Suey Park and the White Devil!


In the past week a campaign on twitter moved to have the Colbert Report taken off the air. What started as a joke poking fun at obvious racism, turned into a move to take town a television show that a feminist activist found to be offensive. It should come as no surprise that feminists have again shown that they lack a real sense of humor. The feminist in question is a Korean American feminist activist on twitter by the name of Suey Park. You may be asking yourself, “Who the hell is Suey Park?” That is a very good question, because before this came up, I had no idea either.

I, like many, went into this thinking that this was probably just some pissed off teenager, but it’s way worse than that. Suey Park is an academic feminist with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The only thing less surprising than her being an academic feminist is that despite her degree, she is completely unable to see the insanity and the insufferable stupidity of the things that come out of her mouth. Not only is this not her first rodeo, but her previous works and campaigns are even more insane than this one.

Suey believes that despite her college degree and designer kitchen, that she is heavily oppressed as an Asian American. Furthermore, she loves to blame heterosexual white men for pretty much everything. She is not only against white men, but also what she calls “white feminism,” and believes that it is impossible to be allies with white people. Their privilege is apparently so great that the lot of them are sociopaths that are incapable of empathizing with anyone of color. She believes that it is this that screws up pretty much everything. In fact she has this to say on the topic:

“When we talk about white supremacy, we need to focus on the structural violence directed at communities of color – we are talking about issues of life and death, from healthcare to food insecurity, from labor exploitation to systems of mass incarceration. Segregation, state-sanctioned violence, war, poverty, racism – white supremacy operates through and within global injustice. White people are not suffering in any of these contexts. As it relates to the criminal justice system, health, economic security, wealth, or education, white people are not hurt by racism. Recognizing intersectionality and varied levels of privilege, racism empowers, privileges, and protects white America. To claim otherwise is factually inaccurate and troubling.”

So, basically, to her, white people never suffer, and white men are the devil. Gee, it seems like she’s assuming things about people based upon their race, like their behaviors and financial standing. Don’t we call that racism? Isn’t that the thing that she believes creates problems for everyone? Yet she does this smiling shyly, like it’s the most normal and socially progressive thing there is. She goes on to say this:

“White supremacy codifies agency, choice, and freedom, so it would be ridiculous to deny its existence within the spaces I occupy as a teacher, a writer, a commentator, and an activist.”

If the half of me that is white controlled any of that stuff, I’d have made Suey Park less racist. She believes that it is cis-gendered white men that have fucked up the world more than anyone. In her mind, nobody of color ever starts wars or oppresses people. Which is a load of bullshit. She’s a feminist, though, so when she’s backed into that corner, she can just blame men of all races. Then she can just say that the men that are considered racial minorities only messed up because of the actions of white men.

I’m starting to see a pattern here with these young academic feminists that think white men are the devil. They all will say that nobody will listen to them because they are oppressed women, all the while living in nice houses with good jobs. They’ll say that nobody will take them seriously because they are women. I’m thinking that it’s not because they are women, but instead because they are not nearly as smart as they think they are. They’ll learn the language of ultra liberal radical feminism, and then attempt to talk circles around men, while being completely unable to see the gaping holes in their own logic.

Suey Park feigns shyness, but spews the same brand of vile hatred that we see in every area of radical feminism. The thing that is truly scary about this woman is the way in which she normalizes her hatred and says that they can never ally with white people, because she says that she can not be allies with her oppressors. She says these things with a smile. What’s worse is that she is not alone. She is just one of many raving lunatics online that rationalize their hatred of others and treat it like it’s justified and right.

Knowing this, it makes perfect sense that she’d see the post on the Colbert Report’s twitter, and use it to promote her brand of hate speech while claiming that Stephen Colbert is a bigot. This is one of her favorite tactics. She will say something that she knows will upset people, knowing that people will respond with equal amounts of anger. Which is exactly what happened. To which she responded with another campaign, where she and other women pretended to be men on twitter, because they believed that people would listen to their bullshit more if people believed them to be male. Which only goes to highlight her ignorance further. Because they then proceeded to portray men as ignorant beefcakes. Which is so stupid that I needed to post some quotes.

“You probably shouldn’t attack, me bro. I’ve been lifting at the gym and I can slamdunk your ignorant ass. *sips protein shake*”

“*flexs biceps to open phone* It’s weird how I’ve gotten less gendered threats.”

I’m not going to say that racism isn’t a problem. I’m not even going to defend white people. Because that’s not what this is about. This is about a deluded woman trying to trample free speech because she can not handle criticism. This is about a woman who is manipulating others to further her goals while blaming the world’s problems on a single group of people.

Most people would want someone like her to stay out of the public eye and to go away. I actually hope she sticks around, and continues doing what she’s doing. Because she’s showing us what a feminist really looks like. She’s showing us what happens when we turn colleges into these feminist echo chambers and promote hate against men and call it progressive.

I hope they make her the poster child for online feminist activism. Because no one illustrates feminist ignorance quite like Suey Park.

She can be in the middle of the one live interview that she might ever have on mainstream media, and then proceed to tell the interviewer that he’s not allowed to have an opinion because he’s a white male. Only Suey Park can have an interview with and then proceed to spew hate speech and disrespect an interviewer (again) for even asking about context.

Why deal with other people’s opinions, when you can throw a tantrum? Why deal with your problems when you can demonize and dehumanize entire groups of people while complaining about others doing the exact same thing. Why act like a decent human being when you can call all criticism “white supremacy?” The moral of this story, is that if you are feminist and an ethnic minority, you can wear those labels like armor and never have to deal with reality. Good on you Suey! Good on you!

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