I’m a guy and I need feminism


 Editorial note: I Substituted “female victimhood” for misogyny and “male victimhood” for misandry to make the subtext more clear. My notations either tagged or in brackets. Responding to:


I’m a guy and I need female victimhood. Not male victimhood. Female victimhood. Here’s why.

Everything that Men’s Rights Activists talk about that men can’t do or socially punished for arise directly and immediately from female victimhood, not male victimhood. Female victimhood.

Whether I’m expressing my emotions, playing with children, baking, having sex wherein I am penetrated in any way, wearing the wrong colour, talking the wrong way, moving the wrong way, being sexually harassed/assaulted, or paying too little attention to looking like I’m not paying attention to how I look, when society punishes me or derides me or marginalizes me for these things, it is happening because they are things women, not men, are expected to do, and our society at large fucking hates women.

Has that sunk in yet?

Society hates women so much it gives women far more social freedoms and stigmatizes their expression in men, gotcha.

Men, can you even think of a single goddamn thing that you have ever been mocked that wasn’t related to a female victimizing society sees as femizing. Even when large men are mocked for their bodies, they are referred to as having “man-boobs,” for fucks sake.

How do you expect to improve these things with “men’s rights?” (We don’t because men’s rights is not about petty insults, it’s about rights.) What rights are you fighting for? (Equal government services for mental health, domestic violence and sexual abuse, equal right to education, equal rights to access to children, equal right to protection of law against criminal transgressions against men, etc. etc.) I can tell you what I think you’re fighting for. (Okay, what do you think we’re fighting for?)

I think you’re fighting for the right to contain and control female victimhood, and direct it back at women where you think it belongs.

So you think we want to stop women from:

expressing their emotions—Female tears mugs?

baking—I got nothing for this, baked goods are yummy.

raising children—sort of like a gender reversed meninist “tender years doctrine?”

wearing the wrong colours—how about green and purple?

talking the wrong way-femsplaining?

moving the wrong way-femspreading?

being sexually harassed/assaulted—wait wut? This one is somewhat incomprehensible. Men are stigmatized when they’re sexually harassed/assaulted because that’s being a victim which is being a woman. But… being seen as a victim is actually a GOOD thing here, because you get help for how you’re being hurt. So we don’t want women to get help for being victims of sexual harrassment/assault but we want men to? We want men to not be victims of sexual harassment/assault because we want women to be victims of those things?

or paying too little attention to looking like they’re not paying attention to how they look?—I got nothing for this one as well.

You want to maintain your privilege (the privilege of not being seen as victims of criminal acts?) but erase it’s consequences(so privilege has consequences? How do you determine which sex is privileged if you can dismiss any negatives men/women experience as consequence to privilege? Seems arbitrary.)

That’s why your movement is so farcical; it’s a big fucking feedback loop.

Men’s Rights Answer: You mean reclassifying downsides of being privileged as oppression?

How do you expect men to be free from the peripheral effects of female victimhood when you refuse to even believe it’s real?

I see, it’s really about making sure we maintain those radically new gender roles of seeing women as victims and men as powerful. So it’s misogyny to question saying that women are the real victims when something negative happens to men because they’re men.

Can’t we just create shelters for men?

Also, you need feminism? You certainly seem to, god forbid you be slotted into the biggest and most pervasive women’s role of all time—being a victim. 

Alison Tieman
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    • Jim, conflicts are born of projection, envy or a combination of the two. This guy needs to feel antipathy towards the MRM for his sense of identity as the biggest silver-back in his imagined jungle. Projection is how he avoids the MRM being a mirror to show him that his sense of identity is all in his mind, and that he doesn’t see who he is at all.

  • As to the man boobs part of this guys rant, I have only ever heard of one male ever using the term and that is is mammoth boy, the self-loathing blogger as his former blog title and those who refer to him euphemistically by that former title. In every other instance that term has been used by feminists, as shaming language. Men in general don’t see fat guys because they are not considered competition for women, so they could really care less about another man’s weight, unless they are genuinely concerned about his health. Again, in my experience, it is women, particularly young post femi-fascism women, who are obsessed with body image, body shaming etc. As another commenter said it is a giant case of projection and pandering for a “good boy” and a pat on the head and kinda, sorta, maybe some sex at yet to be determined date. This man is a cowering, whipped dog and doesn’t even know it.

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