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Hello and welcome to Honey Badger Radio Happenings

My name is Alison and I’ll be your host for this update on badger shenanigans.

We won’t be putting on any shows the week of the 21st to the 26th because we’re on the road again.

This time we’ll be skipping Calgary and traveling all the way to British Columbia Canada to attend Gamergate meet ups in Vancouver and Victoria. Karen, Hannah, Rachel, Anna, Mike and Brian will be packed in a small airless cargo container, ready to disgorge like a can of greasy sardines all over the west coast shores.

If you want to join them and me, the meet up in Vancouver will be held at 5 pm on July 4th at Mahoneys and Son s on stamps landing.

601 Stamps Landing, Vancouver, BC

The Victoria meetup will be the day before at 5 pm on July 3rd at:

Interactivity board game cafe

723 Yates St, Victoria, BC

And we also have secondary meet up locations if anything… salty should happen either initiated by the usual suspects or the organizers of these events themselves.

Our secondary meet up locations are as follows:

Charlston Park in Vancouver. So if you have any problems attending the Mahoney and Sons or can’t find anyone there, head over to Charlston park. We’ll camp out and have fun and if it rains we’ll go somewhere else.

The alternative meet up in Victoria is Pioneer square. If you can’t find us at the Interactivity Board Game Cafe then head down to Pioneer square.

If you want to RSVP for either of these events please contact us at:


Brian and Rachel will be traveling via rental car across the US. Here’s the itinerary for the first leg of their journey:

Tuesday June 23nd: Leave Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Wednesday June 22nd: Arrive Chicago

Thursday 23rd: Arrive Minniapolis

Friday 25th: Arrive Edmonton

If you’d like to cheer them on their way or are in a city on their route and interested meeting up with Brian and Rachel, give Brian a holler at:


In addition we’re incubating some new show ideas for your edification and delight.

Since beginning BadgerPod Gamergate I’ve always wanted to eventually evolve into talking about something a little deeper than the latest politics in nerd culture. So bite your pillow as we plumb the depths of how technology impacts society in Badgerpod Gamergateway.

We’ll still cover happenings but now we’ll cover the how and why of happenings as well.

Mike and I are also cooking up something on the back burner, something sure to thrill everyone who loves a good rumble. We call it “badger vs. panda: the ragening”; look for it whenever we get off our asses to do it. Most likely early July.

If you’d like to help us out financially and are interested in giving us a one time donation, please point your browsers to:

Feed the Badger

And click on the badger rearing up to eat the green pasta noodle.

Or if you don’t like one night stands, strike up an ongoing relationship with us by becoming our patron.

Thanks again for your time, your support and your moolah.

Badger out.

Alison Tieman
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  • Damn, wish I lived in Canada, or closer to Chicago. Also, are the dates for Brian & Rachel’s trip correct?

  • no badger show this thursday night.., this native shall be restless 🙁

  • Hey Badgers,

    Looking forwards to meeting you in Vancouver (and a tad anxious honestly)!

    During your stay in Vancouver, if you’ve got time, you’d probably enjoy a visit to The Storm Crow Tavern on Commercial Drive. It’s a nerd-themed eatery; I don’t know any other place where you can get mac n’ cheese of Cthulhu and or roll a d20 to determine which shot (if you drink) to down (and there’s a special one you can only get if you roll a natural 20). And they have board games and card games to play at the table.

    Percy (Sir Percival the Gallant)

  • I have just recently learned about the Honey Badger Brigade because of the whole Calgary expo fiasco. You were right in your response afterwards that it would churn up some pomposity from all that hate, but I’m still troubled over what happened. Not only as a Canadian, but as an Albertan, I’m appalled at how you all were treated. I know that Calgary is a bit more red-neck-ish and doesn’t take well to change or people not from around these parts but that can’t excuse what happened. I see that you’re not put off by Canadians yet, and I’m hoping that someday you’ll give Alberta another chance. I would love to see you come out to Edmonton (screw Calgary!) so we can show you some love!

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