Do We Need #HeterosexualPrideDay?


In a word: No. We don’t need it.

No straight person asked for this day. Our lives are not enhanced by this day, and we see it for what it truly was meant to do: Piss off the Progressive Left. And yet, perhaps there is some value to this day as to why we should keep it.

As best as I can tell, this day was started a year ago. I cannot find its actual origin, but likely was done as a means to get people to state why the world didn’t need it. As best as I can tell, nothing came of this hashtag last year, but this year… twitter exploded with hate.

Within a short time, this hashtag hit the number 1 spot for trending hashtags, to the point that twitter removed it from auto-correct and from the list of trending hashtags. Most of what is talked about is how people dislike this day and how it shouldn’t exist, or that it exists everyday already.

For me, I saw this as a joke. There was no secret heterosexual meeting of us deciding it was our time to fight back, and as far as I could tell, someone just made it up one day. The entertainment is watching the justifications as to why people felt this day was wrong and throwing around hateful tweets… tweets that if I said about them, I would be banned on twitter for the rest of my life.

That was until I saw a very important tweet that made me rethink this.

Now there is an argument on this hashtag about what Gay Pride was all about.

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This poster has been making its rounds today, but the basic argument is that Straight People haven’t ever been discriminated, they haven’t ever been oppressed, so they do not need to have a Pride day.

OK, it makes sense why the first Gay Pride Day was established. But today, Gays have as much freedom as Straight People, especially when the Supreme Court of the US ruled that Gay Marriage is a federal right. If they are no longer oppressed, why continue to celebrate it?

More than that, is it really fair to say that Heterosexuals don’t face discrimination or oppression? At first glance, it might be easy to say we don’t. Our laws seemed to be centered around heteronormaltivity, that if you are straight, you gain access to many different benefits that gays don’t have. But that is part of the problem, that being straight is considered so commonplace that when discrimination and oppression does happen, it is ignored in favor of those with a great victim or threat narrative.

As Heterosexuals, specifically as Men, we face a lot of problems in the world that if we were Gay (and it was obvious looking at us that we were), the problem would disappear. Say if a father takes his daughter to the park, some would assume the man is a pedophile trying to snatch a child, or go to up the girl and ask if she knows who the man is. If he was flamboyant, likely the mothers in question would praise him for adopting a child.

In our world today, Straight Men are seen as rapists, pedophiles, fraternity bros, homophobic, misognyist… just because of our sexuality. Here are a couple of tweets I’ve made about the oppression faced by being straight.

I’m not trying to paint a victimhood status of Straight Men. I’m trying to prove a point. If you feel that one can only have a ‘Pride Day’ if they are subject to discrimination and oppression, then it makes sense to have a Heterosexual Pride Day, because yes, Heterosexual Men do face discrimination and oppression in today’s world. Denying that they do is part of the problem.

Perhaps there is room in our lives for a Pride Day for Straights. Everyone deserves a Pride Day. We should be in celebration of who we are, rather than celebrating victimhood status. Here’s a few more tweets from those in support of today.


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Once a member of the Honey Badgers, he left due to real life issues going on that required more of his focus. He is doing all that he can to make a career out of writing, but still is in the movement to give voice to men that so rarely get their voice heard. On YouTube, he is known as the Angry Egalitarian.

He's an easy going guy who loves deep analytical thought, enjoys gaming, and being goofy.

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  • The government would never allow a heterosexual pride day, since that could be interpreted by feminists as implying heterosexual males are not natural born criminal rapists. Never happen.

    • the government is of the people for the people. we actually can Force them to name a day. we’d likely get shit sprayed by the left though.

  • I’m going to take some issues with your post, although I understand why you made it and think you have some valid points.

    For one, whilst gay people are no longer LEGALLY oppressed (in the West), there are still some places in the West in which they can be described as CULTURALLY oppressed. There are places in the bible belt which are hardly gay-friendly, for example, and certain heavily-Muslim neighbourhoods in Europe aren’t welcoming to queers. Heterosexual privilege does indeed exist (because there are certain difficulties gay people face in terms of how they can be treated by others that aren’t faced by heterosexuals), but to an extent this is complicated by what we might describe as ‘gender-conforming privilege’ because the butch gay dude or the lipstick lesbian are often not perceived as gay by others, and a straight dude that isn’t hypermacho may be thought of as gay even though he isn’t.

    Second, I think the meme from The Advocate is basically right but either you’re misinterpreting it or it communicated its message inaccurately. Gay Pride is NOT “proud of being gay” but rather “gay and proud.” “Pride” has more than one meaning, but in the case of “Gay Pride” the meaning intended is “awareness of one’s own dignity as an human being.” Whilst many heterosexuals have been degraded and abused and treated awfully, I don’t think any heterosexuals have been treated that way BECAUSE of them being heterosexual. On the other hand, homosexuals as such HAVE been subject to attacks and insults and violations of their rights and dignity because of them being homosexual.

    You have pointed out that there is a group that is arguably denying the dignity of people because of their heterosexuality; the social justice movement. I agree they are absolutely savage and cruel towards any group they classify as “privileged” but their influence is somewhat limited so I wouldn’t describe the cultural oppression they perpetuate as widespread or institutionalized, except perhaps on college campuses. And frankly, the social justice movement seems to complain more about sex and race than sexuality (they’ve arguably thrown gay men under the bus with straight men now).

    Finally, you have several examples of problems faced by heterosexuals, but a lot of these are problems faced by heterosexual MEN in particular (the scholarship issue, for one, doesn’t take into account the large number of female-exclusive scholarships). The “creepy” thing? That’s something heterosexual (and perhaps bisexual) men face from heterosexual (and bisexual, I’d think possibly) women so it doesn’t seem to me to be an hetero-vs-homo issue but rather more of a gender issue. Your rape example is explicitly about men and I doubt its limited to heterosexual men either; homosexual and bisexual men are arguably presumed to be more sexually predatory than heterosexual men at least in some situations.

    The social justice movement’s demonization of straight males is horrendous and cruel and frankly unfair. But really, the only value I see in an heterosexual pride day is to basically annoy SJWs.

    • … but their influence is somewhat limited so I wouldn’t describe the cultural oppression they perpetuate as widespread or institutionalized

      Even in the case they can dictate a bunch of governmental policies? Here in Brazil the feminist lobby successfully produced misandric sexist laws as Law 11.340/2006, a type of VAWA, and since then the law was abues in a bunch of ways.

      (they’ve arguably thrown gay men under the bus with straight men now).

      • The influence you’re talking about is that of SJWist feminism and its influence on crafting anti-male laws.
        I agree this is terrible, but I was speaking in terms of sexual orientation, not gender.
        The social justice movement has not yet managed to get laws passed that treat homosexuals preferentially to heterosexuals (at least I don’t think so). The SJWs managed to have a lot more success with “men suck” than with “heterosexuals suck” (probably because a lot of women are heterosexuals too).

        • Well, not so.
          At least here in Brazil, specifically Sao Paulo, a former mayor tried to pass a law to grant quotas anmd benefits for homosexual people on public services. It doesn’t get approved, though.

          Also, there is a leftist congesswoman state representative of Rio de Janeiro, author of a bill in order to include transexual men on our VAWA.

  • I think we totally need this day, I have seen some serious relationship problems when a female SJW gets into a monogamous hetero relationship and feels like their identity is degraded by that choice; and in the world of intersectional feminism they have lost some victim points in a very real way.

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