Breaking the Narrative Episode 49: Feature-ception! Royal Privilege is a Lie!


Today after spending the bulk of a month away from anime (after the anime month,) AniFem has proved to be complete cancer yet again, pushing shit now about privilege while kids die in Manchester and Laci Green inquires about sacred Kekistan. Well, to be more accurate, they’ve been bitching about waifus being trash and whinging about trannies and traps… but of all the inane blathering, they are going on about inconsequential bullshit. The privilege shaming seems to be the thing they are most proud of from the week. So, of course, I’ve got to pop that balloon. After dealing with the media not wanting to call a spade a spade when it comes to Islamic Terror and laughing at all of us explaining Kek to Mz. Green to turn her into a Pepe, I say its time to show once again that gynocentrists like these don’t know their shit. Let’s Hammer This In!
RoyalPrivilege1To begin, you might remember Lauren Orsini who wrote this from when she was bugging about Nazis at the beginning of the year. Considering that she can afford a whole four months between articles tells us three things: she likely isn’t paid for this drivel (full disclosure I’m not either nor do I care to be), she can afford to write as she feels here because she isn’t beholden to any employer’s restrictions (my real life boss is a fan,) and she doesn’t give two shits about consistency. Take a look at how she opens her article. That’s right… this is her first paragraph. No pretext, no making sure you KNOW what she is talking about. She just plops naked plot in your lap and asks that you make sense of it. To say this is sloppy is an understatement. This is the lot lizard you saw heading to a semi on your last road trip: Messy, and likely diseased.

So what the blind fuck is she talking about? Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine (not to be confused with any small dogs) or “The Royal Tutor” is a current season anime that is on its eighth episode as of this writing and likely to be on it ninth by this article’s release. The story follows Haine Wittgenstein, a teacher given the prestigious title of “Royal Tutor to the Prince” which dubs him the greatest teacher of the land. From what I’ve watched to prepare myself for this the whole series is based around the concept of not judging a book by its cover. Or in this case, a man by his height.  In other words, this is a more restrained and bishonen-based clone of Magi Magister Negima!  Just without the magic.

Here, as opposed to being a blatant harem anime with some fun consequences based around a 10 year old boy, we have a legal adult that looks fairly young teaching four young princes about their kingdom and the lessons needed for when one of them is chosen to become the king. Each one of these princes has their boons and their follies, though they seem to be a close-knit set of brothers who each respect each other and worry for one another. Each episode has a formula of being centered around a singular lesson. Here is the twist though – even though there are four of these brothers its made clear that none of them is the crown prince. The crown prince doesn’t even participate in the series, really.

Here, its apparent that our author is keen to concentrate on the hyper-intelligent archetype given of Bruno von Grannzreich, effectively the third son, claiming he is ‘hyper-aware’ of his position of prominence and reverence as his saving grace. I beg to differ on the opinion that he is that aware because spoilers, in episode 4 he basically opens himself to showing that he feels he doesn’t need to know about commoners, which leads to him being taught about Marie Antoinnette. From looking at this its clear that she likely only watched the the seventh episode and none of the rest.
RoyalPrivilege2I’ll skip her second bit as it is more or less repeated here that Bruno’s work ethic is what is impressive about him. However, here she is talking about how Bruno himself claims to only be worth anything due to his lineage, and she thinks that proves his privilege, because everything seems to be handed to him on a silver platter, including his tutor. Now here is where we find she hadn’t paid ANY attention. We in fact know three very specific things about Heine from the first episode alone: That he is a commoner, that the king was impressed with his intelligence, and that he is self-taught. This is something you could say about any worthwhile self-made man, and shows us what our King Grannzreich wants from his children: Strong self-made men who hold compassion for even those beneath them.

The paragraph after this depicts how vastly she misses the entire point. She reveals her own female privilege of being a well-off white woman. She also reveals that like me, she didn’t have to worry about student debt. I’m not going to go into my own specifics because that’s not what we are talking about. The message of this show is that we are all human and shouldn’t base our judgements of people by their privilege, but by their merits. This is also seen if you watch closely the first few episodes that introduce our princes.RoyalPrivilege3As we see, she continues to make this article that is supposed to be about depictions of realizing and ‘checking’ one’s privilege about herself, and to virtue signal out the ass to her socjus audience. Then she goes into a perceived ‘privileged sensitivity.’ If she legitimately worked hard to gain her spot in the world then so be it. That is great to acknowledge that privilege isn’t everything. This could be taken as a chance to decry the paywalls academia often surrounds itself with, but rather she takes it to demean and bemoan privilege as a whole, again providing no real solution.
RoyalPrivilege4Here is where I have to disagree wholeheartedly. While coming in with money can give you a head start in some cases, and nepotism is a vile fact of life, I can think of good examples that disprove this completely. First, lets look at Will Smith, a man who is the epitome of a self-made man who was born in effective squalor in Philadelphia, then went on to become an extremely successful actor and rapper. Then we look at his son Jaden, a snowflake philosopher who is routinely mocked and whose films have consistently bombed, not carrying a single lick of his father’s innate talent. Both of them effectively being called ‘Prince’ at one time or another, making these examples very poignant. Will came from nothing and the privilege he earned for his son Jaden did absolutely nothing for him.

Like Bruno, both Will and Jaden seek to inspire others. However, only one of these examples fails to perform.
RoyalPrivilege5This part here is something that should be considered. If you have an advantage that can help you and perhaps later help others, then take it. If you have the ability to teach another and become a mentor like Heine is to Bruno then jump on that opportunity. Privilege is not fair sure, but neither is life. We all have our situations to attribute to an ‘accident of birth.’ However, once again, she misreads the lesson. You don’t have to constantly pay attention to your privilege if you have it, but make your worth your skill or wisdom as opposed to said privileges. That’s what Bruno does in episode seven of this anime; he makes his worth his mind as opposed to his royal mantle. He is now deeper and more than his title, something both Bruno and his father seem to want, and the lesson Heine is supposed to ultimately present.

Heine is a short commoner who looks like a child while being an adult self-taught genius. His worth is not his outward appearance but the sage comprehension of the world held within. Nothing is as it appears. This can be applied to everything. In fact, you could say this is the true core of skepticism – not accepting anything solely at face value. This leads into another issue that has been popping up lately too. You don’t have to be considered part of any specific ‘community’ or even be an atheist to be truly skeptical. Its no secret if you’ve been following me for a bit that I’m a Pagan – a Truan to be specific, which means I follow the path of the Tuatha De Dannan. Does this mean I want you to convert? No, in fact that would be antithetical to my spiritual beliefs to even attempt such a thing as it would violate my one major tenet: Do No Harm.
RoyalPrivilege6Here is where we end this article from her point: She thinks that privilege is what separates different geniuses. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If any pre-existing condition affects how easy things are for each of us, its not so much privilege as it is talent. Lets put this in relation to gaming a bit. There are only a handful of game creators that are known by their name specifically. The talented ones we know are those such as Shigeru Miyamoto, Toby Fox, and Hideo Kojima. Those who are known for their privilege of knowing the right people are Tim Schafer (who would be nothing without Ron Gilbert), Phil Fish (who would be nothing without Game Journos) and Brianna Wu (who would be nothing without #GamerGate to blame for all her woes.)

If Mz. Orsini is to catch wind of this article I would suggest she review episode 2 if she wants to see more of how Bruno’s developments as a character with respects to Professor Heine took root. It should prove outright that in the long run, privilege means nothing when met with true talent and effort… not even one’s station in life. This is where all forms of Marxist thinking, including Feminism, come extremely lacking.  Natural ability and merit matter more than artificial things such as privilege and status. That is all for here.

We also know that soon these types of articles will be much harder to come by, because we know from the state of Everyday Feminism that these outlets are going bottom up, which is why I find the fact that this was tacked on to the end very entertaining. RoyalPrivilege7I have to say I wouldn’t mind being paid $15 an hour at my ‘day job’ (which I’m not disclosing because that is unrelated to my work here) or for this. However, I don’t care to get paid for this because this is not intended to be a job. Activism should never be considered a career.  This has been explained by Alison multiple times and from my understanding is constantly misunderstood. We are all grateful to the Patrons and those who donate. I’ve pitched in when I could though my funds are usually tight which is why I do this. This is how I can help, you can call me a fool if you like but at the end of the day who is really getting something done?

I typically don’t do this sort of thing but if you want to help us as a business model become sustainable and work towards being able to back true non-profit groups then put forth what you can. If you have an idea where you can affect things at a societal or local level let us know and we’ll help spread the message. Finally, I want to leave this with a wish of good luck to our Panda and Doge in transit to ICMI, 2017 at Gold Coast and with my hopes towards VidCon. As for my reasons, well lets just say I’ve made a new friend in a YouTuber that wants to have a fun little drinking contest with the good Doctor and lets leave it at that. Until next time Please Remember to Game Freely!

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  • ….Anifem since your goal is to “change the ‘anime community’ because is ‘toxic’ ” shouldn’t you be the first one to adress the fujoshis sending death treats to the Tokyo Ghoul author or the Voltron fan trying to blackmail the studio over a gay ship… you know, things that even the Mary Sue have addressed (ironicly enough), but surely your very competent authors have been busy…. heh

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