming GamerGate (which no evidence supports), she seemed to get a rather large boost of donations.

Looking at her projection in 2015, it appears she will be using at least $40,000 for fundraising. There is also talk of doing a new series on Masculinity in Video Games, again remembering, she hasn’t finished her first series.


I give you the numbers like this because I want you to understand the magnitude of what Anita has done. She has been on Colbert and ABC News stating she is a victim. She has done a TED Talks about the harassment she has received. She paints a narrative that she is a target for what she does, because she’s a woman. Has even spoken on toxic masculinity hours after the report of a school shooting, only to ask for donations. Even invading High Schools with her biased research to be taught to students.

It’s one thing for her to do all these things and paint women as the only victims in the entire world, but what is more scary is the people who donate to her. These donations enable her. It is fair to say that these donations are done by Feminists. By women who see Anita as fighting for the cause to help women and stand up against the patriarchal rule of men, or by men who best described as “White Knights”.

Anita’s primary focus has been on #GamerGate, citing that it is a group of misogynistic cis-white men who don’t want to give women a chance in the gaming culture. That it is filled with developers who put women in gender roles in video games to be saved. They are nothing more than a prize to be won. Despite anyone in the movement stating that #GamerGate is about journalism ethics, her response and the response of her supports remain that #GamerGate is a hate movement. But is she a champion for women?

Now entering: Mercedes Carrera. If you’re a fan of the Honey Badgers, you probably know that name well. For those not familiar with her, allow me to introduce you. Mercedes is most famous as a porn actress, but has done a variety of careers including working as an Engineer in a STEM Field.


Mercedes first came into the public light of #GamerGate when she tried to do a charity for disabled gamers. While the charity organization at first accepted a working relationship with her, eventually broke said connection when it was learned that she supports #GamerGate. It was then she made her own charity, PornCharity, with several other actresses for a merit based scholarship for STEM fields. Rather it be for specific gender or minority, it would be open for everyone based on their individual effort. They have so far raised over $11,000.

So what does Mercedes have to do with this article? It’s the generosity that Mercedes has that is important here. While her work with STEM scholarships is important unto itself, it’s what she did for fellow porn actress, Cytherea.

Early 2015, Cytherea and her family were victim to a home invasion by five men. They held all of her family at gunpoint. While the house was robbed, Cytherea was raped 4 times; the last being forced oral sex. Her husband was also held at gunpoint and threaten with a knife to his throat. Her children were down the hall in their room as Cytherea was being raped. Three of the suspects have since been arrested, with two more at large.

This is the kind of story that is hard to read. Hard to listen to. It is a very unfortunate situation. The sort of thing that feminists would jump on and support the woman first and foremost and demonstrate ‘toxic masculinity’ since all five of the attackers were male.

Except however, there is no feminist response. The most this family got was a spot on their local station about the incident, though they were not named. Where was the national media coverage on such an attack? Where was the feminist outpouring of sympathy for this attack? Feminists tell us men can’t be raped and women being raped is worse than murder. So where are the fucking feminists?

It might have something to do with the fact that Cytherea is a former porn actress herself. Going back to the discussion that Feminists want women to have the freedom to make a choice, again only if they make the decision Feminists want them to.

Porn is seen as the wrong decision. Feminism is described to be an equality movement, but many of its members are misandrists. They don’t seek equality, but rather superiority over men, and hate anyone who supports men. Now they aren’t against women choosing to have sex, and will even support women who cheat in their relationships, but dislike anything in which a man has any enjoyment. Thus we have porn, the worst thing a woman can do.

You see, men enjoy porn. Women do too, but men enjoy porn a lot. While it is OK for women to have sex, it’s not OK if men enjoy it. The moment a man does, it is oppressive to women and any woman who engages in an act for the benefit of a man is a misogynist herself that is trying to be popular with men and selling out her gender.

So Feminists are not coming to the aid of a woman who got raped 4 times in her home with her children in the other room while her husband was being held at knife point… all because she has sex for a living.

Joclyn Stone opened an emergency fund to ask for help in her current situation. Her life as an adult film actress, and being raped is equivalent to a work related injury. Something I know all to well, having a work injury that has left me permanently disabled. She is unable to work and at this time is unable to leave her home.

Whether you are a man or a woman, rape is bad. It not only affects you physically, but mentally and psychologically. It is a hard thing to overcome, but with love and support, one can overcome it. Murder is the only thing worse, as it is not something you can recover from.

Mercedes made a public plea to Anita Sarkeesian asking for help for her fellow porn actress. That plea fell on deaf ears. Mercedes then made a video reply to this, talking about faux feminist victims making a living on false victimhood status while real victims get no support at all.

She didn’t ask anyone specific to help, just those that happen to see the video. #GamerGate heard the plea, heard the passion in Mercedes voice; we listen and did what we do best… help.

The thing about #GamerGate is that we rise to the occasion. On several occasions, we have helped out a variety of charities to raise money. We have donated to:

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • PACER Center National Bullying Prevention
  • Action Against Hunger USA
  • Toys for Tots
  • The Fine Young Capitalists
  • World Wildlife Fund

In total, #GamerGate has raised over $118,000. Within 24 hours of Mercedes video, #GamerGate more than doubled the amount raised for Cytherea and helped her met her goal, and that number is still climbing. As of writing this article, that total has reached over $15,000.

So in 2014, Anita made $440,000 and in the few months since #GamerGate has been around, we have raised $130,000. What we have raised was all for charity where as Anita has used hers to line her own pocket.

What’s that say for a group of misogynist gamers who go out of their way to help a woman in need? While Cytherea has nothing to do with gaming or #GamerGate, we know the right thing when we see it. Our morals are not based on what will make us more popular, what will support a threat narrative or political decision… our morals are based on knowing what is right and wrong. This isn’t about White Knighting, or only helping a woman. I trust that #GamerGate would help a man in the same situation.

Yet we have Anita Sarkeesian, the champion of women, the Feminist go to girl to fight on their behalf. We have Feminism that is there for women, but only the right kind of women. Neither was there for a woman that could have used their support. All because of a difference of opinion of life choice. “We’d like to help you, but we don’t like what you do, so you must suffer.” Is it me, or is Anita Sarkeesian and Feminism more misogynistic than what they claim the men’s movement and #GamerGate to be?

#GamerGate is filled with a melting pot of different genders, sexuality, nationalities, political stance, and lifestyles. Together, supporting what it means to be a gamer. This is the truth that Anti-GamerGaters don’t want you to know.

Gamers wanted to be left alone. Just wanted to play games. Feminists and SJW had to be on the offensive and attacked gamers. Not just once, but many times. There is only so much one can take, and Feminism wouldn’t leave well enough alone. When gamers got mad, they banded together and took on the corruption head on. Someone should have known that gamers like a hard challenge. With that, we helped those that needed to be helped, we got things done. As Mercedes said, “We need to take care of each other.”

I also quote Mercedes from an interview with TRPWL:

“Good people never allow politics to trump empathy, but instead through trauma find opportunities to bond via commonalities.”

So if feminists are unwilling to look past their own politics to help, then that strongly suggests they are not good people. This point ties everything together. Those that are suppose to help… don’t. Those that are labelled as a hate movement, are the ones who actually do something right. Not just #GamerGate, but the Men’s Human Rights Movement.

On the behalf of #GamerGate, MRA, and Honey Badgers; my wishes go out to the family of Cytherea and wish you well. This is a tough thing to deal with and all of our hearts go out to you and your family.

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He's an easy going guy who loves deep analytical thought, enjoys gaming, and being goofy.

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