Breaking the Narrative Episode 81: No @Redlianak, You Don’t Understand Comedy!


Well if you’ve  followed us for a while then you may be more than familiar with our differences with this particular ‘nice’ feminist. However those differences aren’t going to be what we discuss today. Today we discuss something of hers our friendly neighborhood doge has read. Everyone here should be familiar by now with the Count Dankula decision. You may also have seen both videos that friend of the badgers and ethnic Jew, Nick Goroff, has made on the matter. I mention the last part in particular due to the argument and hot take that Kerzner has made about this whole situation, that Markus Meechan, the eponymous Count Dankula, SHOULD go to jail, not simply because he broke that nebulous law, but because he is an asshole.

I was going to simply talk to people I know in real life about the situation to spread awareness on the matter but with this being the approach she decided to take, I have determined its about time I flat out countered her argument, as said argument is as far as I’m concerned an insult to the religion and ethnicity she has seen fit to claim as her excuse for calling for persecution over a gods damned joke! I’ve made it no secret that I’m a Gaelic Pagan so this should be entertaining to watch, considering  I’m familiar in my own ways about long lived persecution and how those of the path I follow deal with it. Do I think she is, as she will claim in this article, lying about her ancestry because she is a redhead? Nope, there is a reason that Kyle Broflovski and his mother Sheila are both depicted with stark red hair after all. That’s right, in this article I’m going to suggest that Liana K is a real world Sheila Broflovski! Now then Let’s Hammer This In!

As I don’t think its relevant I’m just going to skirt over her pity pandering in the first paragraph and jump onto the subject in full!
LianaDiarrhea1Yes Liana, he claimed this was all just a joke, because it was. It may not be the best joke, or a joke you particularly care for but its a joke none the less. I’ve heard some pretty stupid jokes about bonfires and Massachusetts barbecues but I still realize that they are jokes. Gods I even wrote an article on how to tell a good joke about people of my faith. Even those terribly conceptualized jokes I didn’t consider to be criminal! If I got fired up over every stupid jab you’d wonder if someone ordered the Spanish Inquisition again, or at very least spent the night in Salem. Moving on:
LianaDiarrhea2A comedy background? Really? I listened to enough of your stuff when I first found out about you to see how you were as a person and have even talked to you through twitter. You could have fooled me hun. Also I can’t imagine what you have said that would have violated Canadian standards – I have watched most of Kids In The Hall after all and they’ve made some fun Hitler jokes. Maybe they took you as being serious because thats always how you come off. Maybe its a feminist thing. Also have you not heard of the hugely unpopular YouTube Heroes Program? Or the flagger system? Thats the equivalent for YouTube of the Canadian Brodcast Standards Council. As for your Jewness…. ok there Sheila, I believe you. As for the thing with Buddha being his girlfriend’s pet? You realize they LIVE TOGETHER right? That means he is just as responsible for the pug as she is. Therefore not as rude as you would like to believe.
LianaDiarrhea3You say that like being an asshole is just the worst thing ever. You know, like an SJW would, the thing you don’t like being considered overall despite all evidence pointing to you being that very thing? Add to the fact that SJWs also are ultimately their own sort of asshole and well, Liana, that makes you an asshole too. Everyone is an asshole at one time or another. It makes us human. Next the ‘great purpose’ argument? Really? Not everything needs some great purpose or vaunted reason for existing. Sometimes you just need to let out some steam and have the full moon shine! Trying to claim Howard Stern had some glorious purpose to his comedy? You may want to re-examine that thought process if you are thinking a shock jock a comedic philosopher. George Carlin did much better first!

Before going to the next stretch I gotta add if you think that Scottish – and by extension British – prisons are like the US prisons that you typically rant about you are sorely mistaken. Dankula is much more likely to die in a Scotish prison for what he did than he would in the US. Just putting that out there.
LianaDiarrhea4Yes, it is an asshole law, a law made by assholes for other assholes who are jealous of their assholery. Honestly this should worry any and all prank channels on YouTube FROM the United Kingdom because it means they could be next. Same with both Canada and Australia as they are still considered Commonwealths of the United Kingdom. That means you could count too Liana…though likely you won’t because you are still a feminist. You’ll just get a firm finger wagging because of those lovely double standards. Also ‘antisocial’? You really gonna suggest that mocking Nazis is anti-social? That stating that one thinks Nazis are the worst think you could be on the planet is anti-social?

You hear that John Cleese, Harvey Korman, and (((Mel Brooks)))? You fuckers are anti-social and stress people out with your mockery of the German National Socialist Party.
LianaDiarrhea5We get it, you don’t find it funny. Glad you decided to link to your translation to tell us that ‘hazarai’ means garbage. That you’ve decided to call Dank a Garbage Human! What I find funny is you constantly claim to dislike Sarkeesian yet are clearly using her tactics here. But its not like you’ll narcissistically read my article and complain about it after claiming you don’t give our site the time of day right?
LianaDiarrhea6Ok, there is something to be said about challenging unjust laws by breaking them and having that start up the conversation. Albeit in this case being done inadvertently. I gather you’ll be tackling this here in a second. Point is you likely don’t care that this is the case. You just care that he said ‘gas the jews’ in a quizzical manner. Then in a later video suggested that Buddha was being a ‘bad dog’ for being a Nazi. Oh wait, you ignored that didn’t you?
LianaDiarrhea7Yes, just Yes.
LianaDiarrhea8Wait a tic…”transgenerational trauma”? Are…. are you making a race realist argument here? Pulling ‘genetic memory’ out of your ass to claim holocaust victim status? I actually have nothing for this, especially when comparing a joking phrase of ‘gas the jews’ to “FIRE!” in a theater, which, by the way, is not illegal. That’s not how this works. That’s not how ANY of this works! That’s like trying to say that I have genetic PTSD because of St. Patrick’s Day. Its just fucking retarded.

Now I’m going to skim over the 3 full paragraphs dedicated to defining the crowded theater argument. Thats just excessive.LianaDiarrhea9Yeah, most contemporary Antisemitism stems from socialists and Muslims, including Britain’s Labour leadership, and washed up blowhards like Richard Spencer. Also, I hate to break it to you, but the Middle East cares very little for what we shitpost online. They are gonna blow each other up anyway, then us for trying to help because what’s another infidel in the holy war right? Also, given the technology, I’m sure several of the aforementioned comedians would dive neck deep into shitposting culture given the chance. LianaDiarrhea10Oh you ignorant soul, shitposting was never restricted to the Chans or to Reddit. My earliest experiences were in high school with along with parts of NewGrounds. Also you have been spewing crap all over the place for quite some time yourself Liana. You even now have a podcast dedicated to it with Rich from ReviewTechUSA. I touched upon that last time. Despite my previous enjoyment of Rich’s presentation of video game related news, that partnership gives neither of you any further legitimacy in nerd spaces. In fact, you could say it has given you much much less due to the rampant politicization of things. Part of the reason #GamerGate happened in the first place was because we wanted the politics OUT of the gaming space. But you couldn’t stop yourselves and will likely keep putting your feet in your mouths.
LianaDIarrhea11That was supposed to be a joke? Not doing well for your comedy background claim there Kerzner. Are you sure you just haven’t been suffering Montezuma’s Revenge?
LianaDiarrhea12But that…that would have been perjury. Would you suggest he commit perjury in a court of law? Would you suggest he falsely describe himself in such a way that even if he were freed he would still be ostracized by greater society regardle….oh who am I kidding of course that’s what you want. Gotta find and call out the haterz no matter what right? Breaking that narrative that you are nothing like Anita aren’t we Liana? You keep running her damn playbooks.
LianaDiarrhea13Could this be considered an anti-gentile screed?  Also why the fuck does everyone have to play nice all the time? I always thought that concept a bit ridiculous and foolish.
LianaDiarrhea14By Danu’s Veil I forgot how long-winded you were! Then again you are just performing the most obvious self-cunnilingus in which your self-important blathering makes you into the moral imperator. How would say ‘a superwoman’ in Yiddish? Things to figure out later.
LianaDiarrhea15I don’t think someone who is getting butthurt over an obvious and specifically disclaimered JOKE by calling it “drunken Nazi rambling” has any right to determine the maturity of someone who is clearly sober as he does the training and recording. I know he has that thick Scottish accent but that doesn’t make him drunk. Like the kangaroo court in question you are proscribing intent, that he intended to get the audience he did in the way he did. This should actually tell you more about the over 3 million views the video has gotten DESPITE the status Youtube has put on it than it does about Markus; namely that we have gotten to the point where we can ridicule and laugh Nazis out of the room and make them feel stupid for their ignorant views. You know, by mocking them.
LianaDiarrhea16With the way YouTube is, do you think ANY of this is viable now? Oh wait, this is just an excuse to not only censor others by cutting away their potential for earning money through YouTube, but nickel and dime your opposition into oblivion by going “I am threatened by their words, they need to pay me all their monies! NAO! Reparations reparations!”  Is that about right?LianaDiarrhea17Ummm… Jail seems pretty damn real to me. And, thanks for proving my point. You’re making a financial incentive to silence one’s self, opinions, and sense of humor for the sake of your feelings. Also he deserves legitimacy because this is a legitimate issue, even if he is an asshole. Even if I’M an asshole, and especially if we are ALL assholes who think our shit smells like lavender and chamomile. Further, your admission that jail would give him legitimacy is an admission that his defense IS legitimate.

Damaged? That’s very presumptive of you. Maybe it’s the authoritarian bullshit your cult puts forth day in and day out that has us all damaged and traumatized. Ever think of that “Miss Nice Feminist”? Guess what, still not submitting – still not sorry. But do Please Remember to Game Freely!

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A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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  • Before I’d ever heard of the MRM I knew their was something very wrong happening in Scotland. Just do a search on Hollie Greig or Robert Green, another innocent man thrown in a Scottish prison. The Scottish government is nationalist, it is also socialist, they do not like people joking about it, even if it was only meant to be kept private to a small group of friends.

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