Breaking the Narrative Episode 66: Not Everything is connected to the Alt Right!


This time around I’m actually having difficulty pinning down a specific point of content. There were so many crazy things from this past week to talk about. However I did notice an overlying theme – the dreaded “Alt-Right”.  Whether we are talking about NBC’s delusions about #GamerGate and Discord which Alison has talked about here and I’ve figured out the reasons for their fantasies here. Then we have the ADL, SPLC and the usual suspects demonizing (((ECHOES))) because anti-Semites happen to also use them. Then finally out of Info Wars of all places we have Candace Owens attacking Richard Spencer for calling her out on her shit. Now I’m not one to agree much with Richard Spencer of all people but Owens has a pretty bad history. She has no business complaining because people who remember that do not trust her now.

Ok, so there is a loose link to everything concerning the Alt-Right connecting to all of these stories. So what does that have to do with the MRM and Men’s Rights? The mainstream, establishment media lumps us in with the Alt-Right! It’s an excuse they are trying to use to not only silence us but to defame us in the eyes of the general public so that they can keep demonizing, using, and abusing men and boys for their own hedonistic intents. Don’t believe me? I had to deal with this from a former roommate this week.
DammitRayObviously I’ve obscured the person who privately messaged me on Facebook with this drivel to protect us from any accusation. I’m not about to have us accused of threats because some jackass decided to lump us in with Stormfront of all things. In fact I could end this here but I won’t because I think we can all see the danger in us being linked with Stormfront even by perceptions.

So where does this problem come from? I think I found the source and it is in watching the interview of Owen Benjamin by Dave Rubin. Say what you will about either of them but Benjamin did make the point that it seems people have lost the ability to comprehend sarcasm. So I have to wonder, why are we in such dire straits? Why are we having this issue with people understanding basic humor now?  To that I do have a hypothesis and I will explain myself as we go on. I think the issue is linked to social media’s very nature and how it has evolved with people.

Nick Goroff, Wizard of Cause, has gone into this on his own channel but I’ll go into it from my own experience and perspective here. To start I have to come forth and discuss my own experiences with the internet, social media, and cellphones. First thing I started using the internet in 1997, soon before my little brother passed, as I’ve mentioned before in my work. My first experiences being linked to a lot of video game related stuff like walkthroughs and being exposed to emulation, as I’m sure all of us have. I hadn’t had my first touches with anything resembling contemporary social media until I started being a part of the online role-playing forum Illusionary Minds Chat in 2000-2001. This being where I picked up the nickname “Anime-Mun,” because I happened to get the name ‘Anime’ on the site and they refer to their users ad “MUN” or Main User Name. Finally, I didn’t have a cell phone until I was going into college at the age of 18 in 2004 when I had a Nokia brick. I didn’t even have text messaging until I went onto my own plan a few years ago.

Even with these exposures I’ve always kept myself mostly anonymous through out all of social media in the 2000s. This approach was combined with being completely divorced from the net for the better part of a year. I had been completely off traditional television for even longer, from 2011 until 2014. This experience with separating myself from the internet and not being dependent on that validation has opened to mind to a lot of things. What does this mean overall? That no matter how important a lot of this is it is important to take a step back and unplug. This gives us the ability to come to what we need to with a fresh face and cool mind.

Most of those we are dealing with have never lived without the internet or social media. Effectively they don’t know how to live without it. I think this explains the prevalence of outrage culture as a whole. These people don’t even understand that they CAN step away from it and reflect on things. All they know is the ‘struggle’ of being ‘right’ on social media. Hilariously enough, Seth MacFarlane (no matter what you think of the man) depicted this issue succinctly on the seventh episode of his current sci-fi serial The Orville, portraying the 21st-century-style society of the episode wearing the concept constantly as a very ironic badge of ‘honor’ that they use the ‘authority’ of constantly. They choose to lobotomize anyone the mob decides is the sacrifice of the day, after a point treating ‘downvotes’ as a literal red letter of condemnation.

This dystopian world is what the feministasi and feminazis we deal with consistently want. Mob rule in which they choose a ‘villain of the week’ and morally grandstand left and right to feel like the ‘hero of the day.’ This is what twitter has almost become.  It shows once again why evidence, free speech, and due process are absolute necessities, because without any of these things there are no human rights defended. It seems unusual when you hear it, but when you see it, mob rule is the tool authoritarians love the most because a handful of authoritarians can easily rile up a mob and the mob will do their dirty work for them. Just look at Mussolini, Stalin and even Hitler. All of them easily riled up the people to fulfill their desires for power, their charisma being the tool they used to turn the mob into a weapon against any who opposed their deranged vision of society that killed millions of people.

That’s why we can’t give in. That’s why we need to keep free speech alive at all costs. To this, I do join Sargon in asking @realDonaldTrump to switch to and help finish off Twitter. We destroy the tool the mainstream media uses and controls to keep some hold of the narrative then they can no longer compete with and silence the message of the need for men’s innate human rights to be respected. Without control of the regular population the legacy media conglomerates have nothing. They are already hemorrhaging funds at an immense scale. We then, as Dave Cullen has suggested, finish the conversion to block chain with torrent-based sites like bitChute and the like and the pieces are set.

To continue this push I’m going to shill feedthebadger specifically with the current project of raising funds for finishing the fight against CalgaryExpo! If this fight is won that’s one step further on dethroning the insane authoritarian regressives that look to mutilate, massacre and demolish our fathers, brothers and sons in the name of ‘the wimminz’. As such I’m going to end this as follows; To take this a bit further than what 4chan did: It’s ok to be white, it’s ok to be male, and it’s ok to be straight! Happy Movember, and let us all live free under our flag and Please Remember to Game Freely!

Alex Tinsley
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Alex Tinsley

A student of Fine Arts and Japanese culture of six years at Murray State University. Having never graduated due to difficulties with a specific teacher has gained a unique perspective upon the issues being faced by men and boys. A father of a young boy and loving husband.

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  • If you followed Infowars analysis of the Alt-Right characters Spencer and Kessler, you would discover they are both Hillary/Obama operators. One orgainized Occupy Wallstreet, the other has Eastern Liberal Establishment connections out his ying yang.

    • I don’t follow Info Wars and there are reasons for that. More going along with their ethical standards and the items they sell than their particular political bias. Plus they are backing Candace Owens. Who I proved in this very article and in the debate she showed herself during her ‘debate’ with Blaire White on The Rubin Report is a horrendous person and not a true conservative in any fashion.

By Alex Tinsley

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