Laci Green, the Confirmation Bias Machine


I really wanted to like Laci Green. We have a lot in common. We’re both Atheists. We both grew up in heavily religious families. We both did research on sex in our early teens, and we both have a preference for large dorky glasses. This practically writes itself as a resume for being someone I’d be down with, but there’s just one huge problem. I can’t respect her.

Laci Green is a sex-positive academic Tumblr feminist. Watching her videos early on you’d think that she was like any other twenty-something on YouTube, but she is essentially the Anita Sarkeesian of Sexology. By that, I mean she takes everything having to do with human sexuality and shits all over it with feminist ideology.

I’ve been studying human sexuality for years. I’ve watched experts, read countless articles, done sex toy reviews, watched more porn than I can account for, and I’ve even written erotica as a hobby. Yet in all my years, I’ve never seen a more conservative, sanitized view of sex. I’ve never seen such hypocrisy when dealing with the subject matter and there’s a reason for that.

When you are a sex educator, it’s your job to be unbiased. You’ve got to leave your personal beliefs at the door, because it’s not about you. It’s about helping people embrace and understand their sexuality.

Laci is far from unbiased. In fact, her biases are blatantly obvious in several of her videos and articles. She is more focused on female sexuality than male sexuality. The focus is on men being actors and women being acted upon.

This is where I simply can not lay back and listen to this garbage any longer. The thing about human sexuality that draws me in is the fact that it has the capacity to bring people together. Sex is powerful. It can be emotional, naughty, and just plain fun. Feminists are coming in and making sex about sexual objectification and rape culture. Laci Green is spewing the same hypocrisy. It’s the same shit with a sex-positive bow wrapped around it.

For example, in her video on sexual objectification, she cites sexualized women in commercials as being exploited, but at the same time loves porn. In the mind of Laci Green, a woman using her body as a commodity is exploitation, but porn is an acceptable expression of a woman’s sexuality. She doesn’t go into male sexual objectification, because acknowledging that would mean acknowledging the fact that her argument is bullshit. Commercials are not causing sexual violence and when you subscribe to the belief that the media is causing rape, you are neck-deep in pseudo science, which is not something you want from an educator, let alone a sex educator.

Feminists like Laci Green are trying to dominate the conversations on sex and sexuality. They do it by controlling the language we use. They are redefining consent and in doing so, redefining what constitutes rape.

The problem with this is that sex is not always this neat sanitized thing. It is not always a slow encounter in the safety of your bedroom where you’ve neatly laid out your pastel colored sex toys. Sometimes it’s a spontaneous romp in the backseat of a car because you’ve got nowhere else to go. Sometimes it’s a leather clad venture into your partner’s sex dungeon, with a safe word and candle wax.

So when Laci Green says that consent looks like your partner constantly asking you questions while you have vanilla sex on a fancy duvet cover, I again call bullshit. People consent in different ways, and by trying to limit the ways people can indicate consent, you are trying to control sex itself.

This is classic feminist bullshit, but the thing that has really made me lose all respect for her is the way she really feels about men. I’m not even talking about the hints of it you get in her videos. I’m talking about the shit she openly writes on her blogs and her twitter.

It’s not just hypocrisy, it’s a tsunami of it.

I’ll try to summarize. She says she loves men, but she believes that we live in a patriarchy that is oppressing women. She wants to fuck guys, but only if they’re willing to walk on eggshells and cater to her long list of rules. She has no problems objectifying men, but if men objectify women, then they are the fucking devil.

There are multiple references to her feelings that most men are creepers and that any perceived harassment is deserving of a kick in the balls. She doesn’t write it off as assholes being assholes, she sees it as rape culture and misogyny. She can objectify men all she wants, but the men that objectify her need their asses kicked. Even in the video where you see her boyfriend or “partner”, she criticizes him for not accepting her non-gender specific terminology at face value. There’s even a moment where she gives this look as if to say, “Oh look at how cute he is questioning my logic.”

Then there’s just the obvious ignorance and cognitive dissonance throughout. She allies herself with the batshit insane Tumblr social justice warriors, and stays beside them even after they send her death threats over the phrasing she used on her video about trans people.

She calls herself a skeptic, but is never skeptical about any social scientific studies concerning things that fit the feminist narrative. She accepts no criticism at all and uses the especially negative comments to assume a victim role. Then she’ll say outright stupid shit, like that gender is a social construct or that sexual harassment is evidence of rape culture. She consistently demands more evidence of male victimization than she does for any of the feminist bullshit she accepts without question.

What’s worse is that like Anita Sarkeesian, Laci Green has taken her bullshit offline and is coming to a college near you. Because, like Anita Sarkeesian, Laci has no problems profiting as a professional feminist.

She goes on paid lecture tours. This is her job. She makes money distributing feminist propaganda about sex to teens. If teens were not confused enough about sex already, now they have Laci come in and tell them that men are violent walking erections that need to prove that they aren’t one of “those guys” before they can be allowed into the conversation on their own sexuality.

I find it truly disgusting how easily this kind of rubbish sneaks its way into every facet of society. It is a cancer growing on the system,  wreaking havoc on science, reason, and skepticism. It is time that we demand more from those that claim to be experts.

Like many sexologists, Laci Green has no medical degree to speak of. She also lacks a degree in psychology. She has little practical experience, and her resume cites her as being an expert in feminist theory. Yet, they’re tossing her money to give people information that could be gained from a Google search.

It is easy to see what the attraction is. She’s a pretty face that tells people what they want to hear. The vast majority of her audience are girls in high school and college. They are young and driven by emotion. Many of them have not yet learned to separate how they feel from what is happening in reality. Then, in come feminists like Laci Green, reaffirming the beliefs of young women that they are totally fine in being overly sensitive, that women are oppressed, and that their feelings of hatred against men are justified.

They, in turn, become the Tumblr social justice warriors that demand special language that pander to their delicate emotional states. They use any criticism to claim victim status and silence free speech. They enjoy infuriating MRAs because they know that they can then use any inflammatory remarks to reaffirm their beliefs of patriarchal oppression.

However such things can not last. When you ally yourself with a group of people who take everything personally, and each of them demand special treatment, it will be impossible to please any of them at all. No amount of pandering will bring them satisfaction. No amount of politically correct speech will stop the aggression that you’ve lit within people who believe that the world is against them and that no one can be trusted.

It only took a single misstep for this mob to turn on Laci Green and issue death threats. It happened once and it’ll happen again. Much like Anita Sarkeesian, it is only a matter of time before there is no one left to toss her money and listen to her garbage. Sooner or later she will say something so profoundly stupid that no one is going to come to her aid, and this is how she will fall. Not by any MRA or critic, but by her own stupidity.

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